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Close Calls: Climbing Mishaps and near death experiences
Recounts 68 true tales of climbers who let their guard down and lived to tell about it.

Format Book Category Narratives
Title Close Calls: Climbing Mishaps and near death experiences  Pages 170 
Author John Long  RRP  
Publisher Falcon Publishing Company  Reviews
Edition (June 1999)  Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments

This fun illustrated book is a read which can be taken on a few different levels.
Each 'incident' can be gravely pondered over and analysed by those of sober intent, or it can be read in lightweight fashion similar to the intentionally fun style that it was written.
I found it best to read a few incidents and put it down; then to return at a later time. I did it this way to let the underlying 'message to be gained' from each incident sink in a bit deeper.
Some of the events portrayed boggle the mind, but others have rung true blue (even here in Australia), ... from things that I have seen / experienced.

If you ever wondered how many ways there are to 'get the chop' while climbing, then this is a great start to that education ...
Its best feature is that each incident is analysed with a 'commentary' and 'prevention' section, to bring out a couple of points that those of us who wish to partake safely in this pastime can take with us onto the cliffs; ... thereby learning from others misfortune without paying the sometimes high price that the subjects of the incidents sometimes did.
It even has a few 'incidents' arising from climbing in the Big Wall environment, so its audience appeal is fairly broad (to my mind).

Tami Knights' illustrations are magic, and worthily embellish the text. In fact I don't think I have come across better 'characterisations' in an instructional style book. 
I expected a bunch of stories from which I could learn something useful by avoiding other people's mistakes. Unfortunately most of the stories were pretty lame and I came away learning next to nothing. 

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