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Rock Prints
A collection of rock climbing photographs

Format Book Category Non-Fiction
Title Rock Prints  Pages 96 
Author Greg Epperson  RRP $35.00 AUD 
Publisher Greg Epperson  Reviews
Edition 1998 - 1st edition  Ave Rating *** (3.00 of 5)


User Comments

This mini (8"x 8") coffee-table-style book contains about 80 black and white images from US photographer Greg Epperson. The quality of the shots is excellent and the essays from people such as Peter Croft, John Long and Pete Takada make this a nice one to browse through. My only complaint is that the captions for each image are at the back of the book and if you are like me and read captions to find out grades/names etc you will find it a bit frustrating jumping back and forth.

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