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The on-line guide is continually being updated as we revisit our favourite local crags. Contributions to Chockstone are more than welcome. Email Chockstone or leave feedback about the site on the forum.  

New On Chockstone
23-May-2006 Jacqui has put together a PDF guide to the new Burnley Wall in Melbourne. This is a free outdoor bouldering wall built by climbers for climbers.
17-Feb-2006 Beechworth Bouldering Guide Paul Martin has contributed a guide to the Beechworth Bouldering Circuit. From a climber’s perspective, the Beechworth area is worth spending some time in as it is blessed with a large number of granite boulders upon which we may ply our trade. The bouldering in this guide covers only a small but popular area which lies within close proximity to the town centre.
15-Feb-2006 Dr Ron Farmer has contributed an article Protecting An Abseil: A Study Of Friction Knots. The aim of this study was to examine the suitability of various knots for protecting an abseil with a self-belay.
08-Dec-2005 At long last the Chockstone T-Shirts are finally happening! Belinda Rees of Makalu Mountain Equipment has kindly taken on the daunting task and financial cost of producing and selling them. Please support her efforts by placing an order via the fax details shown below. If you want to pick up a shirt before Christmas, you'll need to get your order in pronto.
17-Nov-2005 Neil has created a guide to Grahams Creek, Victoria Range, Grampians and well as another to Windjammer Wall, Mt Stapylton, Grampians. Both are also available in PDF.
04-Aug-2005 Bad Moon Rising Wall, Grampians.Neil has added a guide to a new crag in the Northern Grampians, at Hollow Mountain: Bad Moon Rising Wall. The routes and rock quality resemble Wall Of Fools at Summer Day Valley. The right side is home to several nice sport routes and the left has some of the best easy jug fests in the Grampians.
17-Jul-2005 James has updated the Mt Difficult, Grampians guide as a revised PDF. Reviewed Slack Jaw DVD's Blood Sweat and Bagels, and Stick It, both of which I really enjoyed.
27-May-2005 Jacqui takes a rest on Invisible Fist (26), Taipan Wall.Added video of Jacqui Middleton leading The Invisible Fist of Professor Hiddich Smiddich (26) at the jewel of the Grampians, Taipan Wall. The scary traverse out right and back left to tag the finish is well above the last bolt. Video shot from two angles, including above and behind via an overhanging abseil.
18-Mar-2005 Neil has updated his Mt Stapylton Campground guide. Grab the PDF for the latest version. Includes 40 climbs within walking distance of the campsite. Areas: Mini Castle Crag, Warden Wall, Sentinel Cave & Wall, The Guardhouse, and Mt Pleasant.
01-Feb-2005 Simon Mentz Interview with Photos By Simon Carter.Completed the Interview with Simon Mentz. Local reader's will probably best know Simon's name as the co-author of those outstanding guide books Arapiles Selected Climbs, and Grampians Selected Climbs. Other's might have come across his name against numerous starred first ascents that are now considered classics in the Grampians, Mt Buffalo and deep in the heart of the Northern Territory. Simon's climbing life has taken him to more distance places like The Nose of El Capitan and the Matterhorn, but his nucleus remains the appealing country life of Natimuk.
25-Jan-2005 Dave Jones Interview with Photos By Simon Carter.Completed the Interview with Dave Jones. The man with a quiet voice and supernatural shoulders has a reputation for bold, run out, trad horror shows, including one such ascent captured on film during the making of the well known climbing movie "Hard Grit". With first ascents that include the hardest route at Mt Arapiles, Punks Addition (32), some scary stuff on Taipan Wall and a wealth of bold FA's and repeats throughout the world, it's a wonder Dave has time to earn a living.
09-Dec-2004 The Tower GuideNeil has contributed an excellent Guide To The Tower, a new area in the Victoria Ranges, Grampians. Summer is the perfect time for The Tower - shade until 5pm.
09-Nov-2004 Louise Shepherd InterviewFinally completed the long awaited Interview with Louise Shepherd. As well as authoring "A Rock Climbers Guide To Arapiles/Djurite", which is still very popular, Louise was probably the strongest female climber of the 80's, being the first woman to climb grade 25/26 with leads such as Tales Of Power (26/27) and Separate Reality (26) in the US, Lord Of The Flies (26) in the UK, and at home the first onsight ascent of Trojan (25) at Mt Arapiles. Needless to say this caused a stir among what was then a very male-dominated sport.
12-Oct-2004 Owen leading Tannin (19)Arapiles weekend trip report added with pics of Entertainer (18), and more. Includes video of Owen leading the classic of the grade Tannin (19) in good style and the popular escape from the heat of the day, King Rat (18).
27-Sep-2004 HB on Deliciously Deranged Added numerous photos from the 1980's to the Arapiles and You Yangs Galleries, curtesy of David Clarke. Some fantastic shots of the likes of Steve Monks, HB, the Shepherds, etc.
05-Aug-2004 Jon Bassindale has contributed a wealth of bouldering photos for the Gallery. Area's include Arapiles, Grampians, Black Hill, You Yangs, Cowbaw and more. Also Neil has created a photo topo for a section of the Asses Ears, Grampians.
23-Jul-2004 Neil has updated his Loddon River Falls guide, after helpful feedback from co-developers was received.
13-Jul-2004 Jacqui gives us a look at her research into Lactic Acid and How To Avoid A Pump. She has assembled links to numerous documents and drawn conclusions which should help those burning forearms. Cheers Jac, a useful article indeed!
30-June-2004 Black Ian's Bouldering GuideAdded a Black Ian's Bouldering Guide from "Jon The Pom". Thanks! Please keep the bouldering info coming. I'm particularly keen to get more bouldering topos of other Gramps areas up on this site. Any and all help with this idea appreciated.
5-Apr-2004 Chockstone Gathering April 2004Added pictures from the April 2004 Chockstone Gathering at Camel's Hump. What a marvellous day! At least 40 if not 50 people showed up to partake of the superb barby lunch (thanks heaps Tim!), and tick just about every route at the crag. Includes video of Joe on Green Alliance (25) and Hanh on the 21 beside it.
22-Mar-2004 Cape WoolamaiAdded Cape Woolamai to the guide, contributed by Rupert Freeman, with photos from Tony Brotherton. Excellence work guys! Also added Big Hill to the guide after a great day out there. This is a recommend day trip destination for those wanting to muck about on grades 15 to 21.
15-Mar-2004 Added an overview of Climbing In Northern Tasmania, contributed by Gerry Narkowicz who has also published a guide book to this area including Flinders Island, and is offering 25% discount to Chockstone members. (See bottom of article).
09-Mar-2004 Trip ReportAdded a trip report of our three days at Buffalo. Video coming soon! Video of Owen on Beowulf (18) and Peroxide Blonde (20) as well as Michael on This Is Not Our Land (19) added to the gallery.
18-Feb-2004 Chris DewhirstAdded an interview with Chris Dewhirst. Chris was at the forefront of climbing in Australia during the late 1960's to early 70's. He put up many hundred first ascents including the pen-ultimate Victorian aid routes Ozymandias (M4 now 29) & Lord Gumtree (22 M6) at Mt Buffalo. Visiting the US he became the first Australian to conquer the 5.11 grade and is acknowledged as having bestowed chalk upon Australian climbing. Chris has been in an actor films, he's run a business specialising in Himalayan trekking, he holds the Australian high altitude balloon flight record and led a combined British and Australian expedition on the first successful balloon overflight over Mt Everest.
04-Feb-2004 Mt Cook Trip ReportJohn Kazanas regales us about his recent Mt Cook, New Zealand climbing trip, giving details useful to other climbers looking to make this ascent. Well done John! Also added a write up of climbing Buchan Limestone in Victoria's eastern districts, curtesy of Will Monks and Neil Monteith. Thanks guys. Also added Mike Law's Pierces Pass (NSW) topos to the guide.
29-Jan-2004 Monique ForestierAdded an interview with Monique Forestier. In May last year she became only the second Australian women to climb a grade 30 route with an ascent of Pigs In Space Direct (30). She quickly followed that success with an FA of Mission To Mars (31), making her the only Aussie women to date to tick this grade. Not content to rest on her laurels Monique rose to the further challenge of grade 32 with an ascent of Intergalactic Lactic Spastic, to effectively push the Australian women's barrier by two grades.
30-Dec-2003 Stephen Hawkshaw has completed a thesis on the Strength & Reliability of Chemically Bonded Rock Climbing Anchors in Sandstone at Sydney University and kindly sent it in via Mike Law. The complete document can be downloaded as a 2 Meg PDF. Excellent work Stephen, I'm sure everyone involved in this area of the sport is greatly appreciative of your efforts.
Kevin Lindorff Interview    Added an interview with Kevin Lindorff. Climbing since the early 70's Kevin has put up hundreds of new routes in Australia and beyond and cultivated something of a reputation for bold run-out horror shows with often under-graded technical difficulty. While he's freed grades around 27, Kevin has always avoided sieging sport routes and number chasing preferring instead to seek out new routes, and sometimes tagging them onsight and ground up. His efforts have put his name against countless routes at Mt Buffalo, particularly the North Wall and been instrumental in the early development of Arapiles and the Grampians.
9-Dec-2003 Updated the Loddon River Falls guide with contributions of pics, route descriptions and PDF from Neil after more first ascents. Thanks dude!
Julian Saunders    Added an interview with Dr Julian Saunders a local climber with degrees in Sports Physiology and Osteopathy. He has several impressive first ascents to his credit including well known grade 31 Grampians routes. He's also a keen boulderer, repeating numerous hard problems and creating bold new lines. His picture appeared on the front cover of "Rock Climbing In Australia". This interview gets to the crux of the big issues, as we extract such closely guarded details as Julian's secret recipe for crag power food!
Simon Carter Interview    Added an interview with Simon Carter. Simon is well known to Australian climbers for his stunning climbing photography. Climbing for the last 20 years, his work, which has taken him to all corners of the globe, has won awards and found it's way into many publications. He's done FFA's such as Evil D (29) and Not To Bad (28). But who is the man behind these amazing images and what has his climbing life been like? Chockstone had the opportunity to ask him while he was on a rest day in Natimuk, between photo shoots and climbing time.
20-Nov-2003 Updated Neil's Red Rocks and Sentinel Cave (now Stapylton Campground) guides.
10-Nov-2003 A guide to Grampians Sport Climbing - Grade 25 and Under has been contributed by Neil Monteith. Excellent work Neil, a valuable addition!
Neil Monteith on Main Column in full winter conditions    A guide to Winter Climbing at Mt Bulla has been contributed by Graeme Hoxley, Geoffrey Butcher & Neil monteith. The guide includes descriptions for 26 mixed rock and ice routes and comprehensive notes on access and safety. An excellent document. Well done guys!
Chockstone Gathering    See photos and video from the marvellously successful Inaugural Chockstone Gathering held on Saturday 18th of October at Dog Rocks, Mt Alexander. An estimated 40 people turned up at various points in the day to do some climbing, meet new friends, and partake of the barby lunch. Thanks heaps to all who made this day possible, with a special thanks to Tim for bringing the big Barby. Hope everyone had fun!
02-Oct-2003 Chockstone T-Shirt Designs are being accepted now. Help us out by sending in a logo. See this topic on the forum.
Malcolm Matheson    The much anticipated Malcolm Matheson interview has finally been completed!! A name that conjures an image of incredible strength and style owing to an impressive tick list of hard, ground up, often trad ascents in an era when the top end of the grades are increasingly the dominion of sport climbers leading on pre-placed gear. With local firsts ascents such as Serpentine (31), which was possibly the hardest route by an Australian at the time, big walls in the US, and a climbing career spanning back as far as 1978, Malcolm has quietly achieved things others only dream about.
Interview includes video footage of Malcolm on Poison Bait (25) at Scoop Rocks, and The Big Pay Back (25) at Cut Lunch Walls in the Grampians. A big thanks to Jacqui for helping to organise the man himself, and thanks also to all who submitted questions and photos.
Steve Chapman on The Generator Route (22)    Added Curiosity Crag to the guide, contributed by Steve Chapman and Jill Gara, along with a series of Photos by Jill, Rob Booth & Robin Holmes. Thanks all! This is a newly developed area near Slander Gully in the Grampians' Victoria Range. Also updated Neil's Centurion Walls Guide.
01-Sep-2003 Reviewed the bouldering video Rampage. An excellent and motivating movie, mainly about Chris Sharma. A little dated now, (99 I think), but still great to watch.
28-Aug-2003 Added Stupid Mistakes To Avoid article to the Tech Tips section. Further contributions to this document (see forum thread) most welcome.
Johno Soloing    Added numerous photos by Jonathan Clark and Jono Schmidt from their recent Blue Lake, Mt Mt Kosciusko ice climbing trip. See John Kazanas' excellent trip report and gallery page for more pictures.
18-Aug-2003 Added Neil's pics of Mt Pilot. Thanks Neil! Reviewed the climbing video Rock - The Soul of the Climbing Experience. Lots of great locations and scenery in Europe and the US, but movie, now somewhat dated didn't really grab me.
14-Aug-2003 Reviewed the climbing video Front Range Freaks. An entertaining movie, with the highlights being a tribute to the late soloist Derek Hersey and funny segment on "Biscuit" the climbing dog.
12-Aug-2003 Dr Julian Saunders gives the beta on Taping Fingers to avoid further injury in a Tech Tips article entitled "Tape and Other Catastrophes".
Kent leading across the roof of Poison Bait (25)    Added photos of Scoop Rocks and Mt Fox in the Grampians, Victoria Range, after an exciting weekend trip. Video footage of Jacqui leading Poison Bait (25) at Scoop Rocks also added. See also Jac's Trip Report Part 1 & Part 2. Video coming soon.
Neil about to take a ground fall    Added video to the gallery of Neil Monteith taking a Ground Fall (4.5 Meg, 26 seconds) Low Res (389 kb) while attempting to onsight a new grade 24 route in the Grampians. His two pieces of protection pulled, leaving him plunging 5m or so to the deck below. Thankfully no serious injuries were incurred. See forum topic for full details. Video taken by James Pfrunder.
Steve Chapman on Red Rain (26)    Added 10 photos by Jill Gara and friends to many of the Grampians galleries such as Millennium Caves, Red Rock, Black Ians, Mt Talbot, The Gallery, Centurion, and Gilham's Crag. Thanks Jill!
02-July-2003 Reviewed the short Petzl DVD on ice climbing called Pitch Sorbet. Not bad at all given that it's free (or near enough).
22-June-2003 Added more detail to the Mt Korong guide after a short excursion to this little known granite outcrop one hour out of Bendigo.
Simon Parsons    Chockstone interviews Australian climber Dr Simon Parsons, who performs feats such as ticking grade 30, running up the Nose of El Cap in day, and bagging the north face of the Eiger in two, during his spare time between heading up newborn Intensive Care at Hobart Hospital and adding another doctorate to his name.
Neil Monteith on Pendulus (23) at Red Cliffs, QLD    Phil Box has written another handy addition to the Tech Tips section this time on Leading Overhangs. Some pictures of Neil Monteith on Pendulus (23) at Red Cliffs, QLD and a quote from him about falling correctly, (plus some diagrams by myself), combine to make this a good read. Hmmm, today is Friday the 13th, good day to lead a roof!
10-June-2003 Trip report added for a long weekend at Arapiles, including pictures of our ascent of Watchtower Crack (16), the classic Araps adventure route.
06-May-2003 Added Neil's photo of Malcolm Matheson (aka HB) climbing his new roof climb (26) at Sentinel Cave and updated his guide with a few new routes. Also added a topo shot of Araps, indicating major areas.
Interview with Martin Lama    Added an interview with Martin Lama! A local Melbourne climber, Martin has been blasting his way to the top of many hard routes both here in Australia and overseas including France, Germany and the US, as well as competing in, and sometimes winning, an impressive array of indoor competitions. Also added pictures and notes from a recent Cathedral Range trip by some of the Chockstone team.
06-May-2003 Added pictures from Andrew Connolly and friends to the Arapiles images page. Also added The Guardhouse and Muline Crag guides from Neil.
Jacqui on the FFA of Little George (22) at the Guardhouse.Neil attempting Army Of Ants (26) at Sentinel Cave.    Added a video clip of Jacqui ticking the FFA of Little George (22) at The Guardhouse while the sun set in the valley below Mt Stapylton, Grampians. Also added video of Dave leading Stepping on Snakes (23), and Neil attempting Army Of Ants (26) at Sentinel Cave, Emily on Tyrant's Grasp (22) at Amnesty Wall, Dave firing up De La Soul (26) at Van Dieman's Land and Jacqui on My Friend Flipper (26) at The Watchtower. See the Video Gallery.
30-Apr-2003 Added Neil's detailed approach map for Sentinel Cave and The Guardhouse a short walk out of Staplyton campground. Also added Neil's Lunar Crag, Plaza Strip and Schroeder's Cliff write ups to the guide.
Jacqui on My Friend Flipper (26) at the Watchtower.    Numerous photos added to the gallery after an enjoyable Anzac Day long weekend in the Gramps with Neil, Dave, Jacqui, Em, Kent, Adrian and Michael all fighting gravity at Sentinel Cave, Moral Vandal Block, Amnesty Wall, Cut Lunch, Van Diemans, The Watchtower, and FA-ing at the new area: The Guardhouse. Video clips coming soon!
22-Apr-2003 Added Weathered Wall to the Grampians guide, contributed by Mike Law. The new sport routes look good Mike! (Ahoy Ross you have some pics?).
Centurion Walls Guide    Added Neil Monteith's Centurion Walls, Cut Lunch Walls, Red Rocks, Sentinel Cave, Gondwanaland and Mt Bogong guides, slightly reformatted. Will be slowly incorporating the rest of Neil's guides when time permits. Thanks heaps for this valuable contribution Neil! Have a good Easter break all!
12-Apr-2003 Added a video clip (3.4 Meg, 55 secs) of Lofty Odours, grade 21, at Summerday Valley in the Grampians.
03-Apr-2003 Last few days have seen additional features added to the forum: paging of messages, printer friendly display, a new stats page with hottest new topics and a graph of posts per month, and updates to the registered users page for column sorting.
18-Mar-2003 Began work on a write up of Summerday Valley, but I need more pictures. If anyone has any good shots, indeed of any Victorian climb and/or notes about crags, please send them in.
16-Mar-2003 Upgraded the Chockstone database to SQL Server. The forum should now have greatly improved speed. Also added an overview of Black Ian's Rocks and a Grampians map to the guide.
Owen milks a rest on Terminal Insomnia, grade 22, Van Diemans Land.    Added a trip report and pictures from the team Chockstone trip to the Grampians. Includes Summerday Valley, Van Dieman's Land and Black Ian's Rocks. Left: Owen milks a head rest on the wickedly pumpy "Terminal Insomnia" grade 22, Van Diemans Land.
04-Mar-2003 Added Melton Creek Bouldering, to the guide. The second worst "crag" in Victoria? Added rebolted routes database.
26-Feb-2003 Re-bolt Victoria document contributed by Neil Monteith. This page can be accessed via the logo atop the Re-bolting Forum. Keep up the good work guys!
24-Feb-2003 Added the local Ballarat choss pile The Devil's Kitchen to the guide. Also added a couple of new pics to the Melbourne page.
18-Feb-2003 Added an interview with Neil Monteith, which includes numerous pictures of his climbing life, from ticking 27's in the Gramps to mountaineering on Baffin Island.
16-Feb-2003 Added interviews with local climbers Mike Law and Glenn Tempest, both of whom had a huge impact on Victorian climbing ever since the early 70's, having put up thousands of new routes. Thanks heaps guys! Also added "The Pinnacles" near Ben Nevis to the guide, after a recent trip out there.
Owen leading "Skating Away" 30m grade 19    Updated the Ben Cairn guide after an enjoyable day out there friction slabbing on the fine grained granite. Also added a write up of the nearby Seven Acre Rock and Gembrook forest.
07-Feb-2003 Reviewed the two action packed climbing videos Master's Of Stone 4: Pure Force and Volume 5, complete with screen shots.
01-Feb-2003 Added a video clip of Owen's lead of Bloodline from the recent Camels Hump trip. Also added Mt Erica (thanks for the photos Neil!) and Ben Cairn to the guide. Hopefully we'll be out at Ben Cairn next weekend to take some shots.
Neil on an FA attempt of his grade 25 project.    Added a trip report of our excursion into some of the remoter crags in the Grampian's Victoria Ranges. Includes photos and video of Neil Monteith's FA attempt on his grade 25 face project at Gondwannaland, where-in he takes a sizable fall.
24-Jan-2003 Reviewed the excellent climbing video Dosage Volume 1, complete with screen shots.
Owen leading Bloodline, grade 22.    Added some more pictures of Camels Hump after an enjoyable day trip out there. Owen managed to lead up Bloodline, the grade 22 sport route. We all fought our way up Bogie on TR, and I lead Witch, Poxbow, and the ever wondrous Space Jugging.
09-Jan-2003 Added an Interview with Jacqui Middleton. If anyone else knows some interesting climbers that might have some stories to tell, or make for a good interview, please let me know!
07-Jan-2003 Added Northwestern Outcrop notes to the You Yangs page curtsey of Owen Gervasoni. Thanks Owen !
02-Jan-2003 Added Flinders Slab and Fig Leaf Slab descriptions to the You Yangs page curtsey of Will Monks. Thanks Will !
Jacqui on Angular Perspective, grade 28.    Added a trip report of our four day Grampians expedition. Updated the Bundaleer images page, including pics and video footage of climbers on the grade 27 Angular Perspective. Also slightly updated the Mt Rosea overview and images pages after our multi-pitching adventures and added a few snaps from bouldering below Taipan too.
26-Dec-2002 Reviewed the excellent British climbing video Hard Grit, complete with screen shots.
23-Dec-2002 Pulpit Rock added to the guide after a recent day trip to the remote, mossy granite outcrop.
17-Dec-2002 Added a trip report of our climbing in Queensland during a holiday in the sunny realm. Also added the Grivel Manu day pack and Mad Rock Shoes to the Tech Tips new products page.
   Added Turpins Falls to the guide after a recent trip out there. An attempt on a way hard, ring bolted grade 22 overhang and some fun swimming and bouldering out of the water. Also added Kyneton Quarry to the guide, though it's a choss pile with only three routes.
22-Nov-2002 Add pics by Neil Monteith to the Buffalo images page. Thanks Neil, those multi-day aid climbs look incredible!
21-Nov-2002 Details on many Mt Buffalo routes contributed by Will Monks have been added to the Buffalo guide page. Thanks heaps Will !
19-Nov-2002 Reviewed the bouldering video Contact that showcases New Zealand's "Castle Hill" area. A pole mounted camera provides excellent close up footage. You can see the very grains in the limestone. Review includes screen shots!
18-Nov-2002 Added several new pictures to the Mt Buffalo overview page after a weekend recon trip there. Also added pictures of bouldering at Burnley overpass and Richmond Bridge to the Melbourne page. Who else is bouldering in the Melbourne suburbs? Send me your pics.
Adrian leading at Bullengarook Slate Quarry.    Bullengarook Slate Quarry written up in the guide after a stop over there during a day trip to Werribee. Avoiding the dodgy bolts, there's a couple of nice sport slab lines worth ticking. Includes 20 seconds footage of Adrian on "Appetite For Destruction", grade 18. Also added more pics from Phil Nev to the Werribee images page.
31-Oct-2002 Added a list of recommended guide books to the main guide page, and for Grampians & Arapiles.
Steve Leading Redex Irlont Sudano, 28m grade 24.    Local climber Phil Neville, who has made it his goal to tick every line at Werribee Gorge, offers comments on the routes not previously covered. He presents the beta on many of the harder ticks, mentions numerous lines at the Side Wall and gives us his overall recommendations. Thanks heaps Phil this is an excellent contribution! New photos added, and more to come.
28-Oct-2002 Added Phil Neville's shots of Bloodline to the Camels Hump images.
23-Oct-2002 Updated the Melbourne page with a couple of additional bouldering areas; "Mac Robertson Bridge" and "South Eastern Freeway at Hawthorn", and some comments regarding previously listed spots curtsey of Martin Lama. Thanks Martin for your help!
22-Oct-2002 Added photos by Phil Neville to the image gallery for areas: The Gallery, Bundaleer, Arapiles. Some good shots. Thanks Phil !
Ben Leading at the You Yangs    Added more text and photos to the You Yangs guide and images after a recent trip out there with Chockstone forum members Phil and Owen, who met some of our Bendigo team (Mike, Ben & Brett) for the first time. Includes video footage of Ben on Silver Knight and Owen leading Nightfall. We ticked nine routes in an enjoyable day. Thanks for the tour guys!
17-Oct-2002 Added some You Yangs photos from Neil. Never been there so the guide page is almost blank. Anyway, thanks Neil. Also added "For Sale" forum.
11-Oct-2002 Article "Leading on one rope or two" added to the Tech Tips. Thanks to all forum members who contributed towards putting this together. Send corrections to Chockstone.
02-Oct-2002 Added "Balaclava Bridges" and "St Kilda Botanical Gardens" to the Melbourne guide page, contributed by Neil Monteith. Thanks Neil! Also additional  images of The Gallery contributed by Lee Skidmore. Some cool shots! And some shots from Neil at the Asses Ear in the Gramps.
   Images and a guide to The Gallery in the Grampians added after a rainy weekend trip forces us into the sport climber's realm. We also checked out the Watchtower (page added), Barbican Wall, Barbican Rocks and The First Dial.
27-Sep-2002 Added a drawing of the approach tracks to Mt Alexander crags.
26-Sep-2002 Added crag summary to the Arapiles overview page. Needs a bit more work yet.
   A page on Mt Rosea in the Grampians added after an exploratory trip out there including video of a climber on Fringe Dweller 130m grade 21. Rosea is an awesome cliff with huge multi-pitch adventure climbs. Hopefully we'll be heading back out again next weekend.
20-Sep-2002 Made a start on a selected crag summary on the Grampians overview page. Needs more pics and comments from Gramps regulars.
17-Sep-2002 Added Tyrolean Traverse to the Tech Tips. Yet another quality article contributed by Phil Box! Think we're going to need some pics though Phil. Also added approach road maps for Black Hill and Ben Nevis.
   Added new pictures and text to the Ben Nevis guide after a recent trip to the North Cliff. Also added a brief trip report of the day aborted by gale force winds including a video clip of my lead on Big Ben (1.7 Meg), grade 18. Footage of Adrian on Roller Blind (2.1 Meg), grade 16 at Meredith was also added.
14-Sep-2002 Added approach road maps for Melville's Caves, Mt Beckworth, Mt Hope, and Cathedral Range.
13-Sep-2002 Added Introduction To Leader Rescue article to the Tech Tips. Contributed by Phil. Once again, many thanks Phil!. Also added approach road maps for Meredith, Camel's Hump and Mt Alexander.
   Chockstone gets the Climber Online Site Of The Week award!! Hits on Chockstone went up considerably after this event and have stayed high, with a steady rise in hits continuing since the site went live on it's own domain back in June.
06-Sep-2002 Added articles Aiding Out Of Trouble, how to aid past the crux of a free climbing route and A Comfortable Hanging Belay to the Tech Tips section. Contributed by Phil Box. Many thanks Phil !!
02-Sep-2002 Added photos and text to the Cathedral Range guide after an exploratory weekend trip out there.
30-Aug-2002 Added Alpine Butterfly knot to the Tech Tips page.
28-Aug-2002 Added the Double Figure Eight or "Bunny Ears" to the Tech Tips page.
27-Aug-2002 Reviewed, with screen shots, the Australian instructional videos Anchoring and Setting Up Top Ropes, shot on location at Arapiles and Moving Over Plastic for improving gym climbing.
   Added Meredith Areas guide after an enjoyable trip out there. Despite there really only being four routes worth ticking on this tiny little crag, the day was very pleasant with the sun out and the stream flowing past. A fun little spot for a low stress afternoons climbing easy grades.
19-Aug-2002 Mt Teneriffe added to the Guide and updated the Melbourne page with pictures of some bouldering locations.
16-Aug-2002 Added a page on climbing & bouldering around Melbourne. Need more details from locals.
11-Aug-2002 Added the Stopper Knot, and Making Tape Gloves to the Tech Tips section.
05-Aug-2002 Reviewed the made for TV movie Into Thin Air: Death On Everest, including screen shots.
03-Aug-2002 Reviewed the videos Rock Climbing Skills: The Basics & Beyond, and The Art Of Leading, including screen shots.
31-Jul-2002 Reviewed Painted Spider climbing movie, including screen shots.
29-Jul-2002 Added pictures from our five day ski touring trip to Bogong High Plains.
22-Jul-2002 Added Bolting In Australia to the Tech Tips. Contributed to Chockstone by Pat.
21-Jul-2002 Added Mt Buffalo overview, and Vertical Limit movie review, with screen shots.
19-Jul-2002 Added Stick Clipping, how to cheat past a bolt, and Improvising a Chest Harness to the tech tips section.
13-Jul-2002 Added reviews of the old Stallone action flick Cliff Hanger, and the climbing documentaries entitled Climb, Harder Than Everest, and Hazards of Avalanche & Crevasse, complete with screen shots.
07-Jul-2002 Mt Alexander's Scorpion Rocks guide slightly updated and the Pull Out added. Added a review of the movie K2, including screen shots!
03-Jul-2002 Equalising anchors with Cordelette & Webelette added to the tech tips page.
24-Jun-2002 Mt Hope guide somewhat updated with new pictures and text.
19-Jun-2002 New Climbing Media Reviews section added. Anyone can add book reviews.
17-Jun-2002 Chockstone gets its own domain! It now lives at
Me leading "Golden Showers & Group Sex" in the Grampians.    The team gets back from a rainy long weekend at Arapiles & The Grampains. Check the trip report for details. Featured routes include "Golden Showers and Group Sex" grade 20, "Tannin" grade 19, and several others. All up a fun weekend despite the rain!
06-Jun-2002 Chockstone gets a forum! All climbers welcome to post messages.
01-Jun-2002 A few new pictures added to the Dog Rocks guide.
FFA of "Fear Of Choss"    The team manages to put up an FFA out at Loddon River Falls. "Fear Of Choss", a 20m grade 16 trad route is established amidst many shouts of "Rock Below!". The basalt cliff offers further scope for new routing, though a helmet is a must. Details on the area and photos of the FFA posted.


18-May-2002 Added Mt Beckworth to the on-line guide.
16-May-2002 A page describing the local climbing scene in Bendigo added to the on-line guide.
08-May-2002 Updated the Rope Joining Tech Tips page with the Overhand Knot.
05-May-2002 Added Black Hill to the on-line guide.
03-May-2002 Added Jug Hauling to the Tech Tips section, curtesy of Chockstone contributor Phil Box.
Climbing amidst the car wrecks at Warragul Rocks.    Added Warragul Rocks, Tallarook to the guide after a recent trip including an ascent of the infamous "Stolen Car Descent Route", which begins amidst the wreckage strewn about the base of the cliff.
27-Apr-2002 Updated some of the Camels Hump guide pictures. Still waiting on better weather.
26-Apr-2002 Added Melville's Caves, Mt Kooyoora to the guide after finally leading Polish Pride, grade 21.
21-Apr-2002 Got back from Tassie and included photos from the hiking trips.
Em on Rusty Nail, Werribee Gorge.    Added Werribee Gorge to the guide after watching a near deckout fall there. Dude rips four pieces of gear, tearing the lobe off an alien before coming to stop inches above the ground. Detailed overview, access notes, recommended routes and lots of pictures added.
04-Apr-2002 Added Wild Country Zero Cams to the New Products page.
25-Mar-2002 Added Camels Hump, Mt Macedon to the on-line guide.
20-Mar-2002 Added a page on Building A Home Gym to the Tech Tips section, and another on Rap Backups.
12-Mar-2002 Added Arapiles trip report after a long weekend away.
04-Mar-2002 Added Wabbit Wocks to the guide after getting some video from a good day trip.
26-Feb-2002 Added Rabbit RocksDog Rocks and Langs Lookout to the Mt Alexander guide.
20-Feb-2002 Added Scorpion Rocks to the guide after filming Kent's FFA attempts.
18-Feb-2002 Added Blue Tongue Boulders to the Mt Alexander guide.
16-Feb-2002 The Carabiner Brake Rappel added to the Tech Tips section.
15-Feb-2002 Added Ben Nevis, and Mt Hope to the on-line guide.


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