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Younghusband (The Last Great Imperial Adventurer)
Biography of Early Himalayan Explorer

Format Book Category Non-Fiction
Title Younghusband (The Last Great Imperial Adventurer)  Pages 405 
Author Patrick French  RRP  
Publisher Flamingo  Reviews
Edition 1995  Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments
This is a quirky, interesting biography of a character who could be equally well be described as charismatic, barking mad, inspirational and ultimately responsible for the Chinese invasion of Tibet.
Younghusband's last mountaineering achievement was to lead the 1924 Everest expedition on which Mallory and Irvine died. He ended his days founding weird religious societies and embracing a young lover in place of his loveless marriage.
From an Australian perspective, outside of mountaineering, Younghusband's secondary school class included William Birdwood, who commanded the allied forces at Gallopili and Douglas Haig, who oversore the horrors of trench warfare in France in WW1.
Strange as it may seem, this peculiar man has had an influence on the world as we still know it.
Patrick French manages it on both levels, as a ripping yarn and as a serious history on a person who has probably had more influence on us than we would like. 

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