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OT: Rebelious reopening of locked topic 26-Aug-2010 At 8:42:16 PM Sarah Gara
On 26/08/2010 harold wrote:
>Pensionerpower: For your information, the New Testament is titled **New**
>for a good reason. It specifically states many times that it replaces all
>the rules from the Old Testament.

So when will they decide that all the rules in the new testement are rubbish and come up with a NEw New Testement?

Again Harold wrote:
>Also, just to clear up your confusion,
>the extreme rules that you quote came about when there were a million or
>so Jews wandering around in circles lost in the desert for 40 years camping
>in tents. I would assume the rules had a lot to do with maintaining social

Isn't that why Religion was formed in the first place -a control on people who were unable to behave morally without fear/threat of punishment from divine being.

And again he wrote:
> Its an interesting part of history (or not to some) but really
>has no bearing on daily christian life.

I think the link between morality and Xianity is tedious at best. I don't think the bible has much link on the lives of most people who call themseleves Xian.

Dave h wrote:
>Well the fact that there's better historical evidence for the person of Jesus Christ than there >is for Julius Caesar might've helped persuade the more reasonable ones.

What evidence? where exactly is this evidence? oh yes the bible...

>reasonable ones

? huh - reasonable? rational and resonable minds believe that a man rose from the dead walked on water and turned water into wine. that the red sea was parted -whoops sorry that one isn't true -that was in the first book the one that we lied in so we could maintain social order while we were living in tents!!

The whole temple thlng too - body is the temple grrr... jesus you could read anything into it if you what to be that vauge and metaphorical.

dave h wrote:
3) The empty tomb. Extrabiblical historical sources confirm the Biblical account of tension between the Jesus and the Pharisees (a Jewish sect whose authority was threatened by Jesus' popularity and teaching). If you don't know the story, the Biblical gospels teach that it was the Pharisees who orchestrated Jesus' execution at the hands of the Romans. The point is, had the Pharisees wanted to disprove the Resurrection, which they certainly would have, they could simply have gone down to the tomb, seen Jesus' body rotting there, and then shown the people the fraud the disciples were attempting to perpetrate. They didn't. Instead they argued that the disciples had stolen Jesus' body.

hmmm -extrabiblical sources.. such as? - oh there was the shroud of turin... oh wait that was declared a fake...

see I'm not even desputing that the body was missing or anything -because even if there was evidence to support that beyond the bibile what evidence is there to support that jesus was even cruixified/lived/put in the tomb in the first place...

And again dave h :
>Quite frankly, people have been trying to tear down Christianity for 2000 years. >Demonstrating some sort of internal inconsistency or contradiction would be a pretty good >way to do it, and so far no-one has succeeded. But don't let that deter you - so, what >exactly is contradictory about Christianity?

I think that the whole xianity argument comesdown to faith. I just don't have that faith. I think god provides a nice secure mindset for people I wishI could belive it.

We could argue (and I have on many many occasions) about religion forever and it wouldn't make any difference. I went to a church school, did RE at school at GCSE, studied Xian theology at A-level and Moral ethics and I did philosophy at Uni I've discussed the topic at lengthmany times (ithink even on chockstone before )

Just like I will never be able to change your mind - I doubt you youwould turn mine. It all comes down to faith. -I just don't have it.

>hedo wrote:
>Homer: I'm not normally a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman!

love it.

Now has anyone ever climbed the dribble? x

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