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guilty to a charge of undertaking in high risk act
4:27:49 PM
Drunks scale Story Bridge in impromtu adventure climb
Amelia Bentley
July 3, 2009 - 1:14PM

Four thrill-seeking Victorians on a boozy night in Brisbane were busted climbing the Story Bridge early this morning.

Cabinet-makers Wayne Russell Shipman, 36, Beauden Anstis, 22, and Shane Contarino and Aaron Robert Doutch, both 34, had been drinking at the Story Bridge Hotel last night when they decided to climb the bridge, which at its summit is as high as a 22-storey building.

The Brisbane Magistrates Court was told the foursome were spotted high up on the northern end of the bridge by police about 1am.

The men all pleaded guilty to a charge of undertaking in high risk activities today.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Peter Treloar said officers called the fire brigade to bring its vertical rescue equipment to the scene but the group climbed down without help.

They were then arrested and spent the rest of their night out in police custody, he said.

"All four of them said (to police) it was a mistake, they appear legitimately remorseful," he said.

Defence lawyer Mark Schofield told the court the men "became quite intoxicated" before dreaming up the high stakes stunt.

"There certainly seems no other sensible explanation for the climbing of the bridge," he said.

"It seems now with the benefit of sobriety, they realise how dangerous their actions were."

He said the men made their own way down the bridge's structure when the saw police below.

Sergeant Treloar said $1800 restitution was sought - the cost of the the fire brigade's deployment - and Magistrate Michael Halliday agreed the foursome should pay the amount, plus a fine.

"It would appear this stunt was brought about by a degree of intoxication," he said.

"Not only the climbing of the Story Bridge is a hazardous and dangerous escapade, but it's made even more hazardous if one has consumed alcohol."

He added the Queensland Fire Service had "better tasks to perform" than to rescue drunk bridge climbers.

Magistrate Halliday fined each man $300 and ordered them to chip in together to pay the $1800 restitution.

The group were in Queensland on a short-term labouring job and are believed to be flying back to Victoria today.

No convictions were recorded.

5:09:15 PM
reading that makes it seem that it is more acceptable if you do it with a skin full of booze rather than if you were sober??

Phil Box
6:17:46 PM
Heh, we went and scoped out an abseil off the underside of the bridge the other night.

7:47:01 PM
Good on them - are these guys climbers? As a firie let me say I would much prefer to be 'rescuing' drunks from a bridge than putting out bin and portaloo fires in Doonside - but no-one fines those yobs $1800 plus court costs - where is the justice?

Epic Steve
10:15:03 PM
Still have fond memories of calling the Missus at 2:00AM from the top of the Harbour Bridge, the wind howling past the big red light. I was smashed as a crab after a work doo at the Rocks and was walking back to our accom at Mossman. Had walked over the bridge many times and always looked up and thought about it...a week before returning to Queensland, decided it was now or never!!! Met another slightly intoxicated person on top near the light...we both scared the poo out of each other as we both thought we were myself a nice souvenir of Bridge Climb overalls (most stylish...). As far as bridges go, the chances of being sprung on the Storey Bridge in Brisbane are pretty much 10 times higher than on the Coathanger...just a couple of pesky spikey bits to get around at the top of the 10m ladder sections....memories!!!
5:02:23 PM
when was this dude. i thought there was infa red cameras on it now...

Epic Steve
7:34:48 PM
Not in 1999...was working down there just before the Olympics when Sydney was the land of moolah $$$$$, as we are mere peasant workers up here in QLD!!!
1:48:53 AM
What I find ridiculous is that such a charge exists. Guilty to a charge of undertaking in high risk act!? What the hell does that mean? Does that make me arrestable if I solo Alis? Shit what is our world coming to.

9:51:15 AM
A few years ago i was working for Bridgeclimb on the SHB and my first job of the morning (after coffee
) was to go around and unlock the Bridgeclimb route.
I used to find remnants of the previous nights escapades and one morning spent some time trying to
find a nude guy who was trying to sneak up.he had his dacks on when i saw him but apparently
celebrated his ascent by nuding up completely. (very appropriate I think!!) The police got him later.
The only other time i saw anybody was a young girl waiting to jump and a dead guy who had.
In our workshop we had a shopping trolley that had been left on the top,it had been left there full of
empty beer bottles.Quite an effort as they would have had to carry it over the spikes(crown of thorns)
and barbed wire.
Our best effort other than sneaking mates and girlfriends( Hi Inga i have the keys to the Bridge what
can you bring to the table?) up was a french aerial troupe who were completely pissed. They had
given us free tickets to their show and we were paying them back.
I reckon those days are gone now as they have cameras everywhere but as far as i am aware they
protect the route on the south side. You might be able to come up on the north side as it pretty well
untouched by Bridgeclimbitis.

Eduardo Slabofvic
12:12:05 PM
The Story Bridge in Brizvagas used to have the Police wharves under the northern end. The thing to
do was the swing, which involved setting up your rope and pendulum of, jumar back up, and send the
next person off, all whilst making no sound so as no to alert the police near by. The hard part being not
to squeal as you drop into the inky darkness.

On one such expedition, we all had to hide in the shadows as PC Plod had a ciggy out on the wharf all
the while he was looking out over the river and didn't notice all the rope and other gear dangling from
the underside of the bridge.

There have been a few arrests over the years and some gear confiscation.

Phil Box
2:57:51 PM
There used to be a power outlet on top of the Story Brideg which the local climbing club used to use to boil a brew of tea with. They often used to head up there for a late night picnic. I believe that Neil Monteith's mum has been to the top of the bridge via clandestine means.

9:03:31 PM
That explains it.
There is no hope for him then?

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