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Professionals, The
(Doco) Francois Legrand and Yuji Hirayama on the hardest US routes

Format Video Category Non-Fiction
Title Professionals, The  Mins 60 
Starring Francois Legrand, Yuji Hirayama  RRP  
Director Movement Films  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating ***** (4.50 of 5)


User Comments

Fantastic film about what it takes to be a professional climber. I can remember the american mags ripping on these guys for coming over and getting spanked by their routes, but watching this gives a whole new meaning to working a route. These two really know their stuff and come oh so close to pretty much everthing they try in a remarkably short amount of time. You can feel Francois's frustration at the end and understand his reasons. Watch and learn 
This film focusses on sportclimbing.... and more specifically, the art of redpointing. The story revolves around two well established french based climbers Francois and Yuji and there ambitious plan to climb 7 or so of the hardest routes in the US in two months. As the story unfolds its obvious to all that they had bitten off more than they could chew. The conditions, fatigue, short timeframe and amount of travelling required seems to take its toll on the climbers. Francois certainly seems to show signs of strain by the end of the trip. Overall, an excellent realistic flick of two great climbers.

The interviews and soundtrack complement the climbing immensely.

Climbing highlights include:
Just do it @ smith rocks ..... "we love ze route, zis monkey face"
Supertweak@ logan canyon....great mono move before the chains
The Crew@Rifle... what a wall.


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