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Climbing Media Reviewed
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Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title E11  Mins  
Starring Dave McLeod  RRP  
Director Hot Aches  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating ***** (4.50 of 5)


User Comments
E11 is the hottest piece of climbing media I've come across in ages, compulsive viewing.

Out of the ordinary style film, very doco rather than pure climbing entertainment...but prepare to be entertained by Dave and Rhapsody. Hones in on what working routes is all about: work, head games and obsession. Some big falls taken resulting in broken RPs and body time outs. Even the segments in the house during shit weather are interesting, spiced with black humour. I loved it, hats off to the McLeod's for living through it. Tucked in the extra's there's 100 days of Pressure, a bouldering problem, a solo and a sport climbing effort which are all worth a look. 
I agree. E11 is simply a great climbing film.

On the surface, it is about one route - Rhapsody, the first proposed E11 in the world (that's very runout grade 34 trad for us Aussies). But far more than that, it is a study in the time, commitiment and struggle of a climber's life (Scottish climber Dave McLeod). By that I mean relationships, training, conditions, and injury.

It is one of the few climbing films that focuses on one climber attempting just one route, and for that it works really well. Adding to this formula is the very personal insights of both Dave and his wife - whilst they both struggle with the concept of 'normal' day to day living, interspersed with Dave's immense dedication to the route, which in his words, was 13 years in the making.

This is not merely a film about climbing, it is a film about realising a dream, and you don't need to be a climber to enjoy watching a process like that. 
While this is a good film, i kinda don't think the route is aesthetically that appealing. Horses for courses i suppose. 


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