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Need ride/partner to Araps
12:59:46 PM
Hey, I'm looking for a ride to Araps from Melbourne in the next week or so. Happy to pitch in fuel. And climbing... I have my own rack but no rope. Looking to bum around and camp in Araps for a while. Are there any other girl climbing bums up there at the moment? Thanks.
1:51:48 PM
On 28/11/2008 Katie wrote:
>Are there any other girl climbing bums up there at the moment?

Not enough (but I think there are a few).
2:06:40 PM
there is one girl climbing bum who is here till chrissy...but are you being sexist? What's wrong with all the dudes around? We'll carry the rope, plug the gear in, what's the problem?
You can get a v-line from melb to the sham for $13 concess or $26 fullfare then hitch from sham easily to araps. heaps of people are leaving this week tho so they'll be a few ppl up in top left or right corner of pines.

3:15:25 PM
If I still can't find something to do with my life in the next couple of days, I might start bumming around araps for a couple weeks.
Same situation as you though Katie, I'm carless, but have a rack and rope.. So the bus and hitch will be my mode of transportation.
might see you out there, i'll be in the gums..

3:32:47 PM
>>Are there any other girl climbing bums up there at the moment?

On 28/11/2008 Mr simey wrote:
>Not enough (but I think there are a few).
Yoohoo Mr Simey. It sounds like Christmas is coming. Where are you going to hang your stocking?
If you need to know, I am told that napisan
can remove both pine and gum sap if soaked long enough, but after your recent wangling on Technical Ecstacy (20) you may need it for your (unmentionables)?
4:03:26 PM
On 28/11/2008 MrsM10iswhereitsat. wrote:
>Yoohoo Mr Simey. It sounds like Christmas is coming. Where are you going to hang your stocking?

Well I will be looking for your stockings Mrs M10, providing you are not too worn out from teaching all those young pups a thing or two about pleasuring a more mature woman.

4:25:00 PM
Ahh Mr simey, you would probably run out of patience fondling my belay device for the time it takes me to lead a protracted horror aid climb. Only Derek my M10 love seems keen on that kind of pleasure.
I would suggest you hang some mistletoe at The Pines to aid your quest, but I don't think the Friends of Arapiles group would condone introducing feral species?
4:57:49 PM
Don't worry MrsM10 I can last for ages. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to help you work through the various positions of Kama Sutra.

5:08:48 PM
Sorry Mr simey but I do not feel inclined to lose my concentration on an established free climb like Kama Sutra. Perhaps you can inveigle Mildredmademiserable (again), to belay you on that one? You should be well prepared for it now having just completed Technical Ecstacy recently.
5:25:07 PM
Well given I've just had my moment of Technical Ecstacy, it's my turn to fondle your belay device so you can enjoy the sharp end.

5:41:21 PM
Now you are just playing hard to get Mr simey, almost as hard as finding belayers for aid climbing outside of monogamous freeclimbing relationships, or turning up at the Tote all dressed up in climbing gear and expecting to find a belayer. (Derek my M10 love really is quite naive sometimes).
Perhaps you could give Ms Katie a lift, as she seems to be requiring it more than me at the moment.
5:54:29 PM
I don't think anyone has ever accused me of playing hard to get.

As for your monogamous free-climbing relationships... I don't understand... I thought the only time you strayed was when you had enough of aid-climbing with Derek your M10 love.

I always thought your free-climbing affairs blossomed into free love affairs.

6:14:50 PM
You don't understand?
Not surprising really. Dearie me young man, I am now quite sure that you are confused, as I have never been susceptible to being tempted by "free love" unless it is an unrepeated aid climb. Where is this climb by the way?
In the meantime I suggest you should get Ms Wendy to point you in the direction of some offwidth action, to use up some of your pent up energy, or invest your time into getting a lucrative retirement investment happening, in order to free up your latter climbing years.
In that respect I heard that a cafe in the wonderful village of Natimuk could be a real goer, especially now that interest rates are falling, and people are looking to escape their Melb/urban entrapments.
10:34:55 AM
thanks for the info .... that'd be nice of the boys to carry the rope, but I'll plug in my own gear thanks. ;)
fish boy
1:48:47 PM
From my experience, pazcoop prefers to smoke, not plug, the "gear"...
7:57:48 PM
On 1/12/2008 fish boy wrote:
>From my experience, pazcoop prefers to smoke, not plug, the "gear"...

hi everyone, im driving to araps this fri night, back to melb sun night.

leaving on dark from eastern suburbs, through town / ballarat rd. can pick up on the way...

have room to spare, and a couple of seats.

so if anyone wants a ride there / back email me

keen to share driving / fuel....... the usual.


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