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Everest (IMAX)
(Doco) Follows the IMAX team's ascent of Everest in 96

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Everest (IMAX)  Mins  
Starring Liam Neeson  RRP $20.00 AUD 
Director David Breashears  Reviews
Edition (1998)  Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments

I saw this movie on the massive IMAX screen and at the time thought it was simply stunning, though this may have been because I'd not seen an IMAX movie before. I haven't seen the VHS or DVD version, but apparently it shrinks down quite well. The doco follows the IMAX team of big name climbers as they summit Mt Everest in 1996 - the same, now well known event, in which so many other climbers were killed in bad weather. The filmmakers help with the rescue effort for the surviving members of the ill-fated group.

If you've read Into Thin Air, you might get more of an idea of what happened up there, though there's probably half a dozen books about the tradegy. 
Everest, beautifully shot and on IMAX, how could it not be 5 stars. 

Yeah, impressive cinematography. The Hollywood-like drama/music didn't do it for me though. 

I have not had the luxury of seeing imax on the big screen so perhaps my paltry three stars comes from only seeing the video version.
For sharpness/clarity of footage I agree with an above comment that it shrinks down well, but the americanised story-line did not do it for me.

The Spanish climbing footage (short as it was) in introducing the lady climber had as much impact visually as the high altitude stuff. This is probably a great shame as I am sure that to obtain the high altitude footage would have required several orders of magnitude greater effort/time/$/logistics/etc.

After having recently read further on the '96 tragedy immediately prior to seeing this 'piece of the jig-saw', I could not help but come away thinking that they downplayed the true nature of Everest, into an Ed Viestur's (expensive) honeymoon-home-movie concept. 

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