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General Climbing Discussion

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The Inaugural Post

5:35:33 PM
Well I've just completed coding this forum from scratch. Hopefully it will prove to be useful to climbers from Victoria, (or indeed from anywhere), as a place to hang out and discuss all things climbing.

You can register as a member of the forum very easily. It only takes a few seconds. To assign yourself a cool little icon, simply hit the "Profile" button after you've logged in.

The back end is currently merely an Access database. I'm curious to see if it can handle a volumne of traffic from multiple concurrent users. If people experience problems, please contact me. I may need to port it over to an SQL server instead.

Have Fun!

9:45:00 AM
Hello climbers!
Firstly congratulations Mick - this web-site is quickly becoming something of an institution. I think someone should have a chat to your boss though. I'm sure you look very busy - working on Chockstone :)
I feel as though we should organise a celebratory drink somewhere - perhaps Langs lookout at Mt Alex'. Who'd be up for that?

Cheers for Beers,

10:28:04 AM
Hey Ben,

Thanks for kick starting the forum. A small beginning, it may grow into something, who knows? Queensland climbers have logged a few thousand posts to their forum over on the Queensland climbing reference site, so perhaps this forum will serve a similar role for Victorian climbers. Maybe.

Believe or not I do find free time to work on Chockstone, though not as much as I'd like. As for the celebratory drink to commemorate the inaugural post to this forum - well we may as well cover that at Araps this weekend. The weather's not looking too flash though.


Donut King
9:28:04 AM
Mike, this is a great site and I've wasted a great deal of time reading your trip reports and topics such as home gym building( i'm gonna build one one day, Adelaide has only 1 climbing gym these days)

your report on Death Row was great, and brought back a few memories. it was my first lead after coming back from working O/S a few years ago....scared the @#$% out of me.

The pictures you take do the trick as does the little movies, the missus is gonna be pissed off when I tell her I have to get one of those little beauties.

10:15:51 AM
Thanks for your support of the site! Re home gym, we are possibly going to stick a tin roof on mine this weekend. It's been exposed to the elements for a few years, which at least proves that "marine board" can handle the rain. Let us know how you get on with the project.

Death Row was a way cool climb, but yeah, quite intimidating as an onsight. I just kept putting in more and more gear until, as a friend used to say, "You could hang Christmas off it".

I can really recommend the Sony DCR-PC120 as a tiny digital video camera suitable to take up climbs, though it is quite expensive. If you want to read more about it there is lots of info at

5:42:05 PM
On 7/06/2002 Mike wrote:

> A small beginning, it may grow into something, who knows? ...

Said Dr Frankenstein, in his lab, one late-winters-eve ...

5:53:29 PM
On 30/08/2004 HEX wrote:
>On 7/06/2002 Mike wrote:
>> A small beginning, it may grow into something, who knows? ...
>Said Dr Frankenstein, in his lab, one late-winters-eve ...

And he was overwhelmed by his creation. He knew not what he had created, but he had to stop it, and fast!!

5:59:39 PM
THAT'S *VERY* F@#$ 'N FUNNY !!!! --- trully a classic day at Chockstone ...

Luv, HEX , LOLing all over the bar-floor at the Nati-National ! ...

phil box
9:04:08 PM
I don`t agree it will never amount to anything.

11:31:19 AM
Philby --- you've got no-one to agree WITH, cos no-ones suggesting THAT ! ...

Now try to be a bit more positive Dr Phool : Brisbane or St Kilda ? ; Akamanis or Gehrig ? ; Howard or Latham ? ... ; Frog or Araps ? ... : F@#$ it --- Chockstone and Qurank have it all !! ...

Luv HEX...

phil box
12:13:10 PM
I was just funnin.

Anyway, it`s Brisbane by a mile if we are talking about pleasant places to live.
Dunno who Gehrig is but I have heard of a bloke called Akamanis, he talks fast on TV sometimes while I`m trying to find the remote to click off the sport.
Frog and Araps, why do I have to choose between the two greatest places on Earth. Damn your eyes infidel, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.
Yep, agree with the last statement, Chockstone and Qurank rool.

1:03:54 PM
[bump] ... nostalgia time for the history buffs.

Now this thread really is a CLASSIC from the past, ... as it is where it ALL began.

Thanks Mike (& supporters) for the on-going efforts in maintaining Chockstone.

Pity we neglected the opportunity to celebrate its third anniversary on 06/06/05.

For an initial thread it contains some interesting features in only 11 posts;~
* A swear word (!)
* Some doubts and pseudo-knockers.
* Supportive statements.
* Weather prediction.
* Morphing into other topics.
* Anonymous contributor.
* Cross link.
* Retro edited user ID
* & Hex, as the fourth contributing poster, before (compromise ?) banishment to the Troll house of fame ...
* Long time contributors who are still around; ... albeit some are quiet at the moment, or operating under new IDs.
* An interesting break of two + years between the 5th and 6th posts.

Mike wrote;
>A small beginning, it may grow into something, who knows? >Queensland climbers have logged a few thousand posts to their forum over on the Queensland climbing reference site, so perhaps this forum will serve a similar role for Victorian climbers. >Maybe.

Maybe; indeed !

1:06:50 AM
(1 of 2)

I'm willing to bet my set of booty nuts we're not running on MS Access any more, Mike?

It's interesting to see the difference in posting styles between 02 and 04. It seems to change from several well formed paragraphs for each post to l33t sp33k. In days of old, people would post as if they were writing an email or letter, and now it's more like a text or instant message. I do my best to maintain correct grammar and punc -

1:07:39 AM
(2 of 2) - tuation but it alas, our prose is shoehorned to fit the medium. Viva le salutation!

10:03:25 AM
On 31/08/2005 adski wrote:
>(2 of 2) - tuation but it alas, our prose is shoehorned to fit the medium.
>Viva le salutation!

damn rite! mwooohahahaa

2:11:13 PM
Another bump for several reasons ...

The Chockstone site is likely to celebrate 100,000 posts and 3000 registered members in this its sixth year of ongoing service to the climbing community.

We have not had a Chockstone Gathering for a while now.

Since the 6th anniversary of Chockstone is coming up on 6/06/2008, which is the Friday commencement of Queens Birthday long-weekend (except WA), ... we have a little time (five weeks), to organise a Celebrate Chockstone Gathering.

If anyone is interested in putting faces to user-ids, sharing the camaraderie of a rope, swapping warm'n'fuzzy campfire yarns ~ (general BS ? !), helpful techniques, comparing racks (for the obsessed!), etc?; then this upcoming long weekend could prove an enjoyable time to meet, greet, and climb.
Given it is a long weekend, I think people may be prepared to travel a little further to partake in this opportunity, and I suspect many would be going to places like Arapiles anyway?

What do the forum persons (includes lurkers!), reckon re venue, etc?

Post your ideas and lets get it happening!

2:31:02 PM
hmmm smack in the middle of exams, looks like thats me out completely.

i also notice: "Queens' Birthday (non university holiday)" yet another long weekend wasted....

2:43:07 PM
I would have thought that Universities would observe declared public holidays? Certainly this is the case with Public Schools / Government institutions, etc
3:09:02 PM
as far as i know, uni's only get federal holidays, or something like that.

3:33:55 PM
On 30/04/2008 TLockwood wrote:
>as far as i know, uni's only get federal holidays, or something like that.

Annoys the hell out of my other half on those few days of the year where she has to get out of bed and I get to stay in... :-)

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