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White Limbo
The First Australian Climb of Mt Everest

Format Book  (Australian) Category Narratives
Title White Limbo  Pages 262 
Author Lincoln Hall  RRP  
Publisher Kevin Weldon  Reviews
Edition 1st Edition  Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments

This big hardcover book is a ripper - now out of print but if you see it anywhere, grab it. It recounts the 1984 ascent of Everset by 5 Australian Climbers - it tracks their early training at Arapiles and elsewhere through to their eventual successful summit attempt. Magnificent inspiring photos that stand up very well - even after nearly 20 years. 
Just finished reading this book after picking up a soft copy for $4.99 at the Melbourne Exhibition CD & Book Sale.
Despite some small typos (which always annoy me in books) it's an excellent read. As usual, climbers that climb extremely well make it seem way too easy. These guys are climbing one of the hardest routes on Everest with no oxygen and are constantly under avalanch and rock fall danger. In fact they are caught in an avalanch and still continue to climb! Shame that not all of them make it to the summit. One of the few books that also provides detailed descriptions of food and equipment lists which would help any aspiring mountaineer.


i just read it. its an awesome book and shows just how hard it is, and the pictures are just great. the day after i finished reading it tho my pup chewed it into little pieces i was so pissed off 

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