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Hard XS
The sequel to 'Hard Grit'

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Hard XS  Mins 205 
Starring Steve McClure, Sam Whittaker, John Arran, James Pearson  RRP $45.00 AUD 
Director Slackjaw Films  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments
The long awaited sequel to 'Hard Grit' by the award winning Slackjaw team. Unlike its predecessor however, this film extends for three and a half hours and is made up of a number of individual films showcasing a wide range of different rock climbing pursuits within the UK. Ranging from gritstone, limestone, slate, chalk and even choss, this film is - in a word – varied.

As a result it’s likely that some of the footage won’t appeal to everyone’s tastes, but therein lies the beauty of it. For instance, climbing a thoroughly loose shale cliff whereby even the belays are dubious might not be your cup of tea, but it’s worth seeing regardless. The narrative by the climbers attempting these feats give great insight into the mindset of what it takes to climb these routes – an insight which all too often gets overlooked in modern day climbing films today.

Highlights depending on your tastes are undoubtedly Steve McClures outstanding project and eventual route of ‘Overshadow’ (given 9a+/36) at Malham Cove, as well as 17 year old James Pearson launching (and falling) off ‘The Zone’ (E9 6c), and Sam Whittaker’s unbelievable ‘Appointment With Death’ (E9 6c). Australian Toby Benham also makes an appearance, as does the world of slate climbing and deep water soloing.

All up, a great concept and a film worth having – even if you aren’t into climbing a chosspile with an ice pick!


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