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General Climbing Discussion

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Chockstone Gathering

11:36:09 PM
Excellent idea... it seems there's definately enough interest. Choose a date and I reckon people will try and plan around it.

6:55:12 PM
Well what a day ! The bouldering comp was fantastic, nothing like straining brains and braun on a rainy sunday afternoon at Vic Ranges climbing gym. I had the privlige to meet Climbingjac and Bumblydad who were in fine climbing form with Jacqui taking top honours. Was there anybody else there apart from the above mentioned and Gareth, Roy boy, myself ???

10:55:23 PM
Great idea climbingjac.
Set a date / time / location. The more notice given the greater the chances of those with committments being able to shuffle them to attend.
Anyone for Tenneriffe?

8:48:31 AM
I went to Black Ians Rocks on the weekend. The new camping shed makes it ideal as group gathering location. I think it might be a little too far out of Melbourne though (4 hours).
9:23:01 AM
Hi Jevon,

TheElk was at the comp too! She was the one wearing black pants and a pink singlet...

9:23:57 AM
Hi Donut King,

I work for a Brewery too! Sounds like this gathering should have an ample supply of beer!


The Elk
9:41:19 AM
Yep... I was there at the bouldering comp. too... getting quite spanked.... all in a days work really. Much rather climb... There's always next time!

Anyway.... the get together... maybe I can photograoh it, document it on film. Let's pool all our talents together, beer, photo's, big BBQ, it'll be great!

cheers, Em
11:34:12 AM
I work in IT in Financial Services. I can supply ... errr, ummm ... some financial planning software ...

11:39:17 AM
Hmmn. I prosecute criminals for a living. Here's an idea. How about I turn a blind eye?

Though with thatmuch beer on hand, turning a blind eye shouldn't be too much of an ask.

Dog Rocks at Mt Alexander could be a good venue. There's that clearing below Scottish reign that's really lovely - very sheltered.


11:46:01 AM
I can supply the videos!
11:56:55 AM
Hey Tim, there was suggestion that Bendigo would be convenient for Natimuk dwellers. Thus, could you tell us a bit more about this Mt Alexander idea of yours>?

12:07:27 PM
Dog Rocks is one of the climbing areas at Mt Alexander, which is near Harcourt. I presume this is near Bendigo, but stand to be corrected by people who know better.

An excellent description of Dog Rocks is found here.

There's an arduous walk of say 100 meters on a flat track from the carpark to a small enclosed 'ampitheatre' bounded on 3 sides by granite tors. Scottish Reign is an excellent tips crack/layback at about grade 24 on the most prominent face. I don't know what the fire situation is there, though I have seen remnants of fires lit in the ampitheatre.

It's a nice spot, quite picturesque, and is pretty central. For granite, it doesn't suck too much. Compared to Tallarook, it's paradise. Actually, pretty much anything is paradise compared to Tallarook.


12:13:05 PM
Yep - a really nice spot with excellent granite. Routes from grade 12 - 27ish. Lots of bolts - no deathrunouts. Easy topropes - some bouldering potential.

12:34:30 PM
Yep its only about 25 mins out of Bendigo. Still a fair way for the Nati people though isn't it?

12:42:12 PM
On 30/06/2003 tmarsh wrote:
> a small enclosed 'ampitheatre' bounded on 3 sides by granite tors.

Here's a pic of the of Dog Rocks "ampitheatre" at Mt Alexander, which wouldn't be a bad spot, though the routes are quite short (15m). It's only 200m from the Kola Park, or a delightful 45min walk to the summit along a forested track with good views, if non-climbers needed something else to do. There's also Wabbit Wocks, with it's oak tree picnic area, about 5-10mins drive away.

I agree an Araps or Gramps destination would probably appeal more to a wider audience of climbers, but Bendigo (or more precisely Harcourt), is only a shade over an hour from Melbourne.

On 30/06/2003 Rupert wrote:
>Yep its only about 25 mins out of Bendigo. Still a fair way for the Nati
>people though isn't it?

Natimuk to Mt Alex is about 3 hours. So you're right, it's still a fair way to go. Another option would be Melville's Caves at Mt Kooyoora, near Inglewood. That would make it about 2 hours approach for both Melbournites and Natimukians. Melville's has an offical camping area, picnic tables, toliets, etc - and lots of short granite boulders to play on. It's about on par with Dog Rocks for climbing, though Mt Alex is a nicer park (more lush and pretty).
6:23:05 PM
Wabbit Wocks has the worlds best 14 (well I like it)...

But as has been pointed out the weather is cwap.

Surely, we can find a pub made out of ROCK somewhere in this godforsaken place?
And if there are enough of us doing Occupational Health and Safety checks on the walls, and testing the beverages they wouldn't throw us all out...
9:21:16 PM
I live 5 minutes from the best crag in Victoria. For once I have to travel.
Just set the date and I will get there if I can (it's like you deciding if you can get the Grampians on a weekend: can I cope with a 3 hour back-trip).
Set the date and we will make it if we can. We have family reasons for visiting Bendigo so this will be another reason.
5:23:59 PM
All sounds good, count me in.
9:59:01 PM
We live in Nati and it's OK with us. That does not mean that it is Ok with other people who live in Nati. Hope that's clear.

The Elk
4:02:30 PM
On 30/06/2003 dodgy wrote:

Surely, we can find a pub made out of ROCK somewhere in this godforsaken

Excellent idea..... sounds like a descent warm up in these cold times we're experiencing.

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