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Relationship advice; how to heal wounded hearts? 7-Apr-2013 At 6:19:20 PM Macciza
On 7/04/2013 ratherbeclimbinv9. [Moderator edit for clarification: This username is a troll account and it is NOT IdratherbeclimbingM9] wrote:
>On 6/04/2013 Macciza wrote:
>>And what is all this 'It's just a website' stuff supposed to signify?
>>Serious question there . .
>>If Chockstone does not represent climbing in Australia then equally the
>>SCA Forum does not represent safety concerns in Australian climbing.
>But it doesn't purport to. Honestly, Macca, you're setting up straw men.
> What are the facts?:
>- Neil kicked you out of his personal forum
>- You posted and PMed more than any sane person could normally be bothered
>- You're still out.
>You can argue all you like that Mike has an obligation to the Australian
>community to resolve your issue, blah blah blah, but the facts have remained
>the same despite your arguments.
>I don't want to be a prick but the definition of insanity is doing the
>same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Perhaps your
>endless posts are painting Neil the way you want to paint him; they're
>also painting you as pretty frickin whacko... And well worth ignoring.

Although I am inclined to ignore you and simply not respond to your post on the basis that you are a troll, as evidenced by your choice of a User name and lack of any verifying personal data; I am not so infantile, nor do I feel that my position is indefensible and requires my silence, davidn . . . It always amuses me how people bring up the 'straw person (PC term) fallacy' argument incorrectly in an attempt to sound intelligent . . . but use the same logical fallacy in their argument like you have . . .

SaferCliffs claims to be a 'non-profit voluntary organization of climbers who maintain the safety of rock climbing areas' - it does not claim to be Neils 'personal forum' ! Though now it certainly appears that it is, and I wonder how many people are aware of this deception, believing it to be a bit more altruistic in nature rather then merely being the vehicle for one particular rabid bolters personal agenda. I do not think the vetting system for members to the SaferCliffs forum should be based on personal agendas and prejudices. I would not support him banning you from the Forum simply because he disliked you, and I would be concerned if he did not account for those actions if he did . . .

Exactly how much would a supposedly sane person be bothered to post - and if maintaining and expressing a belief is 'insane' then I feel in good company with many who have rallied against tyranny.

Mikes 'obligation', if anything, is that the Forums on his site are conducted with some form of integrity and common decency so as not to denigrate the perception of his site as a whole. I believe Niels behaviour reflects badly on Chockstone.

Yes I am aware of that saying though strictly speaking it is not a recognised clinical definition. And what result do you assume that I am after anyway? Am I expecting to regain access or merely that people see Niel for what he is. How are my posts painting Niel in any particular way? His endless silence as a 'moderator' paints him the way he is - unresponsive and seemingly unaccountable for his actions - he has had ample opportunity to argue his case. And how do endless posts justify him not responding in the first place, that is clearly a logical fallacy. And if you mean that you should ignore me, well maybe on this issue but how does that translate to other things I might have to say . . .

So basically although I am responding I am pretty much ignoring every thing you have said, but at least giving you an account of why ...

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