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Wrist Pain
Jimminy clip it !!
8:34:31 PM
> I have typical climbers bad posture!

Kezza !!! are you a girl ???

G'day !!! :D

I like girls ...

anyway , can you explain the posture thing , just in case I'm getting it ... I figured climbing and clippin is good for ya ???

8:38:00 PM
My mate (also a climber) who has done part of a massage therapy course told me that because my upper back is dissproportionately built compared to my lower back it may start taking over the role of the lower back, i.e. bad posture, etc and that i ought to strengthen my lower back to keep it all proportional and avoid bad posture. If thats any use/insight.
Jimminy clip it !!
8:43:40 PM
Yeah mate I see ya drift now ... are you wearing a sports bra for ya man boobs yet ?? :D

My sister seen me getting out of the shower the other day and cacced herself larfin !!! :D

Reakons with a towel around the waist , I could easily slip into her netball team shower block !!! :D

8:45:47 PM
On 18/08/2007 Jimminy clip it !! wrote:
>Yeah mate I see ya drift now ... are you wearing a sports bra for ya man
>boobs yet ?? :D

not quite yet mate ;-)
Jimminy clip it !!
8:49:08 PM
HA HA !!! :D

but seriously ... whats that shiela Kezza on about ... how can climbing lead to bad posture ???

Jimminy clip it !!
8:58:26 PM
Hey Lockwood !!! ... are you a sheila ??

I found this thing about ' GORRILA POSTURE '

Your Cool Lockwood ... we can be chat-buddys, yeah ???:D


10:44:21 PM
On 18/08/2007 Jimminy clip it !! wrote:
>Hey Lockwood !!! ... are you a sheila ??

Yes Ralph, Lockwood is a d#ckless one --- her name is Trish ...

5:07:23 PM
whats all this about lockwood bein a chick? clearly he's not. and kez is quite right about the posture thing. many climbers experiance less then perfect posture, due to certain muscle groups being out of proportion to others. in lockwoods case, the upper body strength developed from climbing adds strain to his lumbar region, resulting in an overcompinsation coming from his lattisimus, and especially his irrector spinae, which runs the length of your back. the bad posture can be helped ( not gotten rid of) by working your other muscle groups such as exterior obliques, serratus posterior, etc. there are 3 main groups of muscles in the lower back that you should be concerned with, the extensor muscles which are attatched to the posterior part of the back, enabling standing and lifting actions; the Flexors, which attatch to the anterior spine, enabling flexing, bending forward, lifting and arching the lower back (these are your abdominal muscles); and finally your oblique muscles, attatching to the sides of the spine, enabling twisting motions. if you work the 3 main groups of muscles in the back evenly, you will increase your cumfort, and semi-correct your posture issue.

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