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The Snow thread(!!!!!)

7:59:00 PM
Well that was a kickarse day at Thredders...

The high winds which kept the Kosciuszko Express and all the T-Bars (except Antons) on wind hold throughout the day produced some excellent powder stashes all around the mountain, particularly the edges of the Supertrail from Snogums and off the far side of the Cruiser (Merritts). Bloody cold all day, we froze our arses off on the long ride back up Snogums but warmed up with non-stop thigh-pumping powder carving on the supertrail, maching it out from Lovers Leap to the Terminal each time - "The Chinese Downhill!" to finish off every run.

The boys on teles held their own but were no match for the lads on fixed heels today(including yours truly). More snow expected kids, get up there in the next few days before it rains/warms up - Sunday will be superb if the forecast is accurate

I'll be in the hot tub with a cool beer, followed by schnapps, nursing tired legs, if anyone needs to contact me


8:59:55 AM
I'll be at Hothum this weekend. Does anmyone know of ANY boulder-size ice-climbing within 20 minutes
walk of the ski-field or Dinner Plain?
1:22:53 PM
Neil - search around on the threads, there was a writeup of someone's visit to the boulders down the Australia Drift side of Hotham, must have been last winter. I think John K may have been involved, perhaps on the way back from Blue Lake?
- Steve
10:02:59 PM
I remember a little icicle forming up in what I remember being called Avalanche gully (keep going down from the bottom of the summit t-bar, where it gets steeper and steeper). I think the icicle was about 3 or 4 metres tall, near the bottom right of the gully.

2:26:55 PM
Had a look at the snow cams today. Nothing left........still a few desperados hopping between the piles of slush at Merritts though


10:06:50 PM
Another sad ending and another year of minimal skiing for me.

Snow trip report: went to the snow with 6 other lasses from Sydney aged 35-45. 1 married, 3 divorced, 3 single. I soon found that 4 went for the night life only, 1 for the skiing (that was me) and 1 went for both. One got thrown out of the pub in Thredbo at about 10pm for being intoxicated and trying to sleeze on to men. After arguing with the Federal Police outside for about 15mins we were all thrown out and the smashed one issued with a fine for failure to quit licensed premises. I exited the scene promptly. Next day they were all hungover so didn't ski until the afternoon. Did about 2 hours at Perisher. Second night 4 went out all night and my ski buddy picked up some kind of unattractive wanker (so I'm told) from that place down south....ah yeah, I think it was Victoria ...apparently at about 5am and arrived back at 9am. Time to leave premises. Others too hungover to ski so we travelled back to Sydney. I drove there and back and a few weeks later I received a speed camera fine in the mail and I'm about the slowest driver aside from the over 85s. I don't understand how anyone else could have a licence.

Oh what fun! Never again with that lot I'm afraid. See guys it's just all downhill from now.
10:39:16 PM
sounds like a riot. I wish my sub 25y.o friends were that outta control !
10:47:39 PM
My snow trips report: got 8 days on my tele's this month, all at Hotham (/boast). Last week was great, it snowed Friday and Saturday so we got up the mountain early Sunday for a ski at the start of a 6-day trip.

Hotham was overrun, they were understaffed due to a poor season then surprisingly good conditions for the first weekend of the school holidays .. consequently it took 90 minutes to get my daughter fitted with skis. Sunday was very good, Monday to Wednesday were also good with soft spring snow, Thursday still a great day but by Friday it was becoming more of an effort to dodge rocks. Left in warm conditions on Friday afternoon, t-shirts, and I expect by the end of the weekend it would have deteriorated markedly.

Mid-september is usually great skiing at Vic's highest ski lifts, even this year it was well worth going. No speeding tickets or police intervention required. Now back to climbing ..

- Steve

4:49:34 PM
On 26/09/2005 kerroxapithecus wrote:
>went to the snow with 6 other lasses (snip)
>1 married, 3 divorced, 3 single.
>I soon found that 4 went for the night life only, 1 for the skiing (that was me) and 1 went for both.

Am now curious; ... So what did the 7th person go for ?

Great little TR kerroxapithecus.

8:58:28 PM
picky picky picky...........
Ok I never said I could add. In fact I do have a significant deficit in basic computation. It seems to be genetic.

The 7th must have gone for the 6 hour conversation on the way there in the car, the contents of which are secret womens' business.

10:50:18 PM
Time to bring this thread back from the dead. Anyway looks like its time to try skiing Mt William again, theres been some precipitation there tonight since the temp dropped under 0. :P
11:01:08 PM
it was hailing (briefly) at the 'Piles earlier this afternoon

11:33:48 PM
yeh as we left the piles 2 days ago the official DODmeister bureau report was sunday = snow in the gramps & crazy ass front on the mount

hey so who's gonna be in the kozzie range this year??
lookin for dudes who are keen for BC ackshun, especially in the form of massive kicker building but hiking runs if theres plenty of fresh
also looking for ice partners for blue lake when it forms up
Bob Saki
8:47:27 AM
On 7/05/2006 mousey wrote:

>also looking for ice partners for blue lake when it forms up

plan to head up here for a few trips this year, are you able to provide reports on blue lake conditions?

10:41:39 AM
Yes a timely reminder that the white gold matter will start falling form the sky soon - in fact, if my eyes don't deceive me a decent amount of it fell on the weekend

I have chosen Thredbo because the Valley View angle is a very good one and revealing. The familiar eye can understand what's going on pretty quickly

There's Hoffam as well

And according to Froggy we won't see too much more in the next couple of weeks, but should stay reasonably cold

While I'm here are there any peoples out there who employ forecasting techniques or rules of thumb? - ie 14 degC and raining in Adelaide means a dump is on the way? or more sophisticated modelling/regressions or sat imagery interpretation etc

10:45:29 AM
yeh no worries bob, ill post conditions up here

10:58:04 AM
Check out the following site, they have the weather model outputs that aren't displayed on the BOM website:

Go to the computer/numerical models page. I think you can get a model output for the snow fields that will show where, when and how much snow is predicted to fall. Bare in mind that it is the output from a numerical model so the result need to be treated with a bit of caution.

Yeah i'm also hanging for the snow to fall!!

11:10:05 AM
Theres always heaps of interesting weather discussion on this particular forum about upcoming and current weather systems during winter. I always pay a close eye on there to work out when the freshies will be in.

The unseasonably early dump a couple of weeks ago was enough to get some decent turns in at Baw Baw:

Bob Saki
11:48:28 AM
looks like you are about to attack the fearsome
Bombadier at Baw Baw
Bob Saki
11:51:04 AM
On 8/05/2006 mousey wrote:
>yeh no worries bob, ill post conditions up here

Many thanks Mousey that would be great
have May 18th - 31st off unlikely there'll be any good ice but here's hoping fore a few 4 day weekend in season proper.

No doubt you'll have plenty of partners but if you want to join us at any stage the offer is open.


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