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where to get spare bat for Ramset drill

7:33:48 PM
Hi All
Just got a hammer drill and am ready to cause havoc!

However i could do with an extra Battery. Anyone know where i can get the batteries? The 3ah one would be good but the smaller one is fine!

Ramset Australia dont realy want to sell one or two to me direct, Must be able to get them some where.


9:29:00 AM
The ramset drill is or at least was a re-badeged Bosch drill - model number GBH24VRE. You can get a 3.0ah Bosch battery that *should* fit.


2:04:39 PM

The guys there are agents for Ramset, Panasonic and Makita.

2:21:08 PM
Expect to pay $250+ for the new battery.

3:59:14 PM
Found one at the

Generic 3ah $189

Here are some tips for getting the most outa your tired old Ni Cad Batteries

NEVER leave in the sun!

ALWAYS from new, discharge fully before charging! this prevents "memory effect" Just hold the trigger down or invest in a discharger device. Good chargers have them in-built.

If your battery refuses to charge fully it's probably due to the memory effect and your charger thinks the battery is full before it actulay is and only charges it for a short time. If this happens do the folowing

Every time you charger indicates the battery is full pull it out and re insert it.
This will (in some chargers) force a little more charge in.
Repeat until full! (this may need many repeats, mine took 18!)
You can buy conditioners that do this. But probably not for drill bats.

If you are at the crag and need just a little more juice to get that final hole finished try over heating the battery. This can sometimes give you just enough drilling time. (not recomended unless your battery is realy old and nearly on the way out. May explode in fire dumass!)

Next time you buy a battery powered device try and get a Lithum (Li-on) battery. They are more expensive but are well worth it, they have little or no memory effect and last longer.

Who said my electronics adv Dip wouldn't come in handy for climbing!!

6:39:57 PM
.. or just buy two 12v 7AmH batts from Dick Smith - hook 'em up and drill forever. Only costs $40 as well.

6:41:26 PM
i gather you finally got your steup to work neil?

6:56:40 AM
I asume you mean 2 12v 7mAH batt? This would not work for long would it? what is the charge time on them?

not a bad idea do you atach them to the drill some how or have a cord to a belt pack or something?

Why don't we all buy a generator lug it to the crag and use some massive extention cords?!

8:56:37 AM
On 19/04/2005 Hatman wrote:
>I asume you mean 2 12v 7mAH batt?

It drills at least 25x 12mm ringbolt holes in bullet hard sandstone. It does take about 10 hours to charge though... but the results are simply amazing. You just keep drilling and drilling. You keep the bats in a seperate bag with a long cable. It also mean the drill weighs less so is easier to use under overhangs ect... for the price it is hard to beat.

8:57:44 AM
On 19/04/2005 Hatman wrote:
>Why don't we all buy a generator lug it to the crag and use some massive
>extention cords?!

Trust me - it has been done before many times! (ie Compressor Route @ Centurion walls, Generator Route @ Curiosity Crag)

9:14:41 AM
Righto im off to dick smiths (which is owned by woolies now and quality has droped substantialy!
they also own tandy! what a monopoly!)

thanks for that!
9:17:26 AM
On 19/04/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>On 19/04/2005 Hatman wrote:
>>Why don't we all buy a generator lug it to the crag and use some massive
>>extention cords?!
>Trust me - it has been done before many times! (ie Compressor Route @
>Centurion walls, Generator Route @ Curiosity Crag)

And some little piece of granite in South America...

9:40:40 AM
a generator was used for some recent routes in the Hole in SA. the neighbours weren't too impressed
11:44:27 AM
Was there still room in the Hole for new routes. I thought it was pretty full already!

11:47:40 AM
Was the drill for making pockets - or drilling bolts? ;-)

12:42:01 PM
both bolts and holds and you are right it was very full of routes already.

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