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Nervy forearm

10:36:26 AM
Ive stepped up the training recently and have found my forearm has been tingly and "nervy" feeling. Theres no pain as such, just this shooting nervy feeling when i move my wrist in a certain way.
Im thinking its maybe related to hitting the training a little hard. Ive been trying topical voltarin gel but thats actually not working a lot.
Has anyone had this before and how did you manage it? Im training for a trip in less than 4 weeks so i'd prefer your advice didnt involve "rest"!
Ta Jackie :)

Eduardo Slabofvic
10:47:43 AM
I recomend a course of cortisone, codine, anti-inflammatories and top shelf vodka. Taken in the correct amounts, the tingling sensation should spread to your whole body. Continue cranking, and remember, if pain persists, consult your dealer.

11:15:53 AM
Ive been trying that approach, maybe not enough Vodka tho...
10:19:43 PM
Sounds like you need to see a good osteo or physio!
Get onto it quick before things get any worse and affect your trip. Unlikely that voltaren will do anything much unless its an inflammatory process. Good luck.

E. Wells
11:07:39 PM
Jackie. I climbed today after 4 weeks of nothing and felt great, dont under estimate rest.
10:22:44 AM
After a long break over Xmas, got back into training again and have been having similar effects - tingling sensation in forearms and hands, almost pins and needles. Hands go numb holding a cellphone for a long time (got to crack the Solitaire addiction) and often woken up at night by numb/dead forearms and hands.

Has gradually been getting better by itself, and I read online on some weightlifter forums that this is not uncommon in their community when stepping up or starting intensive training. So I'm going to continue training at this level, and hope it continues to go away.

Needless to say, if it persists or you are concerned, talk to a doctor about it - maybe find a specialist sports doctor, as I find GPs are generally not that clued up on this kind of thing.
10:34:37 AM
Hmm, have either of you looked into carpel tunnel? I had tingly, pins and needles in my hands, esp at night or when holding my wrists in certain positions (like typing, driving and yes, playing solitaire on the ipod ....). Mine got heaps better just by wearing wrist braces at night (not the world's sexiest bed time accessory unfortunately) and has been basically non existent since I had to stop climbing with the shoulder surgery.
1:42:04 PM
I will if it doesn't go away, Wendy - it has crossed my mind, as symptoms similar..
11:30:48 AM
On 7/03/2013 Wendy wrote:

>....). Mine got heaps better just by wearing wrist braces at night (not
>the world's sexiest bed time accessory unfortunately)

Judging by a lot of the posts on Chocky they might help alleviate "Crankers Wamp".
9:16:54 AM
Went to the doctor this morning, and he believes it is carpal tunnel syndrome - so good call, Wendy. Time to do some research ... (he recommended wrist braces, too, so if it doesn't improve by itself, I'll look into that)
1:42:11 PM
I was pretty cynical about the wrist braces - how could wearing something at night do anything? But it made a huge difference. Mind you, I was being woken up by numbness in my hands by the end there. I had nerve conduction testing done, but by the time I got down to Ballarat for it, i had improved heaps just by the wrist braces and they suggested avoiding surgery whilst that was effective. I'd hate to think climbing brought it on, but as I had an enforced 6 month break with my shoulder, it has virtually disappeared and I haven't had to use the braces in that time. So I guess that's just what lots of climbing will do for you if you are predisposed to it (small wrists or family history for example).

I bought some braces off here - the cheap and simple ones work as long as they have a splint at the front to prevent flexion and you can find out if they work for less than $80. Or you can get custom made ones from your physio. Neoprene one's are hot and sweaty though - I'll get a different pair if it comes back.

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