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Big Wall Climbing: Elite Technique.
One of a series of eight Mountaineers Outdoor Expert books

Format Book Category Instructional
Title Big Wall Climbing: Elite Technique.  Pages 208 
Author Jared Ogden  RRP  
Publisher The Mountaineers Books  Reviews
Edition 2005  Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments

Big Wall Climbing: Elite Technique.
Jared Ogden (The Mountaineers Books, 2005, RRP $?,

One of a series of eight Mountaineers Outdoor Expert books, comprising 208 pages in four chapters.

Its title is a misnomer for experienced Aid Climbers, however the book provides sound overview on techniques that have stood the test of time covering fundamentals through to self-rescue. The information is clear and generally well supported by photographs and diagrams. Some advanced techniques were not clear and took re-reading to gain clarity.

The book assumes the reader is experienced and understands basics of climbing, however devotes too much content to these aspects.
It gives sufficient knowledge to ascend a multi-day wall involving hard aid climbing but in an overkill style, thus ensuring that timeframe!

I found a mistake in its technological information of ‘higher rope elongation creating more force on protection’; and also its method of backing up ascenders on a traverse slightly differs from other publications.

Its stance on safety and ethics is good.

After many years of Aid Climbing I recommend it as a one-stop source of disparate and hard to obtain information.



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