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General Climbing Discussion

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Dead Poets Society (formerly Poetry Corner)

11:10:55 AM
Victoria The Place to Be

Victoris is the place to be, I say we've got it all
If climbing is your passion
We've crags both big and small

The north is well and truly golden
with Buffalo it's jewel
it won't be long before you'll know that your heart's been stolen

Out east we've got the Grand Old Man
Adventure can be had
He's big he's strong and knows his art he'll fight you while he can

Down south our cliffs are salt encrusted
Never do we fear
Cape Woolami is lurking here, if granitic fun is lusted

Now to the west the crowning glory
Of Autralian climbing
The home of legends, kings and queens and many a tall story

Arapiles (Tooan State Park)
Rise from the dusty plains
The worlds best cliff it has been touted, we know that's not a lark

Victoria the place to be
We know we've got it all!!
To those who doubt us, we do say, come down and then you'll see

8:57:00 AM
Pope on a rope... By Hexy 3/4/05

The Pope & I, we were great mates !
we often climbed at Mount Arapiles.
We chose The Dramp... I'm not sure why
It always troubles my mental-crap-police...

He led on-up, he climbed on-out...
& clipped that dodgy #4 Friend at the lip.
While under-clinging that 21 crux,
he took a nasty slip !!

Belaying from the bumper-guard
of his shiny Pope-mobill,
I watched in awe as his runners ripped
& he tumbled down that quartzite hill,
cursing the devil & the pill ...

His crucifix , it shonn so bright !
His white-robes covered in blood ...
" Damn you HEX !!! , must it end like this ?? "
as the amboz, copz & papparartzi arrive,
he quivered in the mud...
...whilst distant cattle chewed nonchalantly
on their rich-green-tasty crud ...

I glanced out left, across the plainz,
the falcons darting thru the eucalypts ...
I write this now,
I know itz ruff...
But it tickles my creative catalyst !

9:43:46 AM
Well, well, well,

I sneak away for a cross Tasman climbing raid and the Dead Posts Society has been re-convened

12:49:39 PM
On 31/03/2005 rhinckle wrote:

>chippers like rhinckle!!!!!!!
>i am mortally offended.

Sorry rhinkle - just needed a name,
for a chipper to add to my rhyme.
I had recently read two posts on two threads,
By you about climbing chipped climbs.

10:43:24 AM
A Short Poem about Extremis

I'm standing in extremis
Metres from my gear
My legs have stared shaking
And it's clearly from the fear

I'm getting tierd, I'm feeling pumnped
I start to thash about
I look down at my last piece
Oh F#@K it's fallen out

Mum never said there'd be days like this
"Gear aplenty" said the book
But they're not standing where I am
There's none wherever l look

I steel myself for a fall
My feet move on the hold
It's now or never I do say
It is time to be bold

I finally reach the summit
After much duress
My belayer swarms up quickly
Without any undue stress

I can't see all the hassle
That was not to hard
I'm not sure what that climb was
It may have been the Bard

So if you go out climbing'
Remember if you fall
That climbing is like sex at times
It's better fun without it, but protection can save us all

6:10:55 PM
That's brilliant! Sorry you can't hear the applause from this end...

10:40:05 AM
Lyrics By Tavaré Stevenson
Arranged By Tavaré Stevenson
Unmusical “I found a peanut” tune by Anon

I found some booty
I found some booty
I found some booty at Araps,
At Araps I found some booty, I found some booty at Araps.

I took it all
I took it all
I took it all at Araps
At Araps I took it all, I took it all at Araps.

It was shoddy
It was shoddy
It was shoddy At Araps
At Araps it was shoddy, it was shoddy it Araps.

I used it anyway
I used it anyway
I used it anyway at Araps
At Araps I used it anyway, I used it anyway at Araps.

I climbed “Leaps” 30
I climbed “Leaps” 30
I climbed “Leaps” 30 at Araps,
At Araps I climbed “Leaps” 30, I climbed “Leaps” 30 at Araps.

I took a fall
I took a fall
I took a fall at Araps,
At Araps I took a fall, I took a fall at Araps.

The shits unzipped
The shits unzipped
The shits unzipped at Araps,
At Araps the shits unzipped, the shits unzipped at Araps.

Fell on my partner
Fell on my partner
Fell on my partner at Araps,
At Araps fell on my partner, fell on my partner at Araps.

Thus we both died
Thus we both died
Thus we both died at Araps,
At Araps, thus, we both died, we both died at Araps.

Went to Heaven
Went to Heaven
Went to Heaven from Araps,
From Araps we went to Heaven, went to Heaven from Araps.

The bitch got in
The bitch got in
The bitch got in from Araps
From Araps the bitch got in, the bitch got in from Araps.

I went the other way
I went the other way
I went the other way from Araps,
From Araps I went the other way, I went the other way from Araps.

Got strapped for stealing crap
Got strapped for stealing crap
Got strapped for stealing crap At Araps
I got strapped! Strapped for stealing Crap! Strapped for stealing crap at Araps.

Climbed t’wards the Light
Climbed t’wards the Light
Climbed t’wards the Light, to escape,
To escape climbed t’wards the Light, climbed t’wards the light to escape.

I found more booty
I found more booty….

Steph, Lilly, since you're the only two girls I really climb with, I'm sorry I killed you, and called you a bitch. I really do luv you both

12:29:48 PM
An Ode to Steph

The Birthday Song

Now Steph she is a climber
But she doesn't use MUCH chalk
And she hangs about on Chockstone
And talks and talks and talks

She works in Nunawading
She goes to Uni too
But you wouldn't really guess it
From how much work she doooo's

Of late she's been complaining
Bout the extent of her Rack
And on advice she's to the gym
To work upon her lack

At times our Steph she likes to rhyme
She can be quite poetic
I'm struggling for this next damn line
So I'll use the word pathetic

Now if you see her on the street
Say hi and don't be slack
She's really not that frightening
And what about that rack.

Happy Birthday Steph.

9:53:29 AM
On 3/06/2005 LittleMac wrote:
>An Ode to Steph
>The Birthday Song

Lol. That's our Stephy!

I would add my own thoughts, but my sister's got Backstreet Boy's blaring in the backround and I can't get "I pray for this heart to be unbroken, but without you all I'm going to be is Incomplete" crap out of my head.

12:05:23 PM
Ok, now that I've written this *&^#*$@% poem, maybe my mind will let me work. Enjoy, and I ther are no ulterlior meanings for those of us with sick minds. (now that's the pot calling the kettle black!)

-Tavare Stevenson, 5/6/05

The Sun bludgeons me with its rays.
Extracting sweat from my skin like liquid splinters
Only to track pathways down my body.
Salt tears following the call of gravity and blind my sight.

My Body shrieks in pain and sings in joy.
A dichotomy of hatred and love, we two blend our strength
And draw it inwards.
A concentrate trickling to the core of my being.

The Rock comforts me with its stability.
Mothering me in the absence of my own blood
But reminds me that care dies.
Blood is the currency of memory and forget.

Torment, pain and risk are what call me.
Siren voices I know will murder those who plunge too deep.
But why fear that which can teach?
This, is why I climb.

9:19:01 AM
On 5/06/2005 Tav wrote:

Why Indeed????? Very Nice Tav, I am slightly disturbed by some of the things you write, but not the poetry. I am distrubed by the thought that you are forced to listen to "Backstreet Boys' (I thought they all died a horrible and painful death for their sins against society). Keep up the good work, and I'll leave you with this thought.

The backstreet boys are awful,
They make me scream and shout
And everytime I hear them
I start to thrash about

They get inside my brain
They cancer every thought
They haunt me when I'm climbing
Oh F^&% I might abort

There is one thing that saves me,
When they assault my ears
It could be worse, it could deadly
It could be Britney Spears.

Have Fun

9:40:30 AM
I Spend my Days on Chockstone

I think I’m going crazy,
I think I’m quite insane
I spend my days on chockstone
Not working! That’s inane!
Not that I’m complaining
I think it’s rather rad
‘Coz who would think of science
When they could think of trad?
It helps when I get lonely,
Or think it’s only me
Who lives for crimps and cranking.
Climbing! Liberty!

10:04:18 AM
Nice going dudes/dudettes! I like it!

10:08:30 AM
I Spend my Life on Chockstone

You spend your days on chockstone
I spend my life the same
We both post awewome lyrics
We're all just so insane!

I'm a bum with naught to do
And you should learn your chem,
But both of us when all else fails
Turn to our chockstone friend.

We climb by day and post by night
'Cos climbing is the sh#*-------
We talk and crank and live to spank
Those unassuming cliffs.

Climbing is for freedom
Climbing is for me
Climbing's our life passion
An awesome liberty!

10:12:31 AM
On 20/06/2005 steph wrote:
>I Spend my Life on Chockstone

Steph my friend, you rock! Ok, writing a new bit now. Good old procrastination....

We share the same strong passion
For climbing to new heights
To earn the callous on our hands
And burn those “thunder thighs”!

Through trial and tribulation both,
It remains our succour
To jump with glee and then proclaim
“I topped that awful bugger!”

Macdonald’s doesn’t taste the same
Now’days without the chalk
We grade the lumps beneath out tents –
No wonder people talk.

There is not other way to be
(I’m sure that you will find)
Compared to how we live and breathe
With climbing on the mind!

11:16:35 AM
dude that's awesome! maybe add:

Guys and girls, we climb alike,
Our aim to top the rock
With callouses and bruises
It's each other that we mock

Dudes with forearms made of steel
And chicks with nickname "Arnie"
We live to dyno, crank and crimp
Climbing is our harmony!

Screw the dalai llama,
Meditation's for old hacks,
Give me cliffs with overhangs
Adrenalin to the max!

2:30:49 PM
On 20/06/2005 steph wrote:
>Screw the dalai llama,
>Meditation's for old hacks,
>Give me cliffs with overhangs
>Adrenalin to the max!

Hey! Don't knock the dalai lama! : P Great addition steph hun
3:32:13 PM
Chalk was the first thing,
That Steph said is bad.
Her narrow view of such things
a crazy notion she had

Then to much amazement
her ideas on suppliments in food
the uneducated comments
were niave at best too

Finally given some practical advise
to perform at her best
She dismisses psych tools as lame
ignoring how to excel above the rest

9:13:44 PM
the dalai has spoken and no doubt will recieve a poem about himself in response... i look forward to it!

9:05:25 AM
My view on chalk was hardly tight
Excessive use - my only gripe.
What's wrong with trying to preserve
The natural beauty of reserves?!

Then comments made on supplements
Brought out my disbelief
In filling up with protein shakes
To better your physique.

Ideas about performance
I had nothing against
The mental strain of climbing
Is undeniable at best

Passion is what starts it
Fear keeps you on that wall
Guts pushes through the hard stuff
Mental agility holds it all

But Dalai's to be admired
Rhymes aren't so easy huh?
Maybe supplements could help you
Come up with better stuff.


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