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A place for Victorian climbers to hang out and chat about climbing. Anyone can register and post messages.

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kuu Sydney, Australia  10-Jan-2005  615 25-May-2017   18-Mar-2018 
  JES5 Sydney, Australia  24-Mar-2011  0   17-Mar-2018 
stugang In a connected world location is so 20C  4-Dec-2014  122 17-Mar-2018   17-Mar-2018 
  The Rock Robster Arapiles, Victoria, Australia  28-Jul-2017  9 14-Mar-2018   17-Mar-2018 
Doug Hobart    402 23-Feb-2018   17-Mar-2018 
  widewetandslippery Victoria, Australia  20-Dec-2006  3715 17-Mar-2018   17-Mar-2018 
arniearms Sydney, Australia  21-Jul-2009  100 12-Mar-2018   17-Mar-2018 
  Esteban77 Victoria, Australia  5-Jun-2011  9 12-Nov-2016   17-Mar-2018 
  mikllaw Victoria, Australia  14-Jan-2010  1797 8-Mar-2018   17-Mar-2018 
Freemo Castlemaine, Vic  23-Jul-2009  11 26-Apr-2015   17-Mar-2018 
  Dalai Victoria, Australia    4715 15-Mar-2018   17-Mar-2018 
  jbridgeman Sydney, Australia  1-May-2017  3 1-Feb-2018   17-Mar-2018 
  gonesurfing Sydney, New South Wales  3-Jan-2013  30 22-Feb-2018   17-Mar-2018 
  johny Hobart, Tasmania  14-Sep-2004  92 3-Mar-2018   17-Mar-2018 
  whippet Mt Victoria & Dargan , Blue Mtns  28-Apr-2015  2 24-Dec-2017   17-Mar-2018 
Keenas NSW, Australia  5-Jan-2016  22 31-Jan-2018   17-Mar-2018 
  peteclimbs Victoria, Australia  4-Sep-2012  86 21-Jan-2018   17-Mar-2018 
rodw NSW, Australia  15-Dec-2003  2703 3-Jan-2018   17-Mar-2018 
Miguel75 Victoria, Australia  11-Jul-2009  2901 16-Mar-2018   17-Mar-2018 
  DSPIES Victoria, Australia  14-Apr-2008  47 13-Apr-2017   17-Mar-2018 

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There are 8123 registered members. Of these 29% have never posted, 55% have only posted a few times, leaving 16% who are major posters. 79% are from Australia.

The top users are: kuu, Doug, widewetandslippery, mikllaw, Dalai, rodw, Miguel75, f_abe, timfreddo, Superstu, phillipivan, Dave J, Ben_E, egosan, climberman, lacto, Cam McKenzie, MisterGribble, gfdonc, bones, Olbert, gordoste, BA, Rupert, TimP, Mr Poopypants, daave, marky, Dr Nick, JamesMc, Macciza, prb, Dave_S, hero, harold, alrob, Chockstone Moderator, ado_m, JimmyS, salty crag, IdratherbeclimbingM9, rightarmbad, Duang Daunk, The good Dr, FatBoy, hipdos, Will_P, Andrew_M, anthonycuskelly, shiltz, dave h., Lee C, shortman, kieranl, Gnaguts, deadbudgy, uwhp510, ajfclark, Mike, ademmert, White trash, jkane, MichaelOR, Damo666, skink, PDRM, patto, jrc, Capt_mulch, Garrath, phil_nev, JohnK, KP, dave, Wendy, Sonic, pmonks, martym, E. Wells, Sabu, JDB, PThomson, One Day Hero, Mike Bee, ima.seriousyoungliza, Zarb, Karl Bromelow, Big G, Richard Delaney, BundyBear, Paul, vwills, Andy P, Access T CliffCare, chalkischeap, ChuckNorris, MrsM10iswhereitsat., hangdog, wallwombat, duglash, freesolo, Eduardo Slabofvic, D.Lodge, Bob Saki, Tastrad, simey, Robb, nmonteith, Phil Box, oweng, tnd, cruze, citationx, ithomas, pharmamatt, maxdacat, hotgemini, Hawkman, rhinckle, manacubus, garbie, tmarsh, Rich, jgoding, Pat, rolsen1, psd, mattjr, skegly, technogeekery, SteveH, billk, Wollemi, Climboholic, shmalec, ambyeok, Damietta, brendan, Nottobetaken, Zebedee, MonkeyBoy, bw, wombly, earwig, grangrump, voodoo, dimpet, Hugh, Fish Boy, sbm, Winston Smith, f_ladou, spicelab, Dave C, devlin66, Alex, rod, mousey, James, davidn, Duncan, Snacks, sliamese, Hipster, singersmith, Sticky, climbau, robertsonja, cjradloff76, kezza, Onsight, dmnz, Cool Hand Lock, climbingjac, muki, Imaclawfan, BoulderBaby, Cheesehead, adski, Ronny, Paz, Organ Pipe, Robin, BlankSlab, Paulie, Romfrantic, TonyB, Phil S, drdeviousII, Richard, anthonyk, Jackie, J.C., pecheur, evanbb, DaCrux, mikepatt, Gavo, foreverabumbly, BigMike, tastybigmac, GravityHound, ..::- Chris -::.., benjenga, Sarah Gara, brat, hargs, StuckNut, Hardware, gremlin, dodgy, bl@ke, ZERO, Bluey, surfinclimb, WM, Goodvibes, joemor, ShinToe Warrior, dougal, TLockwood, belayslave, JimboV10, Chuck Norris, AlanD, Hatman, GG, steph, deadpoint, racingtadpole, Dom, Tel, kerroxapithecus, mikl law, Cookie, JBM, adamk, Breezy, PreferKnitting, glacier-rat, qman, cruxmag, westie, Nick Kaz, penguinator, Stuey, wyt91t, The Elk, Super Saiyan, neats, M10iswhereitsat., ghost, Bourge, maxots, shaggy, The HEX, PN, BoaredOfTheRings, LittleMac, HEX, Donut King, hex-TROLL

The average user is 40 years old.


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