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Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills
The Bible for climbers and mountaineers

Format Book Category Instructional
Title Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills  Pages 528 
Author Mountaineers Society  RRP $35.00 AUD 
Publisher Mountaineers Books  Reviews
Edition Hard or Paperback. 6th Rev edition (October 1997)  Ave Rating **** (3.50 of 5)


User Comments

Donut King
this a bread and butter book,

If you have aquestion to do with climbing or such and you think it may be a bit too simple to ask "the group" then dont ask, READ THE BOOK.

Info on what to wear (useless for sport climbers and bouldering types whao like to in all but the coldest of conditions like to remove as much clothing as possible to pose on rock waiting for photos to be taken. Also no good for gym climber as the fashion in the book is whay out of style.), how to navigate, stop your self plunging down a ice slope, how to place a rigid camming device (whats that??) blah, blah, the book.

the new edition may have of course very relavent info on what to wear while your trying to redpoint onsight your latest gnarley top rope slab climb at the gym..... 

Yep as Donut King indicates this is a bread and butter book, however I have just checked out the 7th revision and I was impressed with its coverage of the topics it tackles. It was priced more like $55 though ...

There is an assumption here however as I am no expert in Mountaineering for example, though I reckon I know my stuff when it comes to Aid Climbing. I assume it covers mountaineering in at least as competent a style as it does the aid section which I verified as being very good (read above basic intro level in content), featuring up to date equipment and techniques.
This perspective was further supported when I perused the rock climbing section/s as I found it also reasonably comprehensive.
I also found the navigation section to be sound in content. 

re:7th edition

this is the most comprehensive mountaineering text i've seen and calling a bible is quite accurate. it has everything from clothing and camping equipment to clean, aid, snow, ice climbing through to simple mountain geology and understanding snow.

before doing training courses i've read up on the relevant sections beforehand and have found having a bit of theory behind me really helps.

easy to read with lots of good diagram. for me it's one of the those "if i could only have one book" books
Read this if you like big packs.

Check out Connally''s Mountaineering Handbook instead 

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