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Burnley Climbing Wall
8:57:40 AM
On 6/02/2006 manacubus wrote:
>One local Frog Buttress climber who shall remain nameless would advise
>Eddie "the Energiser" Rawlins to not drill towards one's crotch.

Looking at the picture he is drilling towards the ground. I will thank people not to make any more silly comments on this forum about my team. If this occurs I will lock the thread. Thanks all.
9:03:59 AM
More piccies!

Afra Yang dedicated to the task of assisting overhead worker Trevor Wall

Eddie Rawlins fits a piece of "angle" steel

Ti Hoang checks to ensure bolt holes are aligning correctly

Go go go! Multiple teams hard at work on the 45 degree wall. From left: Trevor Wall, Daniel Moore, Ti Hoang, Afra Yang and Eddie Rawlins.

Alister Robertson, after putting in a solid morning at his paid job, turned up at the Burnley site, ready for action.

The team working well together. From left, Rosemary Walton, Eddie Rawlins, Stephan Meng, Alister Robertson.
9:09:35 AM
Stephan Meng looking very chuffed with the team's handywork.

Visitors drop by for a look. Tim Le (left) explains the structures to some visiting climbers, who look pleased with progress.

Eddie Rawlins with the vehicles. We almost drained Eddie's car battery, running the drill off it all day!

No rest for the wicked! From left; Eddie Rawlins, John Stone, Daniel Moore.

Time-out. It's lunchtime, and time for a chat. Reinhard Grussler (seated) takes a much-needed rest while chatting to Stephan Meng (right). Reinhard was unwell all weekend but still worked incredibly hard on the project. Thanks Reinhard!

Reinhard Grussler, live in action since 7.30am, is getting tired!
9:18:02 AM
Ti Hoang (above) and Eddie Rawlins (below) work on the crossbars.

Trevor Wall as happy as can be tightening bolts, while below, others look on (from left: Afra Yang, Ti Hoang, John Stone).

Meanwhile... a separate team is hard at work on the 30 degree wall as it starts to take shape. From left: Tim Le, Tim Marsh, Steven Smith

Reinhard's family drops in for a visit. Little Max represents the next generation that will use the wall!

Tim Marsh concentrating hard on installing a crossbar.

John Stone provides the all-important counter-weight as a big piece of frame is erected.

John Stone (left) is a counter-weight. Eddie Rawlins (centre) climbing up to assist the overhead team. Also pictured are Daniel Moore's feet!

Ti Hoang is satisfied with the progress of the 30 degree wall. Tim Le is in the background, as is Tim Marsh's arm!
9:35:35 AM
Tim Le making plans for the day's work ahead.

How's the serenity? Some Melbourne residents out and about pretending to be enjoying their time on the water. But they were really just cruising past to sneak a peak at the bouldering walls!

Boys and their toys.. Leigh Colles on the angle grinder.

Overhead workers. Trevor Walls legs, Eddie Rawlins in the orange shirt, and Leigh Colles.

Who gave the electrician the drill?! Greg Callus arrives for duty.
9:39:09 AM
Numbers numbers... so many numbers. The calculator on the mobile phone comes in handy.

Francesca Haig is assisted by Leigh Colles.

Nigel Preston doing his bit for the community.

The trusty generator provides power.

The all-important morning tea for the worksite smoko.

9:42:21 AM
Ti Hoang... camera shy.

Igoitz Garagarza on the drill.

Greg Callus (left) and Ti Hoang (right). Go team!

Stephan Meng lays on the ground to get an upwards perspective on things. Greg Callus assisting.

Some locals do a spot of fishing.
9:45:51 AM
Stephan Meng at the drill bench. Tim Le, Greg Callus and Nigel Preston busy at work in the background.

Ho hum this is easy! Francesca Haig toiling away.

Leigh Colles installs some angle steel.

Leigh Colles, a happy member of the team.

Tim Le (left) and Stephan Meng (right) attaching framework to the top of the pier.
9:49:37 AM
Nigel Preston. Work work work!

Francesca Haig works with Greg Callus.

Tim Le (left) and Stephan Meng (right) at the top of the pier.

Stephan Meng doing some drill bit maintenance. In the background, from left, are Martin Lama, Greg Callus, Tim Le, Eddie Rawlins, Nigel Preston, Francesca Haig.

We need an action figure just like him! Nigel Preson on the drill.
9:53:44 AM
Tim Le cleans out a bolt hole.

Leigh Colles is full of beans after a coffee.

Greg Callus - happy to be involved.

You can't get good help these days! Tim Le waits for glue to dry.

The 45 degree wall is looking good!

The 30 degree wall thus far.
9:54:27 AM
Some of the team posing on the 45 degree wall.

Some of the team posing on the 45 degree wall.

10:40:54 AM
On 6/02/2006 M9iswhereitsat wrote:
>>the 45 degree wall doesn't look 45 degrees in the picture
>I thought that too.
>Interesting perspective if it is 45 degrees ...

perspective and foreshortening... Renaissance paintings, brunelleschi, michelangelo

There's a thing called foreshortening which is linked to the perspective or angle with which the picture is taken.... only those beams that are at right angles to the viewers perspective (face on) can be measured see or be able to measure the angle of the wall a side profile photo needs to be taken.

Good work Vic climbers. This is a great example of community spirit..... very impressive.

10:53:14 AM
On 7/02/2006 PreferKnitting wrote:
>a side profile photo
Yes, much more clearly seen 4 pics up from your post, ie in the RH end of
>The 45 degree wall is looking good!
10:58:17 AM
Really good work guys. Now could you put it on low-loader and bring it up to Nati. It would look good next to the skateboard park.
11:04:30 AM
Hi Kieran - Amusingly, we could! It came in bits and we bolted it together on site :-)

11:09:11 AM
I am interested to know - who actually 'owns' this structure? Lets say in the future they decide to move
the freeway - or the area is classed as dangerously flood prone. Can we just dismantle the wall and move
it somewhere else? - or does Parks Vic own it?
11:34:16 AM
On 7/02/2006 nmonteith wrote:
>I am interested to know - who actually 'owns' this structure?

Would depend on the terms of whatever agreement the VCC and the wall "occupy" the space under but the basic principle would be that if you installed it, and you can take it away without doing significant damage to the "land", then it's yours.
11:40:29 AM
It will be insured as an asset under the Parks Vic insurance policy. The VCC does not have the funds to take out public liability insurance on the bouldering walls. Parks Victoria is able to easily absorb it into their park costs.

11:49:50 AM
So Parks Vic own it then?

3:26:00 PM
The structure looks great! Keep up the great work everyone and great organising Jac!

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