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Best of the West

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Best of the West  Mins 60 
Starring Chris Sharma, Nate Gold, Boone Speed, HUECO  RRP  
Director MC Productions  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating *** (3.00 of 5)


User Comments
Revised after a second viewing.

Good bouldering vid, bit of a rah-rah Sharma love fest at times but when you see some of the stuff he sends...V10-12 just go too easily, Esperanza V14 falls quickly but the Sharma story line in this one surrounds the Flame sit start and sets up well for the Castle Hill sequel (Big Game).

Nate Gold for me was the strength of the film. Good to see some big guys sending some of the fine lines, gave me hope! Boone Speed gives perspective in interviews/voice overs, plenty of bit players, Maische, Kemple and Kehl, Anna Burgos but the best of 'em in my book was some guy called GP who gets a cameo spot with one line he'd been working, shit hot viewing. I liked the tunes. 
I remember this being ok.

Sharma sends some boulders packing and Boone Speed talks about double digits alot.

My first impressions, theres a lot of good rock here. 
liked the tunes mang. you know any of the artists? besides Fugazi


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