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Anyone at Frog
11:23:42 PM
I'll be at Frog on Monday 12th and possibly Saturday 17th. Will anyone be there who wants to share a rope?

10:16:13 PM
Ok, so there are several options here I can conclude. Either no Queensland climbers read Chockstone. Or, they are all in meaningless employment and don't climb mid week (which is a rumour I have heard), or their self esteem is so low they are scared to meet new people (which is something I observed years ago when I was at Frog) or they don't want to climb with some one with a rude Avatar, not realising that on the interweb few things are what they seem. Or, they are a bunch of tossers and I don't want to climb with them anyway.

One Day Hero
10:21:31 PM
......or climbing in three's is really fuching annoying at a place like Frog, and anyone going up there is paired up already, and its already too hot to get full days in, and they can't see any good reason to wreck their day of climbing by dragging some slow, out of town dipshit who they've never met up a couple of routes, just cause he asked nicely.

I mean, that's just one possibility, y'know

10:38:53 PM
Been at the pub tonight hero?

Wherever you were, you clearly didn't pull.

Deep breaths and let it all out....let it all out....let it all out....hmmmmmmmmm

Remember yummy cocopops await you in the morning and everything will be better.
One Day Hero
10:48:03 PM
Hey, don't too clever, ya fag! You're the one who's on here every Friday night, hanging shit............doesn't say great things about your love life.
10:52:38 PM
Speaking of a bunch of tossers.
One Day Hero
10:58:12 PM
I'm not the one trying to hook up an internet climbing date.......and getting left standing there, dick in hand


11:42:51 PM
Guys, what you just said really hurt my feelings.

12:18:59 AM
Given this is a Victorian forum, not many Queensland climbers read it. Maybe try Qurank?
10:34:13 AM
It does seem a bit like shooting yourself in the foot, creating a new account with such a nice appealing name then asking for climbing partners. Haven't you discovered a password you can remember so you don't need all these accounts? Have you tried calling Suzy yet?

For anyone who might actually like to go climbing but is a bit delicate about user names, mthrfckr is not a mthrfckr and might actually be an entertaining climbing partner for the day. Although as I am rapidly rising on the off the island list and am quite happy to go climbing with several other members on the off the island list, you may like to question my judgement. And unlikely as it may seem, the weather looks great for Frog on Monday. If only I wasn't nearly 2000km away.

3:10:27 PM
On 9/09/2011 One Day Hero wrote:
>Hey, don't too clever, ya fag! You're the one who's on here every Friday
>night, hanging shit............doesn't say great things about your love

You're a tough gig hero but I finally got ya to bite.
9:02:17 PM
Muther f-er, there has been quite a good rotating crew of out of staters this season.

Frog is pretty much always easy to find a partner.

I suggest that posting on Qurank would have been a smart idea.
Also maybe telling us a bit about yourself, grades, gear, travel capabilities, experience etc.

If I was sure I would be there that week, I would have posted an answer.
But, so far you don't come across as a friendly chap, so take what you ask for.

Just another snotty, couldn't care less queenslander.
One Day Hero
4:12:47 PM
On 10/09/2011 useful wrote:
>You're a tough gig hero but I finally got ya to bite.

You must have pretty low standards if you call that a bite
7:29:01 AM
All valid points. As for Quarnk, couldn't really be arsed registering for another forum.

My real name is Greg Pritchard. I have a complete trad rack and 50m rope and 37 years of climbing experience. I full timed at Frog (Shady and Western Wall) in 1984 and 85 but haven't climbed there since. I moved away from Arapiles earlier in the year and haven't been doing any climbing so am probably climbing like shite.

Does that help?

8:26:23 AM
Does the complete trad rack and 50m rope have 37 years of experience too?
6:44:19 PM
Sadly a lot of the trad rack does. But I didn't have to pull it out. I met three nice Kiwi's and they helped me haul my aging carcass up a route. Nice to be back at Frog after 25 years. Even had a beer in the Dugandan,
7:57:32 PM
Ok, just like my post in this thread:

What is up with Australian climbers.
I am sorry to generalise but as I mentioned I signed up to this to look for climbers but this isn't climbing, or the community it holsters.

Man I hope my generalisation is wrong otherwise, but I am yet to see otherwise?

Anyone out there planning some decent trips over Summer? and doesn't act like a child?

8:24:26 PM
Calboy - I hope you are not including me in all that? If you have it will REALLY hurt my feelings.

Also - what's a holster? I thought it was something you put guns into.
10:50:34 PM
I may be able to do Frog on Saturday, but I'll be coming from the Gold Coast so you would have to get out there yourself.
11:22:53 PM
Calboy, I agree. Everyone on this site is a loser, particularly 'useful'... he hasn't done one useful thing in Australian climbing whatsoever. Don't waste your time on Chockstone. The only person here that I would recommend is M9. He will look after you.

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