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Climbing Media Reviewed
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Spurred Ambition
rockclimbing romance (?)

Format Book Category Fiction
Title Spurred Ambition  Pages 224 
Author Twist Phelan  RRP  
Publisher Robert Hale Limited (very limited)  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating * (0.50 of 5)


User Comments

I borrowed this book from my local library as it claimed to be a story about climbing written by a climber. The author is pictured on the back cover in climbing boots leaning against a rock with chalk bag attached. Turgid, badly written, inaccurate and really bad. A sample for your delectation “Unlike traddies, who were more apt to value the spiritual aspects of climbing and take their time at it, boulder hounds tended to race up a chosen rock, top out, and head home” it’s like she cruised a few climbing related websites and partially digested the jargon and then vomited the results into a book. I couldn’t read past the point where she ‘accidentally’ bouldered up ‘four stories off the ground’ which was strangely only twenty feet up (must be dwarves) and was rescued by a dark stranger. This included all the usual lack of detail or plausibility. This is not a book for climbers, in fact it’s not a book for humans, actually I wouldn’t feed this book to a goat. Read Mills and Boon if you want but don’t read this, the best part about the book is the author’s name and I’ve already told you that. 

Oh bugger I gave it no stars yet the average was some how three. Now I've given it half a star to drag it toward oblivion. 

closer and closer to the true value 

Have not read it and probably won't now.

Am posting to suggest that you can edit your original post which allows you to 'regain' the option of allocating (or taking away) stars.
~ ~ ~ ~
Post edit.
What??... yeah, I noticed it defaulted to 3 stars on mine as well, and I only gave it a half (as retro edit) because there is nil option for zero ...


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