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Buffalo Aid Weekend report for 20-21 Nov 2010

9:36:11 PM
>I want to free it
Fair enough.
Sorry about blowing your cover. ☺
~> Good luck with it.

(PS If you need a belayer for it let me know, and I will help out!).
5:00:28 PM

Didn't send, but only really gave it a half-assed effort. One or two move route of quality in a nice location; the approach is a joke. If you're super strong and crank on face holds you might not even have to get too physical in the roof, if you're not you can easily pull through that section with one #4 and one #5 Camalot (long sling plus draw and slide above you)) and still do a classic 18 with a few neat moves. My gear got in the way of my feet such that I didn't have room to get my knees in. Dealt with the offensive bits of dead tree, some loose rock in it's roots, and brushed the headwall crack. We're hoping to encourage traffic. Approach pitch was judged to be only 18 (but three star), not 22, by both myself and my second, Sir Gledhill (whom I passed on the highway an hour ago casually walking away from his totaled car waving and smiling, "I'm OK"). Largely distracted by other project that was then still a construction zone but is now ready to go...
6:20:47 PM
i took some photos of two people on Country Road on thursday, when i was across the on the other side of the gorge, was that you guys?
9:47:27 PM
Bloody hell Singer - I saw that blue Falcon being loaded on the towtruck on the Hume when I was driving back this afternoon around 4pm and wondered if ... but thought it was just too coincidental.

Glad to hear Geoff's OK, the car looked badly smashed.
- Steve
10:55:59 PM
Good to hear that Geoff's OK. I guess that model Falcon will be discontinued - obviously not up to scratch.

11:05:54 PM
Also glad to hear Geoff is OK.
~> This incident also adds to the too-much-weirdness that I have seen on the roads lately...
Fish Boy
11:43:52 PM
Singer, I passed you and geoff walking out, I was going down to Beowolf...nice work.

Having driven behind geoff around buff, I'm shocked he hasn't smashed his car sooner...?!?!
12:24:34 PM
Probably us. I think I had a pinkish shirt on and him a white helmet.

Car well smashed indeed. How about the guard rail? I was too shocked to even take a picture after yelling across the road with him a bit. It was a bizarre scene.

"The car performed very well." I think he even said something like "quite soft" to describe the impact. Turns out he fell asleep after having already stopped for rest. A good lesson for us all and really great he's unscathed.

As far as weirdness on the roads, don't be afraid to call the Hoon Hotline 1 800 333 000. Or dial 000, ask for the local police and file a dangerous driving report; they're very friendly on the phone. The tail-gating on the Hume highway from Seymour to the city is particularly bad (not to mention the psychotic semi truck drivers on the Western Highway). I can't believe the stuff I see people do. In the States that'd be a great way to get shot by someone a lot crazier than you or to get your face stuffed into the hood of a cop car by the highway patrol, state police, local police, or county sheriff. There's next to zero cop presence on the roads in Oz. It's a good time for this video:

Almost certainly in Nevada, probably on the 80.

Geoff's much more familiar with the car's limitations than we are and he likes to drive. He has been through every bend on that road about 62,000 times. He's tame in comparison to my friend Dirk "German Man" Debus who used to race cars and now engineers racing data recording systems. Out of the blue, he put a rental Commodore Executive wagon sideways through the last "Y" bend going up to the Camel's Hump then later spat at the "cheap" tires for having left black streaks across the road. I would have dobbed him into the Hoon Hotline for sure.

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