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Climbing Movies Reviewed
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Reviews by climbers, for climbers! This resource needs YOUR input. Please take the time to review the climbing books and movies you're familiar with. If the media is not below, just add it.

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Fiction    Push For The Summit

*  - 
*** Cliff Hanger - (Action, R) Sly Stallone and his bolt gun run amuck.
***** HEIMAT FILMS - Films produced in the 1920s & 30's
** Into Thin Air: Death on Everest - (Drama, PG) Made for TV movie of the Jon Krakauer book by the same title.
**** K2 - (Thriller) Two climbers join an ascent on K2
** Scream of Stone - In this battle, there can be no winners...
**** Storm and Sorrow - base on Robert Craig's book about the American team's expedition to the Pamirs in the early 70s
**** The Eiger Sanction - (Action, R) Clint Eastwood plays James Bond on the Eiger in the Swiss Alps
**** The Mountain - (Drama) Exciting mountaineering action tops this morality play about two brothers in a poor Alpine village and their vastly different reactions to the crash of a luxury airliner on a nearby peak.
**** The White Tower - From the novel by James Ramsey Ullman
** Vertical Limit - (Action, PG) K2 & Nitroglycerin don't mix.

Narratives    Push For The Summit

**** The North Face/ Nanga Parbat - Comparing two German films about historically significant climbing events
**** The Spray - Climbing road trip in Northern California

Non-Fiction    Push For The Summit

***** 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible - World Record ascent of all 14 8000ers in 6 months by Nepalese mountaineers
(No Review) A Climber's Story - (Doco) A story about the unlimited potential within each of us.
*** A Colorado Daydream - This Film profiles the balancing act of 'real life' vs. climbing. Filmed in some of the best scenery the Rocky Mountains have to offer, and featuring problems that are both aesthetic and difficult.
**** A Day In The Life - (Doco) The life of 5 women climbers
*** A Film By Some Climbers - (Doco) Low budget, UK home video, jam packed with hard gritstone headpointing.
*** Australian A Summer in the Southern Alps - Vaughan and the RMIT crew take on various peaks in NZ.
(No Review) Above All Else - Everest Dream - (Doco) A successful bid for the summit in 1997
(No Review) Above The Smogline - (Doco) LA's coolest locals climbing Southern California's finest boulder problems
(No Review) Aconcagua - The Roof of the Americas - (Doco) Follows 2 guides as they lead a group up Aconcagua
***** Action Direct - Dai Koyamada's 2005 redpoint of Action Direct (9a) in Germany's Frankenjura
(No Review) Ascent On G2 - (Doco) Christine Boskoff & her team as they climb Gasherbrum II in Pakistan
(No Review) Australian Australia’s Best Boulderers - (Doco) ASCF Australian Bouldering Nationals 2001
**** Autana - A first ascent on Autana in the Venezeulan Amazon
**** Autoroute - Americans climbing in Europe
***** Australian Base Climb - (Doco) Two Australians team up to climb and base jump from the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan
* Australian Base Climb 2: Defying Gravity - (Doco) Husband and wife climb and base jump the highest cliff in the world
(No Review) Behind The Front - (Doco) Bouldering in Colorado's Front Range
***** Best Forgotten Art - (Doco) A voyage of crack climbing discovery.
*** Best of Horsetooth Bouldering, The - (Doco) Best boulder problems at Horestooth Reservoir in Colorado
*** Best of the West - Bouldering
*** Between The Rain - (Doco) Bouldering, deepwater soloing, onsight climbing, gritstone ground-up climbing, cragging, soloing, and big wall free climbing
(No Review) Beyond Gravity - (Doco) Many of North America's top climbers on rock, ice, aid, alpine.
**** Big Game - Bouldering NZ
*** Big Issue, The - (Doco) Profile of one of the world's most successful and controversial climbers, John Dunne.
(No Review) Big Stone - (Doco) Trad climbing in Yosemite Valley and Zion Canyon
***** Big Up: Bouldering in the Gunks - (Doco) Birth of the East Coast bouldering revolution
(No Review) Bishop - (Doco) Volume Two of the Climb On series.
***** Black Lung - (Doco) Ben Moon and Jerry Moffatt's visit to Utah Bouldering
*** Bleau - (Doco) French bouldering in the forests of the Fontainebleau. Subtitles.
**** Blood, Sweat & Bagels - Personal journey of two British climbers attempting to free climb The Salathe Wall
(No Review) Boulder - (Doco) Hard bouldering
***** B-Sides, The - (Doco) - One year of climbing across the nation.
**** Buoux 8c - The youth of England show the french how it's done...
*** Centre of the Universe - Yosemite
(No Review) Cho Oyu, West of Everest - (Doco) Follow this team of climbers on Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain.
***** Classic Red - Select climbs of the Red River Gorge, Kentucky USA
** Climb - (Doco) America's top rock climbers in Hueco Tanks, The Diamond, Tennesse Wall, etc.
*** Climb International - (Doco) Climbing in Southeast Asia from China to Thailand
***** Climb, The - The story of Hermann Buhl's climb of Nanga Parbat
(No Review) Climbing In Yosemete - Behind The Scene - (Doco) Some of the park’s most daunting big wall climbs
**** Australian Coming At Ya Hyper - (Doco) Australian Sport Climbing
**** Committed - 
***** Committed 2 - Blighty
***** Contact - (Doco) Bouldering at New Zealand's Castle Hill
* Australian Crux, The - Australia's Hottest Rockclimbing
(No Review) Cutting Loose - (Doco) Bouldering Dumbarton rock in Glasgow.
**** Dartmoor Bouldering 365 - (Doco) Films of bouldering on Dartmoor
*** Depth charge - Deep water soloing in Croatia
**** Dosage (Volume 1) - (Doco) High-end sport climbing & bouldering
**** Dosage (Volume 2) - (Doco) Hard boulders and deep water soloing
***** Dosage IV - 
***** Dosage V - 
***** Dosage Vol 3 - 
***** E11 - Rhapsody
***** Echo Wall - Glen and Ben Nevis
***** Edge, The - (Doco) Scottish mountaineering, as shown on the BBC.
**** Eiger Solo - (Doco) 1st British solo ascent of the Eiger North Face. Winner of Best Mountaineering Film award.
**** Australian Eos - (Doco) Four of Australia's best young climbers sport climbing and bouldering in New Zealand
***** Australian Eos 2: Dreamtime - (Doco) Bouldering some of the hardest routes in Australia
**** Equilibrium - (Doco) Preparation and ascent of Equilibrium, the ultimate gritstone route.
**** Everest (IMAX) - (Doco) Follows the IMAX team's ascent of Everest in 96
(No Review) Everest / Himalaya - (Doco) The history and mystery of Mt. Everest
(No Review) Everest 10 on Top - (Doco) 1991 Expedition from the Tibetan north side managed to place 10 climbers on the summit.
(No Review) Everest North Wall - (Doco) American China 1982 Expedition as 16 men and one woman attempt an unclimbed north face route.
(No Review) Australian Everest Sea to Summit - (Doco) One man's quest to climb Everest from sea level
(No Review) Australian Everest The Australian Challenge - (Doco) The first Australian Mount Everest Expedition to put up a new route
**** Everest Unmasked - (Doco) First Ascent of Everest without supplemental oxygen
(No Review) Everest: Climb for Hope - (Doco) Canadian team's journey up Mount Everest's rarely attempted North Col
(No Review) Everest: Summit of Dreams - (Doco) Attempt of the American North Ridge Expedition to summit Mount Everest from the North Side during the Spring of 1994.
(No Review) Everest: The Death Zone - (Doco) Takes you from Base camp to Summit
(No Review) Everest: The Fatal Climb - (Doco) One man's obsession to climb Everest which ultimately cost him his life
(No Review) Everest: The Mountain at the Millennium - (Doco) Pete Athans as he returns to Everest for his thirteenth expedition
(No Review) Everest: The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine - (Doco) Did George Mallory reach the top of Mt. Everest in 1924?
(No Review) Everest: The Quest - (Doco) Account of the early history of exploration on Everest
(No Review) Evolution Revolution - (Doco) Climbing in Austria, Germany.
**** Face, The - (Doco) Climbs in six of the world's most spectacular mountain locations. As shown on the BBC.
**** Fast Twitch - (Doco) Western USA bouldering and sport climbing film, featuring Chris Sharma on Just Do It.
(No Review) Festival of Climbing 2001 - (Doco) UK Competition climbing and bouldering
***** First Ascent - The latest and greatest release from Sender Films.
***** First Ascent - The latest and greatest release from Sender Films.
***** Free Climbing - The Nose - (Doco) Lynn Hill climbs The Nose of El Cap all free in a day.
*** Free Hueco! - (Doco) Boulderers. Terrifying topouts and gut wrenching falls.
***** Frequent Flyers - (Doco) The best bouldering around the world
**** Frequent Flyers (Inc. Black Lung) - (Doco) Around the world tickets, minimal luggage, a crash pad climbing shoes and chalk
*** Friction Addiction Black Hills Gold - (Doco) Brings you an amazing summer of daring runouts and highball first ascents from the sharp end of South Dakota's Black Hills
**** Friction: A Joshua Tree Bouldering Tour - (Doco) A collection of 39 boulder problems
**** Front Range Freaks - (Doco) A varied film following some of Colorados top climbers.
(No Review) Great Trango Tower - (Doco) First ascent of the northwest face of the Great Trango-Tower
***** Hard Grit - (Doco) British climbing the gritstone edges of the Pennines
***** Australian Hard Way To The Top, The - (Doco) Mt Buffalo granite aid climbs, Ozymandias and Lord Gum Tree
**** Hard XS - The sequel to 'Hard Grit'
**** Australian Harder Than Everest - (Doco) Aussies and Americans tag the 2nd ascent of Gasherbrum IV
**** High Life, The - (Doco) Showcase of high, difficult bouldering.
(No Review) Hoods n the Woods - (Doco) Climbers at Hueco and the Front Range of Colorado
**** http.bloc - (Doco) Hardcore Anglo-French bouldering video. Fontainebleau and the Peak District.
(No Review) In the Shadow of the Chief - Historical Climbing Documentary - The 1961 First Ascent of the Squamish Chief
** Inertia - (Doco) See Chris Sharma, Joe Brooks, Dave Struthers, etc cranking hard
**** Inertia 2: Focus - (Doco) The best climbers & hardest routes in the world
***** INSTANTE - Instante is a new concept in mountain films. The perfect mix between documentary and fiction in one work, on one theme that speaks to us all: The act of playing
(No Review) Into the Thin Air of Everest - Mountain of Dreams, Mountain of Doom - (Doco) History and mystery of Mt. Everest
(No Review) Joshua Tree - (Doco) Volume One of the Climb On Series.
(No Review) Karma - A Nepali Bouldering Adventure - The Khumbu Region of Nepal, home of the world's biggest mountains and the backdrop of mountain climbers dreams, is the stage for a whole new generation of visionaries. American and Nepali climbers joined forces to boulder here. Witness the magic.<
**** King Lines - aka The Sharma Show
(No Review) Know Limits - (Doco) Rock & ice climbing, but also surfing & skiing
(No Review) Koh Tao, Adventure Climbing in Thailand - Sport climbing, deep water soloing and bouldering
(No Review) La Escoba De Dios - (Doco) Scale the east face of Cerro Cathedral, Patagonia.
(No Review) Las Vegas - (Doco) Volume Three of the Climb On series.
(No Review) Living For The Weekend - (Doco) A stroll up the Ben, dodgy mixed ice routes in Cairngorms, an Alps trip and climbing in Colorado
(No Review) Los Angeles - (Doco) Volume Four of the Climb On series.
*** Australian Low Gravity - B grade 90's Australian Climbing Video
(No Review) Madagascar - A Womans First Ascent - (Doco) An all-star team of women climbers challenges the big walls of Madagascar
**** Masters Of Stone - (Doco) Climbing in Smith Rock, Yosemite Valley, American Fork, Tuolumne Meadows
*** Masters Of Stone 2 - Hard Rock - (Doco) Hard climbing in Yosemite, The Needles, Mt. Charleston, Joshua Tree, Rifle, Lake Tahoe, and Baja, Mexico
**** Masters Of Stone 3 - Third Stone From The Sun - (Doco) 5.14c redpoints in France, boulder at Hueco Tanks and Yosemite
*** Masters of Stone 4 - Pure Force - (Doco) Climbing & BASE jumping in Yosemite, California, Spain, etc.
**** Masters Of Stone 5 - (Doco) Speed-Soloing, High-Ball Bouldering, Female Freesoloing, Blind Crack Climbing, Slacklining, Rope Freefalling
***** Meru - The first ascent of the Sharks Fin, Meru Central, India
(No Review) Moving Over Stone - (Doco) Learn the basic moves, then take a climbing trip
(No Review) Moving Over Stone 2 - (Doco) American sporting climbering stars cranking hard
(No Review) MX - (Doco) Leashless mixed ice climbing. Hard first ascents leashless throughout colorado.
(No Review) Naskarma - (Doco) A climbing journey in the southeast US
(No Review) 'No Permanent Address' - First ascent of a 23-pitch free climb on a granite wall in remote British Columbia after prep climbs around North America.
**** One Summer - (Doco) Ben Moon Bouldering in the UK's Peak District
**** Painted Spider - (Doco) Rock climbing in the 90s. Long free routes, sport climbing, competetion climbing, bouldering, soloing.
**** Pilgrimage - (Doco) A bouldering pilgrimage to the sacred village of Hampi, in the south of India
**** Pitch Sorbet - (Doco) Short film on Ice Climbing from Petzl Charlet Moser
***** Professionals, The - (Doco) Francois Legrand and Yuji Hirayama on the hardest US routes
***** Rampage - (Doco) Follow Sharma, Carrion and friends on an outrageous two month bouldering spree .
**** Real Thing, The - (Doco) Bouldering with Ben Moon and Jerry Moffatt in England and Fontainebleau
**** Red River Ruckus - Sport climbing in Red River Gorge, Kentucky, USA
***** Return 2 Sender - Climbing, slacklining, base-jumping, big wall flick
(No Review) Rock Climbing Adventures Volume I - (Doco) Big Bradley, NC, Hueco Tanks, TX, Looking Glass, NC, Reimer's Ranch, TX
*** Rock: The Soul of the Climbing Experience - (Doco) Rock & Ice climbing and bouldering in America, Italy, France, Germany and Slovakia
***** Salathe - Blood Sweat And Bagels - (Doco) Free Climbing The Salathe Wall on El Capital, Yosemite.
(No Review) Sauvage - (Doco) French rock climbing film. Boulders at Font to sports climbs at many limestone crags.
(No Review) Scary Faces - (Doco) Attempt of the long, bold face of Jules Verne - the Eldorado testpiece
*** Shut Up And Climb - (Doco) Bouldering in Southern California, Ibex, Joe's Valley, Hueco Tanks, and Fontainebleau
***** Solo - (Doco) Shows what climbing was like in the old days.
**** Solutions - (Doco) Bouldering in Northern Colorado
(No Review) Soul - (Doco) Bouldering in the Southeast
* Soul Cal: A Cali Bouldering Road Trip - 
**** Southern Faces - All you need to know about rock climbing in the South Island of NZ. Featuring quality climbing footage, quirky animations, loads of local knowledge and a kick-ass kiwi soundtrack.
**** Southern Slopers - (Doco) Top boulderers in northern Alabama
**** Splinter - A (very) short film focusing on the famous home training board of Malcolm Smith
**** Splitter - An Apline Rockumentary. Shipton Spire, Lotus Flower Tower, Cerro Poincenot.
**** Stick It - (Doco) Shows the UK bouldering scene.
**** Stone Love - (Doco) Five of Britain's strongest bouldering in Switzerland
***** Stone Monkey - The original cult-classic featuring 'The Leaping Boy' Johnny Dawes and some of his gritstone and slate scarefests
(No Review) The Dark Glow of the Mountains aka Gasherbrum - Der leuchtende Berg - Werner Herzog film about Messner and Kammerlander's traverse of Gasherbrum I & II in 1984
(No Review) The Life - A detailed look at the lives of some of America's best climbers. Shot by the climbers themselves over the course of 5 years, this is a unique opportunity to witness their climbing wizardry and wild lifestyle from their point of view.
**** The Locals - Bouldering Across Europe
**** The Long Hope - First Free Ascent Documentary
***** The Road - (Doco) From the makers of Frequent Flyers comes a whole new trip showcasing some of the new, old and just discovered areas that are shaping bouldering today. bishop, triassic, hueco, soill, and new england gunks
(No Review) Three Flags Over Everest - (Doco) Covers the record breaking expedition of the 1990 Mt. Everest International Peace Climb. Narrated by Robert Redford.
(No Review) Three Weeks And A Day - (Doco) An Epic Climbing Film
(No Review) Tool 'Em All - The Ultimate Dry Tooling Experience - (Doco) World's hardest and most famous mixed routes, plus ice climbing competition footage.
(No Review) Torn - Life, death and recovery of Alex Lowe and his family
***** Touching the Void - The movie of the popular book by Joe Simpson.
(No Review) Tour De Blocs - (Doco) Fontainebleau with the local French boulderers
(No Review) Trailside: Rock Climbing in California - (Doco) Short video on climbing at Joshua Tree
*** Uncommon Ground - (Doco) Trad, sport and bouldering in the northeastern United States.
** Under the Sky, Above the Sea - (Doco) Deep Water Soloing on Britain's South Coast
***** Vertical Frontier - A history of the Art, Sport, and Philosophy of Rock Climbing in Yosemite.
(No Review) West Coast Pimp - (Doco) Boulders in Bishop and other California hot spots.
(No Review) Winds Of Everest - (Doco) In 1984 an American China - Everest Expedition returns to the treacherous north face.
(No Review) Witness This - (Doco) Bouldering in Boone, North Carolina.
(No Review) Yank On Hits - (Doco) Real climbing footage shot in the ‘90’s
**** Yosemite: Ascending Rhythm - (Doco) Climbers in Yosemite

Instructional    Push For The Summit

(No Review) Alpine Mountaineering on Mt. Ranier - (Doco) Physical & mental preparation, equipment essentials, ice axe arrest, rope travel, cramponing, snow camping and managing risk
**** Australian Anchoring & Setting Up Top Ropes - (Doco) Instructions for top roping
*** Art Of Leading, The - (Doco) Describes strategies for safe and successful multi-pitch rock climbing
(No Review) Ascend Denali - (Doco) Comprehensive guide to the most popular route on the mountain, the West Buttress Route.
*** Ascend Mt. Rainier - (Doco) Interactive climbing guide. Allows one to learn the different routes.
(No Review) Basic Rock Climbing - (Doco) Instructional rock climbing video
(No Review) Bolting Rock Climbs - (Doco) Bolting rock climbs, from the ground up. Types of bolts, drills, safety-tips, footage of bolts being placed.
(No Review) Climb Bolivias Huayna Potosi - (Doco) Two part series. How to do glacier travel techniques, crevasse rescue, etc.
(No Review) Climbing The Needles South Dakota - (Doco) How to climb chimney and crag, simu-raps, multi-pitch routes, etc.
(No Review) Fingers of Steel - (Doco) Helps climbers improve performance.
*** Hazards of Avalanche & Crevasse - (Doco) UK guides step us through beginers practices
**** Masterclass 1 & 2 - Instructional Vid from one of the Best coaches in the UK
*** Australian Moving Over Plastic - (Doco) Improve climbing performance through indoor climbing
(No Review) On Ice - (Doco) Ice climbers demonstrate their technique and personal style
(No Review) Performance Rock Climbing - (Doco) Video of the book by the same title
*** Pro Tips Volume One - Professional climbers share their tricks of the trade.
**** Rock Climbing Skills: The Basics & Beyond - (Doco) Basic equipment and techniques, hand, foot and body control, etc.
(No Review) Rock Climbing The Adirondacks - (Doco) How to set up belay systems, placing protection, etc.
(No Review) Snow Caves: How to Keep Warm with Ice - (Doco) The use and construction of snow caves for shelter
(No Review) Train to Climb Mount Rainier - (Doco) Comprehensive six-month training program for the novice-to-intermediate level alpine climber who wants to climb Mt. Rainier.
(No Review) Vertical Rope Skills - (Doco) Demonstrates many of the primary rope skills
(No Review) Video Guide To Aid Climbing, The - (Doco) Experienced aid climbers teach you all the basic techniques

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