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Burnley Climbing Wall
1:50:21 PM


On 1/02/2006 climbingjac wrote:
>Neil Monteith gets distracted
"...Phiiiiii-iiiiil --- folks 'round these parts don't take kindly to those sorts of abrasive-northern-red-neck-dictates ! ... now I don't really want to have to remind everyone again that this thread is about keeping ppl informed on the progress of the wall --- it is NOT for inADVERTently taking business away from ROCKHARDWARE !!!..."

>ROCK HARDWARE Freight FREE Within Australia
>On Orders Over $300 38 Neale St, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
>Phone/Fax: (03) 5441 8886 Steve Morris

>Chockstone is sponsored by Rock Hardware Pty. Ltd who provide excellent prices on >climbing gear, and will mail order anywhere in Australia. Almost all items listed are in >stock and can be shipped immediately. Purchasing from Rock Hardware helps to >keep Chockstone on-line...

Phil Box
3:31:00 PM
All very true 10mm. The fact is though that this thread is all about the fact that some of the climbing community have come together to create something that the whole climbing community can use for free. It takes $ to create this. In fact it takes more than $ it also takes an awful lot of sweat equity. Are you suggesting that because Rock Hardware sponsors this site then it has the exclusive ability to veto any other form of sponsorship for outside projects? Lame if that is the case.
4:03:22 PM


On 13/03/2006 Phil Box wrote:
>All very true 10mm...

...shoulda left it right there, dude ... cos now you are coming across as an ignorant-abrasive-northern-red-neck...

>Chockstone Forum - Gear Lust
>Rave about your rack. Tech talk, Lost & Found, etc. Please do not post retail SPAM.

...this applies to 'general discussion', too;-)

5:47:43 PM
Mr Carrotbolt is forgetting that he has brought more attention to the "retailers" than anyone else in this thread.

If you had just shut up they would have got less coverage.

So just zip it or donte some holds.

9:58:46 PM
Hey Jac, will there still be stuff for me to help with when I get there in a couple weeks??

11:22:17 PM
3/4"x7 1/2"Carrot writes: Hey there wee fella, whats on the agenda today? Do you have an agenda today? or are you just being a f---wit?? (now don't go and take that the wrong way, I love a f---wit now & again, but certain people [read: everyone] might just think that a nice clean uplifting community project thread is the wrong place to be a f---wit. though i must admit my sense of appropriate is not much better....)
9:10:42 AM
The Burnley Project is proud to announce that V12 ( has come on board as a sponsor. V12 has decided to donate the holds required for an entire route at Burnley.


Jacqui Middleton
Burnley Project
9:22:44 AM
On 10/03/2006 Sabu wrote:
>Jac wat will the sponsers be providing, out of interest? just general finance
>or holds and equipment.
>Well done though, you've done the climbing community a great favour.

Hi Sabu,

As Phil Box has pointed out, it takes a lot of different types of contribution to make something like this project a reality. I am grateful for every bit of help we get - I can't do this by myself!

I've had more than 90 volunteers helping on the project in some shape or form.

Some sponsors provide product (Dulux donated paint; Selleys donated glue; Bakers Delight donated food for the working bees; and Woodie Worx, V12 and Mingy Goat, donated holds).

Some sponsors provide us with access to ridiculously heavy discounts (Mullings Fasteners; The Hardware Shop; Kingfield Hot Dip Galvanising; and also our hold manufacturers; Infinite Holds, Mingy Goat, V12 and Woodie Worx.)

Some sponsors loan us equipment that otherwise would have cost the earth (Anaconda loaned us a generator for a weekend, and Vertigo loaned us a hell of a lot of equipment during the construction of the steel framework - including their vehicles!).

Some sponsors have provided services. The Bonacci Group has contributed labour during the engineering design phase.

And some sponsors provide much needed financial support. Transurban is the major financial sponsor of this project. Additional financial sponsors are Hardrock, The Victorian Climbing Centre, and Bogong Equipment.

Once again – Thankyou thankyou thankyou to all the sponsors of the project. You are helping to build something that will ultimately increase the participation in rock climbing in Australia. A pretty important thing, I think!!

Jacqui Middleton
The Burnley Project

9:31:45 AM
I just bought a single problem from Woodie Worx to donate to the wall. 5 Granite and 5 Positive holds
and a few foot holds to scatter round the problem. When do you need these by Jaq?
11:02:49 AM
Wow - thanks Neil!! This particularly impresses me that you've done this over and above all the other volunteer work you do for the climbing world.

You can drop the holds into Cliffhanger where I can collect them if you like... I'll be popping in there on Thursday so I could collect them then...

3:30:24 PM
For f---'s sake can we stop this mindless bickering over sponsors being named in this thread? Naming the people and organisations who have given time, money and product to resurrecting the Burnely wall is a small way of thanking them and acknowledging their contribution to the climbing community. It is hardly in the same category as posting retail spam and does nothing to detract from Rock Hardware's excellent sponsorship of the site.

In any event, all of this is confined to the *one* thread. If it offends you, then just don't read it. Come to think of it, wasn't there a time when your asinine ravings were confined to the one topic, Carrot? If you insist on crawling out from under your rock, try contributing something that stands up a little better than your usual cut'n'paste ditribes.

5:51:58 PM
>Hey Jac, will there still be stuff for me to help with when I get there in a couple weeks??

8:51:09 PM
> are soooooooo naive ...
>...panning all the dribble as it flows off Marshys keyboard...AHA !!!
>Hardware's excellent sponsorship of the site.

Carrot, they day your posts consist of more than snippets of Police lyrics and the use of the caps lock key is the day you can call other people's posts dribble.

>"...yes mousey !!! --- I want you to keep an eye on Marshy, in case his big-girls-blouse
>gets caught in a grinder :-)..."

Speaking of grinders, the bolt that you have adopted as your new avatar was made on one of my grinders. Some people produce, others consume and still others regurgitate. You are clearly at the vomit end of the chain.

10:03:20 PM
On 14/03/2006 10mmx178mmCarrotBolt wrote:
>...ur still dribblin', mate ...that should be '...the day your...' and
>'...peoples' posts...'

Carrot... You can correct my typos, but you've been drinking too much of the Nati pesticide contaminated groundwater if you think you can correct my grammar. People is singular in this context and it is to the singular that you add the apostrophe-s. It is "people's posts". Perhaps if I were talking about the actions of other races (ie peoples) you might have a point.

Remember this: when their eloquence escapes me, their logic ties me up and rapes me.

Are you sure you're ready for a free and frank exchange of views?
8:31:37 AM
Mousey let me know when you'll be in town and I'll see if there is something for you to do :-) Cheers for the offer
8:36:28 AM
As for this "carrot" person…

Have you read your posts? You are all about hating the world and about making comments that are not of the lucid world. If you do in fact live in Nati you won't have to worry yourself over the decision of whether or not to utilise Burnley as a training facility when it is completed.

That said, your comments, carrot, are an embarrassment to the climbing community. The organisations that are helping us bring Burnley to life are probably reading this regretting having ever have gotten involved. You have probably caused the project to loose another sponsor. Well done. Big clap for you – your contribution to society is so worthwhile.

In order to ensure that this thread remains one that is informative and respectful towards everyone that helps, I have regrettably come to the conclusion that it is necessary to lock the thread.


9:10:20 AM
10mmx178mmCarrotBolt user account has been suspended. He racked up by far the most 'remove user'
votes ever recorded on this website. The topic is open for business once again...
9:18:16 AM
Pleased to hear the votes were tallied, action taken, and my favourite thread reopened!

Phil Box
11:19:27 AM
Glad to hear that this internet pest has been gotten rid of from this website. I suggest that we keep an eye out for an alien resurrection.
12:25:31 PM
Dear climbers,

Please accept my apologies for the delay in getting the weekend pics loaded. On Saturday, we had a small team of people working towards finalising the woodwork. The carpenter was in, working on the trim. We also had the teenut grid team working on drilling, teenutting, and setting the teenuts.

Project carpenter Steve Ford prepares his tools.

Rosemary Walton returns to Burnley to help out yet again. Here Rosemary is working on setting the teenuts behind the 30 degree wall.

New to the climbing world, Helen Cornish joins the team. Helen is pictured behind the 30 degree wall, where she was working with Rosemary Walton on setting teenuts.

Teenuts, teenuts and more teenuts!

Steve Ford working on "prettying up" the trim on the wall. In this pic, Steve is "beautifying" the corner where the overhanging climbing face ends, and meets with the cover wood that closes off the structure.

Meanwhile behind the 45 wall, Igoitz Garagarza works in a blanket of darkness, checking that the teenuts are set in place to his satisfaction.

What the??! I take a quick breather from work and what do I see? A natural crag, stupidly close to Burnley! Why have we been bothering with all this construction?!!

Oh... ok... it seems I'm a bit tired... it's a freeway sign!

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