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Frequent Flyers (Inc. Black Lung)
(Doco) Around the world tickets, minimal luggage, a crash pad climbing shoes and chalk

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Frequent Flyers (Inc. Black Lung)  Mins 55 
Starring Obe Carrion, Boone Speed, Lisa Rands, Jerry Moffat, Stepehen Jeffery, Jason Kehl, Ivan Greene, Garth Miller, Ben Moon  RRP $49.95 AUD 
Director MC Productions  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments

This is quite a good DVD, and there is a vast difference between this and The Road, both MC Productions. The bouldering is extemely good but there is a lack of intensity in the filming and hence it doesn't have a huge drive to it, but nonetheless is easy to watch without being boring.
There world tour starts in Utah then heads to Enlgand, France, Australia NZ and finishes in Japan.
The weather seemed to be the factor in this film, where the weather is good there is more to see irrespective of the bouldering.
So places like Castle Hill, NZ and Japan get a good run whilst England, Stanage and Australia, Sissy Crag, Blue Mountains are quite brief.
I am not a huge fan of the soundtrack, but I think that is because it is all the electronic dJ music. The dialogue is ok and doesn't detract from the film
Black Lung which is also part of this DVD is really good also, with the hardcore men of England Ben Moon and Jerry Moffat hitting the bouldering in Utah. Unfortunately it is very short only around 20 mins.
Having both films on the DVD is great and brings the total viewing time up to around 75mins and being world based it adds to the places to go list.


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