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Chockstone Forum - General Discussion

General Climbing Discussion

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Chockstone Gathering
12:52:10 PM
Now here's an idea - this is a website utilised primarily by Victorian-based climbers, and therefore it is not unreasonable to expect that it might be possible for us to organise a Chockstone members gathering at a crag or pub or campfire somewhere. That way, we can start putting faces to names, expressions/tone to comments etc. Thoughts everyone?

12:57:51 PM
That would be a great idea, for all the reason's you've mentioned, and maybe we wouldn't get as much agro in the posts if people are more familiar with each other....

The Blond Gecko
1:29:06 PM
Sounds like an excellent idea to me.

1:37:10 PM
On 27/06/2003 climbingjac wrote:
>be possible for us to organise a Chockstone members gathering...

Great idea! Perhaps you could open a new topic, inviting people to propose a date/time and location, which we could get some kind of vote on. (I might add an events page to allow for expected attendance to be tallied). Pity it's the middle of winter though. Be cool if there was place we could climb and have a barbeque and not be far from the city so the majority didn't have to travel too far. Hmmm, sounds like we need to transplant Kangeroo Point :-). Or would enough people go as far as Araps in winter? Weeribee is close but there's nowhere for fireplaces. What if we waited for spring weather? We could a comp too. Score = sum of pitches x grade, or something like that? And maybe a prize.
1:45:09 PM
Does Mt Alexander have a picnic area?? Located between Melbourne and Bendigo...

1:53:54 PM
Sounds like a great idea jac.

What i find amusing is, all of us guys bantering, arguing and making goat jokes, which was getting us nowhere, then a female comes along and proposes a solution that could .. in effect, fix the problem.... Women are obviously much bloody smarter than men....

1:56:53 PM
Yup sounds cool :) and altho it would be great to have it sooner rather than later, it certainly would be more appealing if the weather was warmer... therefore my votes for spring

2:36:25 PM
What a sensational idea. Regarding the camping at Mt Alex. If the group does decide on Mt Alex as the destination then one option would be to camp at my block. I have 20acres on the banks of the scenic :) (less than 10% full) Lake Eppalock. It would be roughly 10-15minutes drive from there to Mt Alex. Pretty basic (tent) camping, but it might prove more private there than somewhere like Langs Lookout at Mt Alex. Just an idea anyway - the offer is certainly there.

Oh, i need some fencing and tree-planting done too if anyone is keen ;)

2:58:15 PM
On 27/06/2003 mrsnuffy wrote:
>What a sensational idea. Regarding the camping at Mt Alex.

I've seen people camping at the Oak trees below Wabbit Wocks. This is also a pretty picnic area, with plenty of space for barbies, just a pity the climbing is fairly limited for a large group. Also Mt Alex in winter is often wet, given that it is a (very small) mountain, and heavily forrested, so it draws weather and has a lot of shade to keep the rock from drying. Not as bad as Camels in winter, but certainly hard to arrange a day well ahead of time. But in spring, yeah it's a possibility. The group might need to move between Dogs and Wabbits, but it could be done.

> Oh, i need some fencing and tree-planting done too

Arh Benny, you'll have to hurry that stone house along, so we can all boulder it.

3:03:18 PM
My work has a fully featured bbq trailer available at any time. This means we can drag it to any crag car park, an have a climb on any day that suits you guys... tell me what you think.

3:49:13 PM
I am keen for Spring as well. The weather is way too dodgy at the moment. Mt Alex would be a great venue - a nice mix of climbs, easy walk in and not that far form Melbourne. Perhaps we coudl hold a "film night" at Mt Alex which could be the first annual Chockstone gathering.

The Elk
4:46:18 PM
Isn't it lovely having some productive chatter? aaaah.....

Anyway.. I too, think that this is a SUPER idea, however, Spring would be the time I dare say!
It's all a little dodgy and cold and wet and yucky at the moment.

Pick a place.... I'm all for discovering new areas I haven't been, and also happy to go to the old favorites. :)

One for the logic of the female!

4:47:58 PM
On 27/06/2003 nmonteith wrote:
>I am keen for Spring as well. The weather is way too dodgy at the moment.
>Mt Alex would be a great venue - a nice mix of climbs, easy walk in and
>not that far form Melbourne. Perhaps we coudl hold a "film night" at Mt
>Alex which could be the first annual Chockstone gathering.

i've got a mate that has run a digital projector onto a sheet from his van which he has converted to run AC current. works great for campside movies. I could ask him if he's keen?

4:59:01 PM
Yup good idea Jac - Surely there is a pub with a fire we can crowd around til winter passes though?
5:10:32 PM
Agreed, Rupert. Let's all think about the spring gathering, but in the meantime, any suggestions for a pub gathering? It would be great if Kieran and also Mike Law could attend. They're little further from Melbourne than we are... so take that into account when making suggestions...


Donut King
5:47:37 PM

you guys have got it sorted....the best thing i have seen on the website for a few days.

I work part time for a brewery and would be more than happy to donate some refreshments but dont think i'll be on for the trip in ths weather.



the brewery stuff is crap, i just really support them by drinking theor product, thought it might be nice to sweeten the deal though so u dont think i' a total asshole, although its proabaly too late for that. cheers!!!!
6:27:41 PM
Mmmmm, beer and BBQ, film maybe and some climbing.

Count me in


9:36:29 AM
Any Gym junkies want to meet there is a bouldering comp on tommorow at the Flemington gym. I think it starts at 11am and finishes at 3 - 4. If you want to find me I'll be the person at the bottom of the score sheet. Anyway If I don't see u there good luck.

Jevon Hardware.
Online Now
10:10:43 PM
It's a good idea but you can't get too hung up on who misses out. Mikl lives in sydney so he's going to be hard to fit in. I live in Nati and I can get to things.
As soon as a date is set, people will start to back out because they have other commitments.
Set a date now and send out invites to Touchstone subscribers. If you give me a date and an invite I will feel obliged to respond.
It sounds like a hoot
Online Now
10:16:09 PM
PS If the gathering could be done in Bendigo, that would suit me down to the ground. I've got family in Bendigo and that would work in really well.

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