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(Doco) Preparation and ascent of Equilibrium, the ultimate gritstone route.

Format Video Category Non-Fiction
Title Equilibrium  Mins 25 
Starring Neil Bentley  RRP  
Director Mark Turnbull  Reviews
Edition 2000  Ave Rating **** (3.50 of 5)


User Comments

The quintestial Bristish Climbers are just so much more life like and real than their American counterparts.
Although this is a film about one persons obsession with just one route and the climbing sequences are all shot from the same or similar angles it was bloody gripping. Every climber obsess's about a route, whether its Kachoong, The Bard or Serpentine, so the emotional build up is familar to us all. Sweaty palms, sleepless nights and wasted adys at work.
My only critisism is that they could have employed better filming techniques to cover more angles, this is said only after viewing the film several times . Really Good film that deserves the awards it has recieved.

great movie, although it eould be better if it was a little longer. it ended just when i was getting into it. it definitely worth a watch though to get an idea of how hard the english can do it. 

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