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More Climbing Anchors
How to Rock Climb Series

Format Book Category Instructional
Title More Climbing Anchors  Pages 84 
Author John Long  RRP $18.00 AUD 
Publisher Chockstone Press  Reviews
Edition (January 1998)  Ave Rating ***** (4.50 of 5)


User Comments

This book starts up where 'Climbing Anchors' leaves off.
It is predominantly an evaluating treatise/analysis of many different anchor setups, with an abundance of well labled photographs as well as the occasional interesting 'climbing shot' to keep the interest up.

The Pros and Cons of each is discussed with accompanying well labled photographs though the odd typo has still crept in (eg Pg 78 refers to "same anchor as #40", when in fact they meant #50!

The book also introduces (at least the USA market) to such subtleties as the 'bowline on a bight'; 'Sliding knot' and 'Munter hitch'. Its discussion of the anchors is generally more in depth than its predecessor (Climbing Anchors), and it covers a wider range of applications / more complex anchors.
Although it touches on 'Big Wall Anchors', this section is still dealt with only in a cursory manner.

A small criticism on my part is that the picture used on the rear of the book to extol the virtues of the book as the accompanying words on the dustjacket do, is actually one of the examples inside that is used to describe a less than adequate setup! 

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