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Masters Of Stone 2 - Hard Rock
(Doco) Hard climbing in Yosemite, The Needles, Mt. Charleston, Joshua Tree, Rifle, Lake Tahoe, and Baja, Mexico

Format Video Category Non-Fiction
Title Masters Of Stone 2 - Hard Rock  Mins 60 
Starring Ron Kauk, Kurt Smith, Dan Osman, Hidetaka Suzuki, Mark Wellman, Rick Lovelace, Dan McQuade, Mike Paul, Shelley Presson  RRP $60.00 AUD 
Director   Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating *** (3.00 of 5)


User Comments
Came as a double DVD package with MoS 1. Ron Kauk does some good lines, Dan Osman took a whipper of about 70 metres and rips out a bunch of his gear. Preferred this to MoS1. 
Very slick for such an early video. Amazing how much slicker than the first.

A bit short on content though.

Dan Mcquade at Mt Chiselton is cool. Kurt Smith is impressive at Rifle. I think he has perfected his haircut too. Dan Osman is approaching novelty status. Hidetaka Suzuki on the Salathe is a highlight. Ron Kauk highlight the benefits of the straight and narrow. I must admit his thin face skills are still impressive though.


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