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Above the Clouds
The Diaries of a High-Altitude Mountaineer

Format Book Category Narratives
Title Above the Clouds  Pages 272 
Author Anatoli Boukreev  RRP  
Publisher St. Martin's Press  Reviews
Edition (October 2001)  Ave Rating **** (3.50 of 5)


User Comments
I thought this was a fantastic story. The story begins (and indeed is a major part of the story) with Borukreev's early years living in the USSR, and then spans the fall of the Soviet empire. Whilst there is no particular political bent, Bourkreev portrays the better aspects of the society that were lost upon the fall of the Soviet empire (from his personal perspective/experience). Each subsequent chapter essentially chronicles the next few months / year / expedition undertaken. The accounts are translations of Bourkeev's Russian diary/journal entries.

Some of the climbing descriptions are perhaps simplistic, especially when you consider what is being described i.e. ground breaking, amazingly fast ascents of the highest mountains in the world (& not just by the 'trade routes'). This man is a machine!! But the great thing about the book, is the introspective aspect that is evident. Borukreev's deep respect of the mountains, and his commitment and determination to climb them is ery inspiring.

For anyone with an interest in alpine climbing and/or climbing literature, this is a must read!! 
Fairly interesting and good for a night out 

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