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Some what off-topic: stonehenge at the Youies

9:33:21 PM
Any one seen this story (or the pile of rocks itself)?

I reckon chances are it's choss fallen of some route - or its the work of the mythical youies monster that comes out out night....
7:40:12 AM
I wonder how long it will take before the rocks at the base of the plaque wall become. A 'stonehenge'.

I can just picture it now, archaeologists in 10,000AD puzzling over spelling 'G'day Mate'.

9:31:10 AM
Reminded me of the case down Botany way of a guy when trying to sell his property ( a knock down house) ...some dim wit while doing inspection noticed a pile of oyster shells half buried in back yard and informed council who declared it a possible Aboriginal midden and whacked order on it effectively banning anymore development on the site...meaning owner very unlikely to sel it......a few weeks later a former tennant came forward and stated the shells were his, he buried them as didnt want them stinking up his bin.....

....there is another case on NSW south cost were council noticed a line of rocks in a paddock and declared it a sacred site.....turned out it was the currrent owners Grand father years ago when clearing the paddock cleared rocks and placed them there.

...Im calling BS on the stonehenge.
5:21:28 PM
Nothing like uninformed comment.

6:37:00 PM
As we go to spots that most don't, I am shore we walk / climb past / on sites of cultural significance that haven't been found yet. As the original inhabitants of the area respected and lived in the bush it just makes sense that they were drawn to the rocky outcrops on hill tops.

2:02:14 PM
Another article on this rock formation today...

Now we've made the poor sighted decision to bury old Ned in an unknown, unmarked gave and rob our country of that chance for a historical site - maybe here's a chance for something interesting. But I really can't imagine it ever coming close to being a tourist attraction. More likely they will fence it and just keep every one out ... A loss and no gain...


8:22:28 PM
On 21/02/2013 Richard wrote:
>Now we've made the poor sighted decision to bury old Ned in an unknown,
>unmarked gave and rob our country of that chance for a historical site

My understanding of that situation is that the relatives fully intend (if they haven't already done so), having a formal headstone erected as marking the reburial site.

Re the Wurdi Youang stone arrangement;
The stone circle, said to be older than Stonehenge, is an astronomical marker. Its two straighter sides point to where the sun rises on the shortest and longest days of the year.

It looks remarkably similar in layout to an old corroboree site that I visited in the backblocks of WA many years ago.
I would like to see the evidence / accuracy /verification of it being an astronomical marker...

>Its two straighter sides
The aerial shot doesn't seem to make this particularly obvious. The cynic in me leans towards a possible council/tourism-based beat-up.

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