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Enduring Patagonia
Alpinist adventure, epics, fear, and freedom in Patagonia.

Format Book Category Non-Fiction
Title Enduring Patagonia  Pages 256 
Author Greg Crouch  RRP  
Publisher Random House  Reviews
Edition 2002  Ave Rating ***** (5.00 of 5)


User Comments
Wow. Describes the alpine experiance so clearly. Crouch grapples with the question "why climb" in a new and original way, finally skirting a concrete answer but allowing himself to admit he loves it and that is reason enough to do anything. Crouch also describes Fear as an essential ingredient to any climbing endevour and goes on to explain why he would not, could not climb without it. In the back of the book is a glossary of terms complete with definitions and pictures describing gear, techniques, and jargon unique to alpinism...very helpful for the non-climber. All in all a great book that I will read a second time (very rare for me).
I should also mention what should be obvious from the title...the book's central theme is Patagonia. There are descriptions and fantastic color pictures of some of the most remote as well as most popular climbs in Patagonia. Cerro Torre is the star, with Fitzroy as "best supporting." My favorite part though is a pitch by pitch re-creation of Crouch and Donini's first ascent of Aguja Poincenot's north face. God, I wanna climb now...enjoy! 

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