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Free Hueco!
(Doco) Boulderers. Terrifying topouts and gut wrenching falls.

Format Video Category Non-Fiction
Title Free Hueco!  Mins 64 
Starring Chris Sharma, Boone Speed, Obe Carrion, Loh, Lund, Danti, DeJesus  RRP  
Director   Reviews
Edition 1998  Ave Rating *** (3.00 of 5)


User Comments
a great climbing movie, but its hard not to compare it to rampage, which is signigficantly better. besides the fact that rampage was shot better and has more exciting climbing in it - there is this little jerk named bobby benson(? - i think thats his name) in free hueco who talks about how climbing really hard isnt fun - that he does it for the numbers, and that he actually really hates it. then again, its important to see that some people actually think that way, and you do get to see more action with obe and sharma, as well as a couple of other really great climbers. just dont expect rampage. 
the guy actually refers to not enjoying slot problems, but he does it for the high grades.
Anyhow this is a fairly lame bouldering video with several hard climbers featured. Alright soundtrack, but unimaginative camera angles. highlights being the day off activites, including slack rope and sliding down a massive trench. Even a repeat of slashface by sharma fails to impress.... 
apparently the previous reviewers do not understand sarcasm! i think that bobby character was joking about his views on climbing. it was intended to be funny. it wasn't funny, but it wasn't serious either. 
I love this movie probably because it brings back so many good Hueco memories. I particularly enjoy watching the section with Bobby Hardage, who was in my class in college. How can you take the section on the Birth Simulator seriously?!?!?! He's totally kidding around.That guy LOVES to climb. 

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