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Climbing Media Reviewed
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Dosage IV

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Dosage IV  Mins  
Starring Squamish, Ticino, some Grit, Hueco and Yosemite  RRP  
Director   Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating ***** (5.00 of 5)


User Comments
Dosage IV. Strong, slick production…but I vote that they bring back a sequence like Ron’s from Dosage III and some of those crappy intro’s!

Wicked opening dose with Sharma on Dreamcatcher, one move he makes whilst working the route even gets him expressing disbelief as he pulls it off. Like Realisation, watching this send makes you appreciate how good the guy is.

Off to Ticino (ahh, home #2) Dave G’s temporary home turf from Dosage III. Some trippy stuff goes down with the candle wax forecasts but this is a really good dose; the group dynamic of good climbers with vastly different strengths and styles works for me. Great bouldering and Dave sends his bolted route from Dosage III.

Onto the grit with Gaia and Lisa Rands, nice send but this dose just made me pull out Hard Grit for some real emotion!

Next up Hueco where V13 is the new V8 in frequency. I say downgrade ‘em: sandbags are fun for us non-mutants and less exposure Hueco, more Bleau I say.

Closing sequence of Tommy C’s 2 in a day up El Cap highlights the benefit of mixed route skills and an incredible fitness regime. The Nose sections on the Great Roof and Changing Corners were great. Support was great too, you can’t send them without belayers. He was falling asleep at the end of the second route, as was I on the couch.


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