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Rockclimbing: Getting Started
Instructional book for beginner climbers.

Format Book  (Australian) Category Instructional
Title Rockclimbing: Getting Started  Pages 191 
Author Glenn Tempest  RRP  
Publisher Open Spaces Publishing  Reviews
Edition Revised (1998)  Ave Rating ***** (4.50 of 5)


User Comments

This is an Australian publication, something that is perhaps worth mentioning. The list of contributors includes names you might well recognise from reading Australian climbing guide books. The book is, as the title explains, an instructional manual for beginner climbers. In this respect I believe it accomplishes the task admirably. Years ago, when I was first getting into the sport I would have found a volume like this very handy. All those useful little tricks that a climbing mentor teaches and the novice accepts on faith are explained with clear drawings and text.

The manual takes it's readers through basic body movements for face and crack climbing, explains belaying and top rope set ups, the main knots and equipment required to lead climb, and then gets into the generally accepted practices for trad and sport leading. Whilst it throws in a few gems like placing opposing nuts, the carabiner brake rappel, and hits upon some of the mistakes to avoid such as back-clipping, rope drag and so on it is by no means exhaustive in the areas it covers nor does it take on more advanced techniques such as aiding, hoists, complicated anchor systems, etc. What you get is exactly what the title suggests - a means of "getting started".

With a few comical illustrations and some inspiring black and white photographs the book does have a certain charm. Itís no Freedom of the Hills, but itís still very good. I defintely recommend it. And hey, it even tells you how to stick clip! 

This instructional book is better than any i've seen and to boot it's Australian! It combines excellent photos from Glenn Tempest, stylish line drawings from Michael Hampton, and well structured content.

In comparison to John Long's "how to rockclimb" series, It's relevant to Australian rock and Australian techniques of ropework (no American triangles or desert sandstone discussions!)

It's great for the average Joe that doesn't need superfluous info on aiding or technical buffoonery like rescue systems or vertical macrame. Just the right amount of detail, inspiration and relevance. 

Further Reading:
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