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The Snow thread(!!!!!)

2:49:15 PM
On 7/07/2005 Romfrantic wrote:
>Sunday (or better Monday) look the goods at the moment...

You might be right Rommy, it looks like it's snowing at Thredbo at the moment.

I still haven't waxed the skis yet, and they are in pretty bad shape from last season's rockhopping activities. What sort of planks to people get around on?


188cm K2 El Caminos (very retro, cruisy planks, love'em)
184 cm Rossignol cross cuts - picked em up cheap from Buller over summer, yet to mount some bindings will probs snaffle the Markers off the Caminos

XC skate

Fischer RCS (little bullets, though coming to the end of their lives I fear - not much base left, probably one more base grind left)

3:01:11 PM
On 8/07/2005 P.N. wrote:
>You might be right Rommy, it looks like it's snowing at Thredbo at the
yep, major pukage forecasted for tomorrow (and windy!)....heading there tonight for the w'end to see for myself ;-p

>.. What sort of planks to people get around on?

Tele set-up...
Skis: Scratch Pro (Rossignol) --> designed for gromettes, but hey I'm a shortie ;-p
Bindings: G3 Targa
Boots: Scarpa T2s
Fish Boy
5:56:33 PM
Ahhh, a gear talk!


G3 Reverend with Bomber Bishops
Atomic TM18 with G3 Targa T/9's
Atomic Tweak with BD 02
Line Darkside with BD 02
Morrotto Telemark with Rotty Super Tele
Scarpa T1
Fishcer RCS with SNS
Atomic RXC with SNS

Leaving in a few minutes for Mt Bogong! 7 days of pow by the looks of it!

6:31:22 PM
On 9/07/2005 Fish Boy wrote:
>....Leaving in a few minutes for Mt Bogong! 7 days of pow by the looks of

Oh you bet....just got back from the snowies (NSW), AWESOME snow - freshies galore! ...a white landscape all the way to Cooma! ...
My tele legs are sore but very happy ;-p

Have fun MBK!
11:07:40 AM
John K, Craig and myself were up at Buller yesterday with axes and crampons.
Trip report to follow.
5:56:16 PM
i'm looking at getting the rossignol BC 70s for back country and a little telemark skiing on the bogong high plains, out of falls creek, and was wondering if anyone knew what they are like, or where i can get them, at the moment the only real way seems to be to get them mailed over from the US.

2:16:02 PM
Ok, free-heel events coming up in VIC and NSW:

Backcountry: Mt. Stirling - Saturday 23 July, 2005
Resort telemarking: Mt. Buller - Sunday 24 July, 2005.

TeleMania 1 @ Perisher Blue Saturday JULY 23.
TeleMania 2 @ Perisher Blue Saturday AUGUST 6 .
FreeHeel de Femme @ Perisher Blue Saturday AUGUST 7.
TeleFest @ Perisher Blue SEPTEMBER 3 AND 4.
Check details at

Hey P.N., might wanna rename the thread yet again...not so "lack of" anymore ;-)

11:58:21 PM
>Hey P.N., might wanna rename the thread yet again...not so "lack of" anymore

I do lurve how excitable we get in Aus over the snow progress. Through all of this discourse, I'm sure most Canadians would look disdainfully at our mega freshies, and say "You can't seriously be thinking of skiing that?"
You don't really appreciate good snow until you've gouged out your (mates) skis with start/end of season slush

3:08:21 PM
ooh a gathering of gearfreaks!
option 153 supercap (all i can afford!)
burton mssion bindings
thirtytwo lashed boots

anyhow, when is someone gonna come and keep me company?? ya can contact me on 0408257138, and i live in willow lodge at smigs so just rock up anytime after 6pm and introduce yaself
catcha all later!!!!!

3:10:42 PM
enjoying the snow there mousey? ;-) ...hope to be down there again tomorrow for the w'end !

4:50:50 PM
On 14/07/2005 Romfrantic wrote:
>enjoying the snow there mousey? ;-)

Mousey is really enjoying schnappy hour.....
Fish Boy
5:11:53 PM
If any freeheelers are heading to Buller this sunday for the Telefest, come and say hello to the guy in the Anaconda could be me!

8:59:25 PM
Aaaargh! How good does this week look? I am fast approaching two weeks of much needed leave from work, pray to the snow gods that conditions will continue.

One of my bosses was at PB last week, called me to discuss work from the chairlift, said "hold on while I get off the chairlift" and I could hear the swoosh of the skis......

Rommy, how wazda weekend?
Mousey, howz da search goin?

9:15:55 PM
Hi P.N.

Naaaa, didn't end up going this w'end (recovering from a cold yet again!) ...also preparing for my overseas trip next w'end - realised there's lots of last minute cleaning and packing and gear checks to be had, and to top it it's just one of those crazy weeks at work when you're needed at 10 places at once ;-p I'll see very little of home this week...should be an interesting week !

Fish Boy owes us all a trip report and pics from his time on the Main Range recently :-p (did it end up being on the Main Range?)

4:34:27 PM
Stirling on Sunday


12:01:33 AM
Oh wow! thanks for those pics. Excellent! - just what I needed to see. Going this weekend. At this stage I don't think much could go wrong although you never know in an Australian season. It can be gone within days, or even hours. Re the comment of cheesehead about Canadians not wanting to ski on that, I haven't skied in Canada but I've spent 2 seasons in Austria and the snow was crap. I came back home and didn't know how to ski on snow - only on ice. I still can't turn very well in snow because I'm so used to digging my edges in for dear life! We have some pretty good snow here and most seasons I've had here have been quite good. Not as far to the bottom though. that's the big bummer!

7:39:56 AM
Sorry to hear that Austria turned off it's charm for you Kerro.

Looks like I will make Telefest at Buller on Sunday, Fishy
Anyone wanna lend me some skis....
7:26:14 PM
In terms of climbing/mountaineering see Steve's photos from Mt Buller from two weeks ago on

Just spent the day there today and it's even worse! Choss climbing really (good training never the less). Compare it with the shot's on Neil's web site from two years ago (link below). Bottom line: its too warm! the planet warming up!.

Just hope there is some ice at Blue Lake this year (gulp!)

p.s. if you're heading to Buller for some climbing, the gate got manned this morning at 6.50am! so alpine start is mandatory otherwise you'll get slugged $27 per car.
9:33:17 PM
6:50am John?? Sleep in this weekend did we?

For those with the interest and the bandwidth the video of Craig soloing next to the waterfall might be found at . However be warned, it's 42mb and causes my copy of IE to time out (but most video links on Chockstone do that).

Pretty interesting when he dislodges a clod of earth while scratching around for a sound placement, and it peels away down the gully at speed. Watch carefully and you can see it reappear about 250m further down, still moving rapidly.
- Steve

6:00:12 PM
The patience has paid off.

Tomorrow is the day, see you at thredbo!!

Sunday could also be the day of the season, with Froggy forecasting falls until then:

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