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Chockstone Forum - General Discussion

General Climbing Discussion

Poll Option Votes Graph
Get guide books cheap 1
Recieve lower gym entry prices 5
Meet other climbers / go on club trips 6
Support access issues 8
Recieve argus info eg new routes 3
Lean-to-lead courses or people to learn from 3
other (please state in message) 2
Did not /won't join. 1

Why did you (or did not) join the VCC ??

1:20:15 PM
Although I'm a member myself, I have always been curious about why other people join. There's a fair number of members, but many don't come on trips, and don't seem motivated finacial reasons, such as reduced entry prices for gyms, as the VCC sells very few of its guide direct to members, which gives a cheaper price. I would have thought these were the two main reasons people joined...

Me, I joined as the club offered a way to meet other climbers, and as someone who came to the sport after spending time pursueing previous hobbies, it offered a quick way to learn about many climbing aspects, such as leading. Some of the trips to places like Mt Cook and Mt Kosciuszko have enabled me to do things that I did not have the local knowledge for or the partners to do them with. Now, with two ankle biters, we're climbing more in the gym and getting a discount each time we go.

But why do other people join (or not?)...

2:39:37 PM
Since you can only vote for one item I decline. Instead:
1. Support the main industry body as a focal point.
2. Support access issues.
3. Meet other climbers.
4. Get a discount at a gym.

5:16:47 PM
I'd only join it to meet hot chicks...

5:42:19 PM
for me it was to go on club trips and get discounts when i was younger, since joining however i've only been on one trip due to most of the climbing i do is with a close group of friends.
I guess though another reason would be to 'stay in the know' about various issues, and perhaps another reason why people also stay on chockstone, it allows you to feel a part of the climbing community.
6:10:40 PM
On 20/05/2008 Richard wrote:

>But why do other people join (or not?)...


You could have placed some reasons in your voting as to why people would not join!!

You'll only get a biased view if you use the results from your "survey".

Why am I not a member?

- restrictive climbing practices placed on members whilst on club trips

- cost is fairly high for minimal return (have my own selection of guidebooks)

- cautious with who I climb with

- have enough friends to call on to go climbing

Good luck with it.


7:27:40 PM
I joined for 1 year but found i never attended the trips and there are not really any local members (I'm in Albury). Nowadays I donate $70 to Cliffcare every year instead (and you can claim the tax back!)

9:08:37 PM
On 20/05/2008 Rob668 wrote:
>>You could have placed some reasons in your voting as to why people would
>not join!!
>Why am I not a member?
> - cautious with who I climb with

Actualy, I'm pretty cautions about who I climb with also...there are some people I have definately avoided..(but most of these are not members). My main quiry was finding why people join.. the flipside question was more an after thought.. A survey is always flawed, the best feedback is in any posts...

On 20/05/2008 Capt_mulch wrote:
>I'd only join it to meet hot chicks...

Well, I know two couples who tied the knot with people they met on trips, so I guess you should join then??
9:25:02 PM
Where's the drink gallons of tea option?

2:53:40 AM
Reason for not joining - The V.C.C. is made up of weekenders and bumblies.

8:50:32 AM
Reason for joining - SwineOfTheTimes isn't a member.
9:42:31 AM
Reason for not joining: Swine is not a member. cf Groucho Marx.

11:47:49 AM
Originally to get into gyms cheaper but now it is for argus and just to feel like i can help a bit with cliff days and such.
2:15:18 PM
On 20/05/2008 Richard wrote:
>Well, I know two couples who tied the knot with people they met on trips,

Damm fine idea - ropes just pointless decoration otherwise.

Eduardo Slabofvic
6:59:26 PM
Cause I still don't have to shave.

8:24:28 PM
On 21/05/2008 SwineOfTheTimes wrote:
>Reason for not joining - The V.C.C. is made up of weekenders and bumblies.

Though I know why you might think that, it's actually, not really true, there are some very good climbers in the club. You probably know some, but aren't aware they're members. I'd tend to say the range of climbing grades of members is the same as non-members; both are dominated by those who climb at the lower grades. And these days I don't think there are many permanents at araps,so we're probably all weekenders??
8:24:51 PM
Reason for not joining:
turned up to a meeting as a younger climber (I must have been 16) and was thoroughly ignored. I've done just fine on my own since then thanks very much.
5:22:11 PM

I joined because joining on a student membership and buying the Buffalo guide turned out cheaper than buying the Buffalo guide without being a member. Then I got roped into the Argus thing and since then have even been on some good trips.
10:24:06 AM
>"roped into the argus thing"

is that some obscure reference to bondage?
Access T CliffCare
7:48:02 PM
My original reason for joining the VCC (even though I was never much of a club person in general) was for similar reasons to Richard, and many others I would imagine. I started climbing with a self propelled interest rather than an influence of friends around me. I knew a couple of people who climbed, but not having much experience and also the fact that I was not so confident about throwing myself forward for introductions and to tag along on trips, made the VCC seem like the perfect starting point. And I'll sound like an advertisment here - but it was great. I learnt(and still do) skills I needed, with people who were more than happy to spend the time. I suppose like anything it depends on the people who are running the first trips you experience, - some are better than others. As maybe
> Dreamers wrote on 22/5/08
>Reason for not joining:
>turned up to a meeting as a younger climber (I must have been 16) and was thoroughly >gnored. I've done just fine on my own since then thanks very much.

Since joining, all the other reasons, such as supporting the work that the VCC and CliffCare does, has become more apparent (of course I would say that :) and as said by

>K wrote on the 23/5/08
> (snip) and since then have even been on some good trips.

I can vouch for that.



12:12:16 PM
On 20/05/2008 Richard wrote:
>But why do other people join (or not?)...

Like gordoste above, I find from a practical viewpoint that it is too far away to attend trips, meetings, etc.

I can understand why people would join VCC, though not being a member does not necessarily equate with being a heathen!
In terms of being a responsible climber and promoting sustainable climbing (access issues etc), I have not found being an 'individual' stops these actions.

In fact at a local level I am very grateful that VCC exists, because it has lent weight/support to the climbing issues that local climbers sometimes have to face, even if they are not members.
The ongoing negotiations with Parks Vic, over access to areas like Mt Pilot is a classic example of local climbers benefiting from VCC support.

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