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Blood, Sweat & Bagels
Personal journey of two British climbers attempting to free climb The Salathe Wall

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Blood, Sweat & Bagels  Mins  
Starring Richard Heap, Neil Bentely  RRP  
Director Slackjaw  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments
Winner of six international film festival awards - this documentary follows two of Britains best climbers on their first 'big wall' experience. Not exactly prone to doing things by halves - they set themselves the goal of free-climbing the Salathe (38 pitches/5.13b). After training for months in their native UK, they then spend the first two weeks of their stay in Yosemite getting acclimatised with the nature of crack climbing - and get spanked in the process.

The film is a deeply personal account of their dreams, vision and ultimate attempts at one of the most prized big free routes in the world - attempted over 6 days, and with a never-ending supply of bagels. A great insight into the world of big wall free climbing, and the courage and determination required to do it. Inspiring stuff.

See the slackjaw site for details:

The short film 'Splinter' is tacked onto the finish of the main feature - see seperate review for details. 


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