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Guessing competition thread, (climbing stuff ok?)
8:22:47 PM
OK, we all know how thuggish overhanging routes are, but what is the name description for thugging a slab?
11:25:13 PM

Eduardo Slabofvic
1:29:38 PM
3:38:19 PM
Ah, too easy ..

6:28:57 PM
Arr good on ya gsydrt or whatever ya name is. Some people just gotta ruin it for evrybuddy else. It just astounds me that there remains people of your grade left in the world. Spagnuts should give you a real good whipping with his mamary stick.
7:57:03 PM
On 13/12/2014 gnaguts wrote:
>OK, we all know how thuggish overhanging routes are, but what is the name description for thugging a slab?

On 15/12/2014 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:

OK suspense ova. I saw tv footage the other day of beluved leader T Rabbit walking like a neanderthal an thought to myself, I wonder how he'd go at climbing? Then I answered myself, wtith that style, he'd only be able to get up moderate grade slabs, an then I thought I'd put the Q out to the knowledgeable chocky readers to see if anyone else thought that was a reasonable guess.

It seems not, so I give the closest answer to Eduardo.

You win Ed, so it is now your turn to ask us a climbing related guess tha ansa Q.

(An timtam, I have a well used stugang endorsed mamary stick that you can suck on if you like, but this is a shred of climbing stuff ok, so PM me for details of where and when).

Eduardo Slabofvic
8:19:57 PM
O.K., here goes.

Why is Simey?
9:06:42 PM
Don't ask such stupid quesjons Aldwido. Its Simey cause its slimey, just like spaguts is fagguts. His number is on the toilet door.
Getting back to the issue- spaguts question time. Who's keeping count?
9:09:01 PM
Are you there Spagnuts?
9:22:38 PM
Ok. Heres quesjon time. If your standing under nut eye, a bit past eagles head but before cowman and you lost your toes what would you do?

7:44:16 AM
Timtom, if you're gunna do this, at least make it funny...

1:19:13 PM
On 15/12/2014 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>O.K., here goes.
>Why is Simey?
(climbing stuff ok?)
... He has a reputation to keep?
2:55:36 PM
Coming down into poostu with big wooden spoon...
Hows spagnuts today? As for me Ive got a couple of concerns-
1) There seems to be a bad smell coming up out of this poostu and I feel burdened by the lord to ask Rightarmbad if his right testicle is bad also? Its very likely. Which means he probly has crows on his head pecking away at his bread coming down. Badballs has one of two choices if he wants to live- cut off his balls, which probly wont change him much or figure out and perform the answer to the question above, not easy.
2) I am also getting bad electrogenic interferance in the poowell. This type of interferance is typical of excessive vibrator use, so once again I feel burdened by the lord to ask the ladies of the well to limit their time on the vibrator to 3 lots of 30min sessions per day, and if any blokes are thinking of buying their daughter a vibrator for Christmas to get a 5 star energy efficiency rated one. Apparantly Tommy vibrators are best- five star, dual control, variable speed and comes in 3 sizes- fat, medium and skinny. Good luck with that.
3) If anyone can find Simey can you please tell him that we need a bigger pot. There is some wench up there getting hammered and sending poothings down with no shame. The pots spilling water. Its starting to gongeal,, f--- it where's my spoon?
Who took the wooden spoon? Did you take the wooden spoon Badballs. Have you got it Spagnuts? 13%?

4:39:22 PM

What the hell did I just read?
5:04:46 PM
I wanna know what he's taking, but I'm not sure if I want to know so I can avoid it, make judgements, or try some myself to see what it feels like.

Duang Daunk
2:57:40 PM
On 15/12/2014 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>O.K., here goes.
>Why is Simey?

>>>>>(so happy as of 27/12/14?)

I nominate option D.


A: All his Christmas's have come at once, and he is so happy after a long dry spell that he is hard pressed not to jiz in his pants?

B: He found an unsuspecting German single female climber wanting to climb at Araps over 3-10/1/15?

C: He claims helping out is against his religion. Wtf bro?

D: He is waiting for his name to apprear on the notice board of the toilet block?

E: Mildred made miserable, gave him a leave pass?

On 27/12/2014 Julia 1809 wrote:
>Hey I'm Julia traveling through Australia in the moment and I would love
>to go Climbing at mt Arapiles during the 3rd to 10th,
>I don't have a rope but a car ;) and I am more advanced in sport climbing though I am from Germany and it's pretty cold there often... :)
>If anybody would be so kind to give me a chance to join and go climbing (Have my shoes and my harness with me ) I would be sooooooo happy

He replied:
>Hi Julia, you should have no worries finding climbing partners once you arrive at Arapiles. Just ask around the campground and/or put a note up on the notice board (located on the toilet block).

>I would help you out but it goes against my religion to climb with visiting Euro girls who turn up at Arapiles by themselves.

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