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(Doco) French bouldering in the forests of the Fontainebleau. Subtitles.

Format Video Category Non-Fiction
Title Bleau  Mins  
Starring   RRP  
Director   Reviews
Edition 2001?  Ave Rating *** (3.00 of 5)


User Comments
One of those types of films whereby promises aren't kept, and the introduction (inspiring and to a good soundtrack) leads to a completely different kettle of fish. By and large the film attempts to portray the beauty and serenity of Fontainebleau - whilst also capturing some of its hardest problems via a more hefty soundtrack. Somehow the mix just doesn't work. On top of that, the narrative is French, but this pales into insignificance when the final takes are viewed. Watching a bunch of boulderers go bouldering at night - presumably under the influence - watching them break a camera, then watching them stroke a sloper - (as if putting it to bed) - takes the cake!

Despite all this however, there is some good footage. Jacky Godoffe (the master of Fontainebleau) shows how it's done on Partinar Particular (V12+) - an amazing vertical face problem that's had less than 3 repeats in 12 years, and Sebastien Frigault powers his way up Godoffe's acclaimed 'Fatman' (V13) (which by the way no longer exists). Also highly inspiring are the ascents of Total Eclipse (V12) by Christoph Lamonde (an absolute monster!) and legendary Marc Le Menestrel on his L'Alchimiste (V13). But it's not all desperate cutting edge material. Some of the problems at lower grades are equally impressive, with climbs such as Jet Set (V6), L'Abbe Resina (V9) and others. The opening sequence showing a climber flying up Hale Bopp (a V10 dyno) is particularly good, as is Philip Le Denmant's (sp) ascent of Duel - one of the hardest pieces of slab climbing in the world at Font 8a (V11) (which his 13 year old son has since repeated).

All up - worth watching, but there are better ones out there...

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