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Friction Addiction Black Hills Gold
(Doco) Brings you an amazing summer of daring runouts and highball first ascents from the sharp end of South Dakota's Black Hills

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Friction Addiction Black Hills Gold  Mins 55 
Starring John Gill, John 'the verm' Sherman, Kurt Smith, Charles Freyberger, Sarah Marvez, Elaina Arnez Smith  RRP $49.95 AUD 
Director Friction Addiction  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating *** (3.00 of 5)


User Comments

This DVD didn't live up to its cast for me, John Gill says a little but not enough and John Sherman says very little.
The film is like a tourist advertisment in many ways and seems like it was done by taking the safe options in terms of audience. It is pleasant and nice with a little haha here and there. Hence my three and a half star rating
There is some really good bouldering though which is its saving grace. Some of the problems are obviously scary whilst others seem very technical, so on that side the film has a plus.
Underground Chuck leads us into another DJ techno musical romp, which I kind of wish he didn't (I think I am over underground chuck and his music), but if you are into that type of music then you will be happy.
There are Climber bios and topos of the areas which add further to the tourism feel.
I like the bouldering, but for this one put on your favourite music and watch this film with the sound down. 
First off I shoud say I am a bit biased as this is filmed practically in my back yard.

I agree with the earlier reviewer that the cost of this film is not entirely worth it. Overall it is pretty amaturish in the music and having people filming in a lot of the shots. However the problems are very cool and shows how amazing the black hills are for climbing(routes and boulders alike). It was very cool to see our own V10-ish problem confirmed at V11. Also it was neat to see new problems go up, especially Chuck's dyno.

I'd say its worth the watch but not the purchase. 


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