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Which tent - 4 season, 2.5kg, 6ft2in, vestibule

8:40:33 AM
I've got the Macpac Olympus - I'm 6'2" too and plenty of leg room. Easy to pitch. Macpac does excellent after sales support too. I've even emailed Macpac NZ head office and had very nice personal replies from their staff. One reason that made me consider Macpac was reading a story in the 'Hall and Ball' mountaineering book. Hall and Ball were climbing K2 and backed off, leaving a Macpac tent at a high camp (disclaimer - they were sponsored by Macpac). They were back in the same spot a couple of years later, and there was the tent - they dug it out and repitched it, no probs.

9:07:35 AM
On 9/06/2009 shmalec wrote:

>I'm replacing a 12 year old olympus with something lighter for hiking
>and the occasional mountaineering trip.

I think he has a bit of knowledge about the Olympus, Mulchy.

9:34:22 AM
If I ever have to replace it, I'll look first at getting the same again:
2:17:48 PM
You people with special computer & google searching skillz shouldn't be allowed to play with the little kids..

9:57:16 PM
Okey dokey. Been pondering this a bit, poked around a few tents and going shopping tomorrow.

I've decided I definately want full length pole sleeves and don't want a fly that just gets thrown over the top. It's gotta all pitch together.

I don't have enough experience in single skin tents and the condensation problems. The reputable one's that have vestibules aren't that much lighter anyway (eg Bibler tempest is 3.3kg).

The Olympus has been great aside from the weight. Unfortunately, the new one has only one vestibule, a silicone nylon fly and is still 3.5kg. Didn't the original olympus have a nylon fly that went all saggy after a while?

The Exped Sirius looks really well built. The normal version is 3.3kg with a tough polyester fly and the 'extreme' version drops to 3.1kg with nylon fly. While this doesn't have a second entry like the oly, the floor area is definately bigger (wider). So will probably get this with the lighter fly.

Some of the Hilleburg tents look attractive. If they had a dealer here, I'd take a good look at them. But not going to buy one off the net without checking it out first.

I'm a bit disappointed that there aren't bigger improvements since I last bought a tent. I wonder sometimes if design and quality of this sort of gear peaked some time ago and we're not on the downhill 'maximum profit' path. Certainly a lot of the new style packs look almost disposable. I'm also trying to replace a macpac torre but find they don't make it anymore......used to be the macpac pin up boy!! Sad. Will have to get an ascent or maybe glissade.

For those that are interested, here's the shortlist with weight in kg.
Salewa - Sierra Leone Ultra 3.3
Mountain Hardware - Spire 2.4
Bibler Tempest 3.3
Exped Venus II Extreme 3.0
Exped Serius Extreme 3.1
Macpac Olympus 3.5
Hilleburg - Nammatj 2.8
Hilleburg - Kaitum 2.8

Thanks everyone for your thoughts, they have been very helpful.

First decent outing is larapinta next month. Alec.

10:14:38 PM
Re the exped tents, thats the packaged weight you've got there. actual use is around 2.6.
Good luck

10:21:06 PM
Yeh...weights are kinda fuzzy. What's a packaged weight?

I've assumed it includes all pegs, guys and the sack it comes in which aren't alway necessary to pitch. Is there something else in there that I don't have to carry?

1:04:26 AM
I got the impression packaged weight was how it came out of the box, with all the
wrapping, plastic etc.
Also you can cut a fair bit of stuff like pegs, a repair kit etc. so you should be able to get it
much lower than 3kg and if you go without the inner you'll save a heap of weight and have
very light but decent shelter.

edit: In fact i'll try remember to weight my venus 2 for you tomorrow, i usually just take it as
is, so that should be a good indicator.

J Qui
6:10:41 PM
Which single skin have you got JohnK?
6:28:10 PM
The venus 2 comes with two sets of pegs - normal and snow, plus a repair kit, so you can lob a bit there.

Rock Weasel
11:31:47 AM
I've got a Nammatj GT. Very impressed with the quality and durability of the tent, and would recommend it to others, particularly as a base camp tent. It can quite easily be taken higher, but it does require a fairly large area to be flattened out for the tent and vestibule. Some of the Hilleberg dome tents would be a better choice if you are looking at high-wind areas. Having said that, my Nammatj has copped everything Ive thrown at it, and I still have the option of buying a second set of collapsible poles (recommended by the manufacturer for high-wind areas).

5:54:50 PM
The MSR Hubba Hubba HP is a 3 season tent. Whilst the tent has been made warmer and more
reinforced the pole structure is not conducive to high winds and snow loading.
If you want a tent to handle heavy winds and dumps of snow, then you need to get a 4 season tent.
Many manufacturers consider even SW Tassie 4 season tent country.

6:34:35 PM
On 25/06/2009 climbau wrote:
>Many manufacturers consider even SW Tassie 4 season tent country.


I took a sheet of plastic and slept under logs in SW Tassie.

I mentioned the Hubba Hubba earlier in the thread, because I remember reading on a forum (it may have even been this one) that it was a solid tent. It was mentioned that a group of campers got hit by a violent storm and the Hubba Hubba ended up coping with it better than a couple of big name 4 season tents.

I thought to myself, "That sounds like a solid and versatile tent!"

That is the extent of my experience with the Hubba Hubba.

But I do think MSR make some good shit.

I have a 19 year old Olympus that has been fantastic but is now rooted. Only a strange sense of loyalty stops me from chucking it. Same as my Lowe Troillet pack, that I bought in 1981 (but that's a different story).

I also have a 3 season Bergans tent. I have had it 5 years and used it once for 4 days. It seems pretty good.

I generally use a light nylon tarp and take a bivy bag too, if it's going to be really shitty.

10:11:33 AM
I bought an Exped Sirrius II Extreme. Comes with two sets of pegs and a repair kit. Taking out what you don't need it weighs 2.8kg (according to the kitchen scales). Not 2.5kg but pretty close.
Haven't used it yet. Would have preferred two entrances/vestibules but you have to compromise something. Pretty big footprint too.
Now to try and replace my Macpac Torre......anyone got one they don't want......bloody Macpac stopped making them......whats with that company?

10:13:57 AM
does anyone know any online site selling exped tents? The Nth American distributor is in the process of changing & so the local gear store can't order any exped stuff till next year...

11:52:08 AM

Postage is free with orders over $100. Good exchange rate at the moment too.

I have always been very happy with their service.
12:35:14 PM
cheers I trawled through google since... I'm found a US store with the one I want (venus III). the canadian pesos vs USD FX rate is better than vs un-zed rouble...

If anyone wants a Bibler fitzroy for $400 CAD (vestibule+footprint included) PLUS shipping from Canada let me know. in perfect condition, used <10 nights. some friends of mine are selling it (they bought it on pro-deal price hence the deal) but don't like having to crawl inside to put poles in. If it were higher inside I would have bought it, but I'm 6'2'' & can only sit up straight in the front of the tent (the back is fractionally lower). I used it recently in the wet humid Cascades (Seattle, Washington) & condensation was not a problem.

2:41:09 PM
ive had a bibler eldorado since 2001. sat out lots of wet patagonian weather. himalayas, alaska and peru.
never leaked. super quick to put up.
note- the eldorado is bigger than the original I tent so may suit your size. vestible is optional. i have one
and its good. eldorado is lighter than the fitzroy too..
good luck

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