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Photos of Noddy, Norm and Tim on Simpleton

5:29:11 PM

>good to see your buying some gear, i recently been working at the veggie
>farm next to arapiles, and bust all me money, somethin like $150, buyin
>a full set of wires, like you said, it was worth it!

hey whats the go with working at the veggie farm near araps, does it still go on ? do you get paid in vegies??

11:19:36 PM
last yr i got forms from a gym, should be able to download them from
this is the organisation for all the comps and stuff. i get VCC discount (as do many others here im assuming) at the melbourne shops so it's take a bit off when ur buying ova $100. lucky a spare! no need to do homework on the weekend then just do it first on tues (if ur not sleeping of course)

3:16:48 PM
hi rocky im sabu's girlfriend - just thought id let u know states r on on the 16th, 17th of July (or close to) at Hardrock Nunawading. I don't think forms are out yet so don't stress. I'm sure more news will be posted on chockstone closer to the date. sounds like ur having fun tho living local in araps... sorry im drooling... thats the life im so going to have as soon as i turn 18 and get a car. anywayz hope the info helps cyz
5:45:17 PM
hey there,
you dont exactly get paid in vegies, i got paid somethin like $10 an hour, and they let you take some vegies aswell at the end of the day, its an awsome deal, hard work though, all day in the sun. just rock over to the farm, go down to the shed at the bottom of the paddock, near the dam everyone swims in and ask whoevers there if they need any help.
thanks for the info sabu and steph, checked the website but they dont have the form there, like you said.
yeah i'm lovin living local, went climbing yesterday, lead an 18 which ended at bolts, then top roped the 21 next to it twice. then went and seconded a 19, then went back and cooled down top roping the 18 and 21 again. fore arems were feelin it, ha ha ha droolin yet? i'm never movin away, maybe for school and uni.
you do much climbin steph? goin in the states?
hope to c you two there,
gotta go!

6:13:49 PM
On 29/03/2005 Rocky wrote:
>near the dam everyone swims in and ask whoevers there if they need any help.

Sadly the dam is choked with an green coloured algae bloom at the moment and looks rather uninhabitable.

6:59:24 PM
u back at school now? well if u are i get to climb on wednesday! but yes i am/was drooling however i do get to climbing tomor! and if i want i get to traverse during lunch time! drooling yet? ahah i'd imagine they wouldn't be that organised to have put the forms up alredy! keep checking! stay in contact man, cya
10:00:12 PM
yep, back at school, it sucks, but i only got one year left, then its overseas for me for a holiday, all on me own, cant wait. nah not really droolin that much, only for the easter eggs i'm eatin at the moment, besides, i'm going mountain bikin tomorow.
catch ya mate

2:35:46 PM
how dare u drool ova eggs insted of climbing, unless of course theyr lint gold bunnies then i'd understand, hehe!!! damn i got 2 years before im free. hav fun at school i know i won't!! cya
2:38:04 PM
Some topics are starting to read like an episode of Days of our (high school) Lives. Please use the PM functionality for social banter between friends to save us from the pubescent angst...

4:51:31 PM
ahahah srry dude! we assumed that everyone loves days of our lives so didn't think anything of it!

5:14:09 PM
tim is a lazy ass who goes to a posh ass school in ballarat.
he also teases his best friend ryan a.k.a. Diablo, when hes goin climbin with his dad!
yea, tim loves the out doors, but hes back into the comps now.

5:22:09 PM
Hey timtam,
Im finally on-line here at chockstone. and we are going to own ballarat climbing, i have my ropes in the back of my car perminently, so when the weather gets good, im comming to get you and we' re going climbing. i think im going to join the wvcc, wish you could too! oh well, so when do you get back from the holidays, and whats this about the states??? im so going to this one!

9:53:25 PM
ahaha states was couple months ago dude, missed out!!! can always trek upto brisbane for nationals they might let u in if you pay a lot!!

1:19:37 PM
i think not, i am nowhere near nats. skill at the moment. lol, yea talk about behind the times, im bloody lost to the world here in ballarat, and im getting sick of climbing bluestone, i want nice warm red rock!!! Arapiles calls to me!
1:27:04 PM
it has that kind of magnetic appeal doesnt it..that you can't avoid no matter how hard you try!!
12:39:53 PM
On 13/09/2005 diablo wrote:

>im bloody lost to the world here in ballarat, and
>im getting sick of climbing bluestone, i want nice warm red rock!!!

Mount Beckworth is only a half hour from Ballarat, nice cool granite that is not to gnarly. Hook up with someone from the WVCC.
1:01:54 AM
Hi G,

did you ever get hold of Norm?

I was a student and climbing partner of Norm's back in the 70' and 80's.
My mother passed away in Canberra recently (at the age of 97) and this got me thinking about Norm and, as I live in Japan, my next visit to Oz might be my last chance to catch up with him.

If you have any means of contacting him, I would be delighted to hear from you.



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