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Vertical Frontier
A history of the Art, Sport, and Philosophy of Rock Climbing in Yosemite.

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Vertical Frontier  Mins 90 
Starring Tom Brokaw, David Brower, Warren Harding, Royal Robbins, Yvon Chouinard, Tom Frost, Jim Bridwell, Lynn Hill, Hans Florine, Dean Potter  RRP  
Director Kristi Denton Cohen in association with Sierra Club Productions.  Reviews
Edition 2002  Ave Rating ***** (4.50 of 5)


User Comments

"A formidable film; - a great piece of history." ~ Banff Mountain Festivals.

"Nobody in any sport, no Super Bowl, no World Series can even remotely touch this. That's why it's the King of the Sports." ~ John Long, 1st One Day Ascent of El Capitan, 1975.

From John Muir in the 1860s to the super athletes of 2002, Vertical Frontier tells the rich and compelling saga of the free-spirited climbers whose contribution to mountaineering techniques, equipment and ethics allowed them to be the first to climb the legendary big walls of Yosemite.

Illustrated by spectacular old and new footage shot on those granite walls, the story is told by the climbers whose artistry and sheer determination allowed them to launch a sport now enjoyed by millions throughout the world.
Their ranks include David Brower, Warren Harding, Royal Robbins, Yvon Chouinard, Tom Frost, Jim Bridwell, Lynn Hill, Hans Florine, Dean Potter and many more.
Their epic endeavors range from the 1st seige ascent of El Capitan, which took 45 days spread over a year and a half, to today's speed climbers who climb the same route in under three hours.

It also includes select scenes from "Celebration at Camp 4 - The Climbers' Reunion 25/09/99". This additional footage is a bit drawn out but contains some good gems direct from the protagonists themselves.

Probably hard to obtain in Australia, I got my copy as a present from a climbing friend who ordered it direct from USA who indicated that it was a quick and easy process.
To hear 1st-hand from the legends themselves, anecdotes of the experiences they had/have is almost as awsome as what they did, ... since (sadly) many of them have since departed this mortal coil.

It gives perspective and depth to historic achievements and a highlight for me was its insight / interviews with women involved in early and latter pioneering climbs there as well. 
Excellent history of climbing at Yosemite. Very good production, very entertaining, longer than most. The only downside for me was the narration by Tom Brokaw. I don't like him and he doesn't have anything to do with climbing. Highly recommended, even if you're not interested in Yosemite specifically! 


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